Love Rain


Beckys pov

Now i was in shock. why is she crying? is that because of me? suddenly i saw middle age man came near to her and he was blaming. i also can hear what he was talking .

e such a useless. why didn you go to get your award? its becoming hot topic. fsc group company ceo didn came to clam her award and refuse that. thats all i heard since morning ”

”its not yours dad, so don worry about that ”

”you idiot. because of you i lost my old customer. now you
e destroying my company reputation. you also lost it . why are you like that ? i don want to see your face. so get out. i am not giving your position after 30. now you have to prove that your a great businesswomen. ”

”what ever. i don care about your company anymore. i have enough money to spend my life ”

i heard everything. its her dad. why he is like that. she is the only kid. then he should have love her. but why is he like that? i feel sorry for freen. this everything happened because of me.

after she finished the talk, she got in the car. she will be uncomfortable because i saw her crying and got scolded by her dad. but i act like i was fell a sleep. i don want to hurt her anymore.

”hey are you sleeping??? ”

”oh you came. sorry i think i fall a sleep .by the way congratulations for your award. you are so cool . ”

”oh really. how did you know that ”

”i read the article. ” i really appreciate her she is pretty cool.

freen pov

i don want to see my father anymore. he always try to blame me never praise or encourage me. now i need to spend my life as if its my last day in my lifetime . so i wiped my tears and went to my car. but i realized Becky also in the car what ???? did she hear ?

why she was pretending like sleep. she act like nothing happened. is she that kind person?

” ok. i think today you should go to your home. you can work tomorrow as my assistant. ”

”no freen . i can work today. i signed a contract with you so i can break it. ”

”your not breaking it. i know you heard everything. so i need to be alone today. ”

”what ? i did not hear. i was in sleeping when you come. ”

”enough. i saw you . go to your place . i don want to talk to you anymore. ”

”look freen. ok i heard it. but i am really sorry for that. i did not know that something like this happened to you because of me.i am really sorry about that.that was my first day. they told me that they would give me the job only if i did the work that handed over. i had nothing else to do that time.this happened to you because of me. so i will help you no matter what. and i was wrong about you. now i can understand why you behaved like this. ” i saw her tears were coming from her eyes.

”hey hey its okay. don cry. your so bad when you cry. ” i teased her to make smile. ” so you can work along today at my house if you want. but i couldn be able to help you. is that ok with you? ”

” no worries. lets go. ” i don know why , but now i feel like she is a kind and innocent person. why my hate vanish suddenly for her. also i didn like to see her tears.

at freens house

we arrived at my house. i saw her face got surprised when she entered to my house.

”woooowww. is this a house or palace? are you staying alone. ”

”yeah. i stay here alone. i don like to stay with others. ”

”oh but its must be boring. anyway where is my working place? ”

” here is the place and here , this is my research. you can continue. i will order some food for you. so after you finished this , you can go. no need to inform me. ”

”okay.then ”

”i am going. so work hard. ”

”where are you going freen? ”

” i am tired. so i am going to my bedroom. after you finish this , then go . ”

” your not coming here again? ” i just nodded and headed to my room.

its really heart breaking when i think about my parents. now all i need to cry along. but i can cry so louder becky also here. i don want to be uncomfortable in front of others. also my body was so weak. i didn eat anything since yesterday night. thats was the main reason i feel like my body was burning. i went to sleep after finished my shower.

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