Love Rain

Chapter 6

Beckys I POV

OH my god. mr.heng was waiting for her to join with us also i think she is a secretary of miss.freen .thats mean she is a employee of FSC Group company. but why is she join our work meeting .

” oh you
e hear. i though you worked on the time. but you late today . ” mr heng told to her.

”random crazy woman got hit by my car . thats why i wasn able to come to the time.but anyway why is she sitting there?is she your secretary ” , i got angry ,when she called me that crazy women.but i controlled my self.

”oh no shes not. she is from S&N Group. she is the one who brings contract file from S&N Group. ”

”what ?? but you are going to sign contract with our company.why did you bring that from S&N Group?? ”

”you are the one who rejected my offer. so you both have to impress me . i will sign with perfect contract. thats my final decision. ”

”woww heng you
e such a great person. you arranged meet with as at the same time. ok i will impress you. i never lose to this kind of crazy womans. ” the pretty lady didn mind me and she behave like Im have no skills. so thats made me win over her.

so we both present our contract in front of mr.heng and i can tell clearly that other pretty girl amazed with my talents and she also got angry with me. so finally mr.heng sign contract with our company and went . so now me and miss.sarocha alone in this time at cafe.

”miss , are you ok? why are you so silent? ” i asked with careful because i can understand what she thinks. ” why are you asking? and who the hell are you ? do you think you won right. i will get revenge on that . you are the reasons that i lost today. so wait i will never forget you. ” oh my god i am in a trouble now. why is she like this. ” maam i know i can understand . you have to explain to your boss .but this is my chance to get a job in our company. i am really sorry. ”i told to her.

Freens POV

This is the first time i saw a talented girl and also she was the only person who defeated me .and what she is just a intern who got her job today. what a shame for me. now i can clearly tell that i hate her from now and she will my enemy. after i got defeated by her , i went to my home with tears on my eyes and also this is the first time that someone make me cry other than my mom and dad. and this is the first time my emotions increase for same one and its hate.


author note – sorry for the short update guys. i am busy with some work these days. i hope you guys support to my story.

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