g most of the guys jealous of her because their girlfriends were paying more attention to her. She wore simple black jeans, a white sweater, and a black cape.

” Go and sit down, look for an empty seat. Ms. Smith said.

Siya scanned the room looking for an empty seat, her eyes falling on a seat next to a guy who seemed like he was bored to death. Without having another choice she sauntered there and sat down. She did not even bother herself with a greeting, she did not want to make any friends anyway.

”Lets start with our lesson of the day, open chapter 5 of your English book, ” Miss Smith said.

” I want you guys to find the meaning of these phrases and Idioms. The first is Abreast.

The second one is Adrift. and the last one is Berth. ” The teacher explained to all the students that they were doing their classwork.

” Okay guy, its been 30 minutes already. Pens down and please tell me the answer. ” Miss Smith said.

Siya was the first one to raise her hand, she was long done but she waited for others to finish.

” What is the answer Siya? ” Mrs. Smith pointed at her.

”The phrase and Idiom of Abreast is – To keep abreast of.

To be equally advanced with. ”

Siya explained and sat down.

” Good Siya, you can sit. ” Mrs. Smith said.

The tall blonde girl named Zina raised her hand.

” Tell us, Zina. ” Ms. Smith pointed at her.

”The idioms and phrases of Adrift are.

To leave ones efforts or devices.

To cut adrift from – To separate ones self from

” Good Zina. ” Ms. Smith said.

Just like the students finished with all their lessons of the day. Everyone was already gone, Siya waited for everyone to leave, she wanted to walk alone with her, she did not want to make any friends, and she could not take a risk of someone discovering that she was not a male but a female.

When she noticed that everyone was gone, she was about to leave the class but someone entered inside.

Tall guy, with golden curled hair that was messy at the front, he had blue eyes and dark pink lips, and he had a muscular body making him look so hot. ” Are you afraid that people will discover your secret? ” The guy said, sauntering towards Siya.

Siya suddenly stiffed, her muscles rigid, and her heartbeat started beating like it was going to burst any minute. She had 2 secrets, which one was he talking about and how did he find that secret? As far as she could remember, she only met this guy today because he was her seatmate. What was he talking about? Siya gathered her courage and asked. ” Sorry do I know you? … Which secret am I hiding? ” Siya asked.

Omer wiggled his eyebrows in amusement, was she still denying even after being caught? ” The girl is so fun. ” Omer mused. He reached where Siya was and grabbed her cap, before Siya could do something her hair fell on her back and her glasses fell, reaviling her pretty face.

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