Love Rain

Chapter 3

Freens POV

freen- ” hey is my father at his office ”

reception – ” yes madam. sir is waiting for you. i think he is in a bad mood madam. ”

freen- ” oh yeah. i will go to see him. ”

after I finished my conversation with receptionist, i went to my fathers office. when i opened the door, i saw he is talking with someone on the mobile phone. so i had to wait until he finishes his call. after he hang up, call my name so loude.

dad- ” freennnn!!!! Did you hear my call with Mr.heng , he told me that hes going to sign the contract with S&N Group. you are the reasons and its happened because of your ego. ”

freen- ”but dad , i don his offer to be his date . i hate that. he tried to… ”

dad- ”stop . i don want to hear about your reasons. you have to make him sign our contract before he go to S&N Group. do what he wants. thats all. so you can go now. ”

freen- ” are you serious ahhh? you still think about your business and not about your daughter. ”

dad- ” whatever. ”

freen- ”thats why mom also left you. ”

after i said that , he slap so hard and ” get out my room right now and do what i told, if you lost him i won give you a permission to work as a ceo for a month. ” he told with so much anger .but i also in a great anger than him . so i opened the door and got out in his office so fast.

” he always like that. thats why i hate him sometimes. he even said that i am not working so good. thats why i keep focused on my work and also got award of best young business woman.but he even not care about that. ” after i finished think about that i start my car engine and drive fast.


Beckys PoV

I entered to the office so excited . this is my dream company so i look around and yes its so comfortable and nice working area. ” wow this is very big working area more than i imagine. ”

”yes it is. ” after i heard that voice, i turn my face to see who was that.

” you
e the new intern right. ”

”yes madam its me . nice to meet you maam. ” i spoke with her very excitedly. because she is the ceo of S&N group Miss.Nita and when i saw her face , glowing like an angel.

” oh you
e so pretty more than you
e cv image that you send . so lets go to my office. i will tell what you have to do as a employee . ”

” ok maam. ” so i followed her to his office in 3rd floor. when i enters his office, she told me to sit .

miss.nita- ” soo becky right? ” i nodded, ” you have to talk with our customers and make them sign our company. its your intern program so you have to do it well. after you passed, you can work as a permanent employee. you got that? ”

” yes maam. i will do my best ” i said with big smile on my face.

” ok. so firstly , you have to make a contract with mr.heng . he is a son of mr.David who is a billionaire. so he is a important client that we should be careful . i will arrange the meeting with him . ”

ok . i will make him sign and i will see you with his documents. ” i said to miss nita with confidence.

” i like your confidence. also you have to be careful because i think hes father had contracts with FSC group. so they will do whatever to make a contract. ”

” don worry maam. i will take care of that. ”

after i finished my conversation with miss.nita , i went out at her office.

( next chapter will be interesting. wait to find out whats going on and how freen and becky meet??)

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