Love Rain

Chapter 2

Freens POV

I woke up early today because I have a award ceremony and also need to go to my daily works in my company. I had my breakfast along and peaceful like other days and after i finished my breakfast and suddenly my phone rings. So i look at my phone and its call from my dad. When I saw its from him my mood changed. because always happen bad things or running my mood when i got call from him early in the morning. but i can avoid his call so i answered it.

Freen – ” hello dad ! Good morning ”

Freens dad – ” what the hell are you doing? i told you he is a important client to our company. i told you give him a good service. ”

Freen – ” but dad, he try to get advantage on me and he need to date with me. ”

Freens dad – ” so , its not a big deal. if he ask for a date , so you should do that ”

Freen – ” whattt?? are you serious dad? i don like to do that. i hate that kind of a persons ”

freens dad- ” its just a date. we can lose him. if he go to other company, we will lose our money. ”

freens dad- ” You have to follow my rules and come to meet me right now. ”

freen- ” but today is my.. ”

freens dad- ” i can hear your excuses. come to me right now . i need to discuss about him. ”

freen- ” ok. ”

” wooww , what a wonderful day he ruined my mood early in the morning as always. he even not remember today is the day i have to get a award for best young business woman ” I told it to my self. i went to my room and wear black with white squares suit one of my favorites and also its a gift from my best friend kate. She is the only person i can trust and she always supports to me like my own sister.

after i dressed, get out from house and drive my car and went to my dads office to see him .





Beckys POV

Today is my first day as a employee of S&N Group company. its a one of famous technology companies in thailand . also its my dream to work in that company. In our country there are two main technology companies . among them i work in S&N group company and other company is FSC group company(freens). So i woke up early in the morning with big smile on my face. when i woke up , i saw my mother arranged my dress i should ware on my first day and its a pink colour office dress. so i went to the bathroom and showed. after that i wear my office dress and went to the kitchen to say good morning to my mother .

”Good morning mom ”

”good morning sweetie ! wow you look gorgeous today. ”

” thank you mom. ” i smiled and hug my mother as a little kity.

” sit down there . i will bring your breakfast ”

”ok mom ” i sit in our dining table and i can smell my mothers breakfast from here. i don know but i am sure nobody can cook as delicious as my mothers .my mother served my breakfast and after i finished , i prepared to go to the office.

” goodbye mom. i am going now. ” i greeted my mom and went to the bus stop to get my bus. i use my mobile phone when i waiting for my bus.

” wow today is the day Miss.Freen getting her award for best young business woman. ” suddenly i heard that from a person who sitting next to me in bus stop. so i turn my face to her and smiled.

”are you talking to me? ” i pointed to my self. ” yes of course young lady. i saw you wearing a ID card of S&N group company. thats why i talk to you. i also work in there. ”she told.

”oh realy. today is my first day . so who is miss.freen ? ” i asked in suprise.

” don you know about her? she is the ceo of FSC group company and her company is the main rival to our company. you can find about her on google. ”

”realy. lets see who is that woman ” i typed freen ceo of FSC group on google to see who is that woman. when her image load in my google, suddenly i saw bus is coming. so i put my mobile in to my bag and yes i couldn able to see her face.


writers note – this is my first writing. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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