Love Rain

chapter 8

At home

Beckys pov

”why honey? what happened to you. you look very bad. ”

”no mom . i am ok. i just tired of working. ” i did not tell what happened today. i don want to Hurt my mom. so i decided to keep it as a secret. i went to my bed with my phone after i did my night routine. today is a big day . i got my job , met my boss also messed up with freen. now i search every articles about her to know what kind of a personality she has.

” my life will starting difficult from tomorrow .i have to work as her assistant. what a bad luck. i have to work till late night.. ” i told to myself and went to sleep.

Freens POV


i heard my phone sound. ”hello.. ”

”hello freen. why you
e not here. its almost 9 pm. today is very special day freen. you have to participate. ”

”sorry kate. i had something to do. i think i don want to join . now it has no value. ”

”but freen it is your dream award. what happened? i can tell your not in a good mood. wait i will come to you. ”

”no need kate. i am fine. i will tell tomorrow. now i need to rest. so goodnight kate. ”

”ok then. good night ”

i decided to stay home . because i don need any awards now. Nobody cares about my award. specifically my dad and mom. my mom also didn wish me .

” what a bad day…. its all happened because of you Becky. ” when i remembered what happened earlier, i couldn stay calm .


now its almost 1 am. but i am still awake. i couldn stop thinking about what Becky did to my perfect life.

” you also destroyed my peaceful sleep. ” now i dial her number and called her that time.


”ahh he..ll..o. who is calling? ”

” wow you destroyed my day. but you sleeping very peacefully ”

”what are you talking about? i am going to cut . ”

” its freen. i can sleep. ”

”whattttttt?? why are you calling me. its 1 am. what a crazy woman. ”

”whattttt???? you becky …. ” she cut the line without listening to me.

”why is she like that. nobody dare to cut my calls. now also she turned off her mobile. ok okk . wait until evening… ” i told to my self and i got rejected by her again.





Beckys pov

i woke up and got ready to my work. ” mom i am going now. i have to work till 10 pm for 30 days. so don wait for me mom. go to sleep ok? ”

”why honey? it is so dangerous to come late ”

”don worry mom. company has a transport . ” i lie to my mom again. what to do i had no choice but to tell lie.


now its almost 4 pm. so i packed my stuff and got ready to go. when i went out of the office i saw freen was waiting for me. so i went close to her.

”why are you here. i told you. i will work at your place till 10 pm. ”

”because of you , i haven anything to do. thats why i come to ruin your life . get in the car. ”

”no wonder ” so got in her car. i already prepared for anything. in the car she was so quiet. i also did not dare to speak with her. suddenly i heard her phone was ringing .

”hello dad. ” its her dad. but why her face got that expression?

”where are you . come to my office right now? ”

”ok. ” she hangs up and drove so fast.

”we need to go somewhere. so wait .. ” she explained to me but didn tell whats going on with her.

”ok freen. ” after 15 minutes we arrived at main building of FSC company.

”wait here. i will come as soon as possible. ” so i stay at her car….





afrer 15 minutes

”why shes late. its been almost 15 minutes. ” i decided to go outside but i saw she was coming outside with tears. what happened to to her…

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