Love Rain

Chapter 7

Beckys POV

now i am in a good mood. because today is the best day ever .i got a job in my dream company also got to know my boss. suddenly i heard beep sounds behind me . so i turn my face to see whats that sound. its a car beep also its so familiar to me. so i looked at the drivers face and when i saw drivers face , i got scared. ” its her. freen ” but what was she doing in front of my office right now. its almost 7 pm.

” hey you. crazy woman. get in the car. i need to talk to you. ”

” why??? i can get in strangers car. ” i was afraid to get in. because my behavior was not good earlier when we met. also i was the only one who defeated her.

” what the hell did you say girl? if you are not get in , i will ride my car top on you. so get in right now. ” after heard the word she ride the car top on me , i got in because i did not want to end my life like that.

when i got in the car she drove very fast. ” where are we going? what are you going to do to me? ”

” can you please shut your mouth and stay silent. i don want to kill you so don worry also i don like to hear such a bad voice while driving. ”

”bad voice???? i though my voice is better than yours. ” so thats made her angry. so she stopped the car and made a cold smile on her face.

” what did you say , you ….. idiot…..ok i don want to see you next to my driving seat anymore. so i will tell why i am here. ”

” you have to work as my assistant for 30 days. ”

”noooo. .. i can . i have a job so i don want that job. i am really sorry about my behavior before. i did not know that you are the one who is the ceo of FSC . ”

”wow didn you know about me ? everyone in this field knows me but you don . ”

”yeah its true. i only search about S&N .Because its my dream company. ”

” i don want to listen to you . you have to work as my assistant for 30 days. because of you i lost my ceo post for a month. so that is why i have to work in my home because if i didn do that i will lose my next awards. ”

” no. its not happen because of me. i percent it well more than you . thats why i got the offer. it is not my fault. you should have do it well more than me? ”

” errrrrrrr. you
e driving me crazy idiot. how dare you talked to me like that? you have to work as my assistant and its my revenge. ”

” no i won . i have a job to do till 8 am to 4 pm. ”

”so .. its doesn matter to me. you have to come to my home at 4.30 pm and work till 10 pm. thats it. and i also not give you a salary for month. ”

”never ”

” i though you will refuse. so your brother will lose his job and he will not be able to work in any company in London . ”

” what???? how do you know about him ”

” i know. because he is working in my companys branch. i can do what ever to him? so its better you agree with me. ”

”why you
e doings this to me . ” now my brother s job in her hand . i need to slap her face but i can . i had no choice but to agree with her . because i can ruin my brothers perfect life in is also his dream.

”ok i will do what ever you want. but don hurt my brother. ”

”ok. don worry i am not a promise breaker. here is your information about your work. so came to my place at 4.30pm. ” after the conversation i got out from her car and went strait to the bus stop.

i will do what ever for my family. you can break me freen ….

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