en i am with her. she can make me smile like crazy. she always care about me like her own sister. we spent time together talking with random things till evening…

” you know what she took care my health last night . i don know why she did that. she knew i hate her, but ” i was talking about last night with kate.

”but she is so kind to you right? ”

”yeah… ”

”she is innocent at the same time kind.so you should stop what you doing to her life. ”

” i can forgive her what she had done to me. so don talk about that. ” i said it with cold voice..

”okay then at least treat her better ”

” No words . i need to pick up her. it is almost 4 p.m. so goodbye girl. ”

” Keep in mind what i said before. ” i did my goodbye and went to the company where Becky works..

now i was standing outside for Becky. i saw her with gummy smile on her face when she came out in company with her colleagues. but it fade away when her eyes met my eyes. i don know why , but when her eyes met mine my heart started to beat fast.

”hey why are you here. you should rest. i told you i will be back to work at evening. ”

” are you telling me to trust you? what if you didn came? ”

” why are you always like to start a fight with me? i will keep my word for my brothers shake. ”

”what ever. get in the car . ” i still act cold with her. i can melts for her kindness.

Becky POV

why is she like this. she is really cold like ice. i also took care of her but still angry with me. what an idiot i am.

A/N = hello everyone. sorry for taking so long. i will continue again. hop you guys like and comment about what you feel ..

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