Fateful Day.

The sun had gone to the west, It became so dark outside that no one could see what was happening. A woman was seen running holding her daughters hand, she was being followed by a group of men who were holding wood that had fired at the tip of its helping them to see where they were going.

The woman kept on running and eventually, she got tired and the men who were chasing her caught her with her daughter.

” Please spare us, what you heard is just a lie, ” The woman begged. But the goons did not even listen to her, they kept on dragging her back to their hut. Because their hut was not far away from them, they arrived sooner and pushed the woman and her daughter inside, and closed the door behind them. Inside the hut, 3 men were sitting on the chair, with one woman who was standing on her feet.

” Gray, why are you doing this to me? Did you forget that Im your wife? …. Why won you believe me? ” A woman sobbed.

” Dad… are you going to kill us? ” A small girl who was only 7 years old asked if she was trying to shield her mother who was on the floor with her tiny hands.

The man in his early 40s got up from the chair, he had black long hair, he had greenish eyes with a black eye line. With an evil smirk that he plastered on his lips, he looked so scary. Love was sure blind because thats when Tina realised how scary her husband was, all this time she was head over heels in love with him despite his scary looks. The man sauntered toward Tina and her daughter and knelt in front of them. ” Oh, my dear wife. You know I didn know that I was living with a treasure under the same roof, You know very well that I hate poverty and you two are going to bring me out of poverty, ” The man named Gray smirked.

The 2 other guys also got up from their chairs and sauntered toward Gray. ” And for you to bring us out of Poverty you just need to shed tears… Im sure that the task is easy as peas… I promise we won make you suffer. ” The other guy named Phiro added.

” I will never allow you to use me and my daughter as your money maker…And you Gray I thought you said you love me. ” The woman forced a smile as her eyes landed on her so-called greedy husband. ” Because of money, you are ready to have me killed and my daughter, I trusted you and you are betraying my trust.. ” The woman cried her tears flowing down her face, as the flow down they turned into a tiny solid, making the three mens eyes spark with happiness.

The woman who was standing all this while finally sauntered towards the three guys, she had a gun in her hands and without wasting a second she fired a gun until there were no bullets left shooting Tina, sh

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