Love Rain

Chapter 4

Freens POV

After i finished my conversation with dad , i went to my office room with out seeing anyone else . when my company employees saw my face with anger they also got afraid. Because when I am in anger mood, i scold everyone who make little mistakes in work. thats why they called me as a cold heart person.

when i sat on my chair, i called my secretary. ”hey came to my office right now ”

”ok maam. ”

”bring all the documents relate to mr.heng when you came. ”

I will have to do whatever to make him sign. because if i wasn able to do that, i will loose my position as a ceo for a month and it will harm my reputation also nita will win next award. after 5 minutes my secretary knock the door. ” maam may i come? ”

”come in ” she came closer to my office table when i gave permission.

” here is the document maam. ”

”ok. call him right now and ask when can he meet me for company work. we need to sign contract with him. dad told me that he is going to sign with nita. ”

” but maam you told that he asked for date . so is that ok with you? ”

”yeah . i will do that if he sign with me….i will loose my position if i loose. ”

”ok i got that. so i will call mr.heng ” atrer that secretary called him . ”hello mr.heng i am secretary of miss freen. she want to meet you for discussion our company contract sir. so when time can you make a appointment with miss freen , sir? ”

” oh but she canceled my offer last time. so she want to meet me again , right? i have to think about it. so tell her that make a call in at 10.30 am by her self,and not you. do you got that? ”

”yes sir i will inform. thank you for your time sir.have a nice day ”

”ok. ” after the called ended , she told that what he talked with her. so i have no choice but to call him .

Beckys POV

Yes i can do that. i can impress miss.nita with this . so i have to read articles about mr.heng and what kind of a man he i make a called with him and he agreed to meet him today evening at cafe aroma.

Hengs POV

”i got two companies. so i have to choose whats company i can make a contract. but yes i definitely go with S&N . i don like to work with woman who rejected my offer. i have to get revenge for what she did to me. wait till the evening freen . ” i smiled at my assistant when i talked. ” char , call freen and arrange the meeting on evening at cafe aroma and same time with beckys appointment ”

” ok sir i will do that. ”

third person POV

heng planned already that he will sign contracts with nitas company and get revenge on what freen did to him. because freen hurts his ego that time. so he want to reject her infront of the employee of nitas.

Evening near at cafe aroma

Beckys POV

i have arrived early. when i am on my way to the cafe , i suddenly got hit by car but its not a big hit. so i turned my face to see whos that in driving seat. i saw pretty, gorgeous face that she has and i lost my mind when i saw her face.she is like a goddess. ” wow she is very pretty ” i told my self. suddenly she opened the door and got out from car with angry face. i can tell that she is like a rich woman. i got embarrassed when she shouts loudly. ” hey are you crazy? why are you walking without look around. sush a crazy woman. ” she scold like i was the one who careless.

”what ? you are the one who drove the car carelessly. but you scold to me ? ” i told her very calmly.i don know why but i wasn able to get angry with that cute face.

” you…..crazy dare you talking to me like that? i am the… ”she couldn complete her statement because i got call from mr.heng. so i ran so fast and when she noticed that I went in to the cafe , she called me as a bitch because i ignore her .


”i am sorry for the late sir. extremely sorry. ” i really worried about what i did this time because its not good for our customer to wait.

”its ok. don worry pretty Lady. you are beautiful more than i imagined. ”

”thank you for praise sir. ”i smiled and focus on the work. ”so can we start to talk about our contract sir? ”i asked very carefully.

”yes but wait . i am waiting for someone to join with us. ”then he looked around and in a sudden he smiled at another woman who walks in. i got surprised when i saw her face and she is the person who i got hit by her car and i asked ”is she the one who are you waited for sir? ” i asked with in surprise . then he answered,

”yes she is. when she sit we can continue. she is miss.sarocha from FSC Group company. ”

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