3 hours later …..

Beckys pov

its been 3 hours already. i finished work what she handed over to me. no its 8 p.m. i packed my stuff and prepared to leave. i also had my dinner because freen had ordered food.

should i tell her that i finished and ready to go but i did not want to leave without telling her,so i went straight to her room ,but the door was not locked. and i heard a small gasp. so i knocked on the door and entered. after rubbing , i saw that she was sleeping soundly .but she was sweating a lot. so i went to her and checked. oh my god, her body is so hot.

”hey freen get up . your body is so hot…..get..up ”

”ahh. ….. i…. its okayyy…..just little cold ”

”are you kidding?? you are burning. lets go to see a doctor. ”

”noo i don . it will be okay. so please gooo. ”

” no i can leave you like this. so wait for for me. i will came back soon. ” i went a medicine shop to buy some medicine for her.


”hey here is the medicine. drink it ” i gave the medicine to her. after that i saw her eyes closed and went to peaceful sleep. but her body is still hot. so i went to the kitchen and brought wet towels to put her forehead.

”hello mom. i think i wasn able to came home tonight .my friend has a fever. also she live alone here.so i have to take care of her mom. ”

”but sweetie. its too dangerous to stay out at home. who is the friend of yours? ”

”its freen mom. don worry. i will explain tomorrow. please mom let me stay here. she is really sick. ”

”ok sweetie. than take care of yourself too. ”

”thank you mom love you. ”

”love you too. ” after hang up the call , i went to the kitchen to cook porridge for her.

it s been while since she slept.so i went to check her condition. but she still has a little fever. so i stayed beside her for a while.







Freens POV

I Woke up to the sudden heat.but my body felt weak.at the same time i opened my eyes and saw becky sleeping on the chair beside me. what is she doing here? i though she left last night. i got out the bed and came close to her.

”heyyy . beckyyy . wake up… ”

”oh freen.are you up? ”while saying that she put her hand on my forehead to check my fever . ”oh you
e fever has gone now. ”

”what are you doing here? i told you to leave? ”

”yeah, but you were burning so hard that time.so in that situation i couldn left you alone here. ”

”its not your business. i can take care of myself. why did you- ”

”stop. we should not fight for that. its okay. lets go down there. i have cooked some porridge for you. ” after that she dragged my hand with her. oh my god. when she touched my hand, i felt like small electric shock hit my body. why did i suddenly feel like that when she touch?

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