Love Rain

Chapter 1

Freen Sarocha

– 25 years old

– Rich and CEO of famous and well-known company

– She is the only kid in her family and her parents divorce when she was 10 years old .

– She always pay attention to his work and she hate being in love relationship. also she doesn know she like men or women

– But one day she met a little girl(becky) and they become haters when the met.

Becky Armstrong

– 22 years old

– She is not rich girl and hard working person.

– She has a elder brother and he works in London.

– She always try to pay attention to her family and work. She always try to be friendly to everyone in her life .

– Her biggest dream is become employee in well-known company in Thailand.

– One day she met a successful women( freen) by accident and try to become friends. But when she get close to her they become haters.

After become haters , whats the way they become strongest couple… If YOU want to know , continue reading……

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