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Beyond The Expectation

Unlike the other day, Esas online shop flooded with many customer orders this afternoon. She did not expect this at all. Right after finishing the chicken porridge given by Esa, Wilis hurriedly open the bag that contained the newly released branded bag bought by Galih. It was compensation to make it up for the business loses cause by Qumi.

The tall man started to take a picture of several bags and posted them on the online shops Instagram account.

”Wil, don let your guard down. Be careful, if theres the customer who has sent the screenshot of the payment, you must inform me beforehand. Ill check the order and all the information related to the customer. You have to get my approval before you do the packing. Remember what I said earlier and keep it in your head. I don want the same mistake like yesterday to happen again. ” Esa ordered. She would never get tired of reminding her underlying not to make mistakes. What happened yesterday gave her a little bit of headache. She did not want to lose money again which caused her online shop to face trouble.

Wilis nod. ”All right, Maam. Ill remember your advice. Besides, I have been working here for a long time ago. Of course, I know what I have to do and what I shouldn do. ”

Esa thought for a while. ”I guess you
e right. ”

Wilis words reminded her of something. She knew Wilis had been working in her company for a long time. As far as she remembered, Wilis had been with her since the beginning of her companys carrier. ”Well then, what about becoming a new admin in my company? You are qualified enough to take this position. Ill find a new employee soon to help you handle the workload. ” She said with her bright eyes.

If only Esa realized about this and appointed Wilis as an admin sooner, she would not lose so much money as yesterday. Perhaps, the tragedy caused by Qumi would never happen in the first place. When Esa thought about this, she felt annoyed.

”Ill gladly do as you ask, Maam. ” Wilis agreed with his bosss final decision. ”Galih is really kind, doesn he? He bought too many products for this company. Whats more, there are so many orders today after I posted the picture of those products. ”

Esa froze after hearing Wiliss sudden words. ”Don ever tell Satya about this matter when he gets back. ” She warned.

Wilis suddenly got goosebumps when he saw his bosss sudden expression. Esas gloomy expression was like a black cloud surrounding the atmosphere. It was so much different than the weather outside, which was bright.

”Im so sorry, Maam. I didn mean to make you sad. I shouldn have talk something that reminds you of Satya. ” Wilis regretted.

Esa gave a small nod. She then smile faintly and said, ”Its not a big deal. I know you didn mean it. ”

Esas cell phone rang. She gave an irritated expression as she saw the same phone number shown on the screen. ”Isn it the same number that called me this morning? ” she mumbled to herself.

”Why didn you pick up the phone? It might be important. ” Wilis asked without hesitation after he stole a glance at Esas phone screen.

”Wil, I don have time to deal with this. It can be a prank. I don like to pick up a call from an unknown phone number. Esa always ignored the phone call from an unknown number.

Wilis could only nod back and forth. After he thought about the possibilities, he then said another word, ”What if … the person who called just now is … I know its only one in million chance, but have you ever thought about the possibility that this person is Satya? ” his wild guess caused Esa to froze once again.

The woman with loose hair today seemingly thought for a moment. Is that true? Theres no way this person is Satya. He had been disappeared for such a long time and now all of sudden ….

”Youve told me that Satyas phone number is no longer active. Could it be .… ” Wilis continued.

Is it really Satya? Is that phone number belong to Satya? Why didn leave any message beforehand? Esa is lost in questions.

She shook her head slowly. ”If what you said is true, Satya definitely will send a text message to me this morning. The truth is, I don get any message from this unknown number. ”

A few minutes later, Esa got the call from the same number as before. Her cell phone rang once again. Esa hadn picked up the phone until now.

”This person is contacting the online shops phone this time. ” Wilis stated as he lifted his own cell phone and showed it to Esa.

”This person also tried to contact our online shop this morning, right? ”

”Yes, he tried several times this morning. Should I pick up the phone? Maybe this person has urgent business with us. ”

Esa nod as in agreement.

Wilis put his cell phone to his ear and greeted the person politely. ”Good afternoon, is there anything I can help with? ”

”Good afternoon. ” A voice of a man was heard from the end side of the phone. ”I want to talk to Esa. I tried to call to her phone number several times but I didn get any response from her. ” The man straightforwardly spoke his intention.

Wilis turned his glance at Esa who gave a curious expression like she had so many questions about this person. ”Could you please tell me your name? what business you have with my boss? ”

”I want to offer my product to Esa. Who knows, perhaps she is willing to be my partner business. I want to talk to her personally so that I can give her a good explanation. ”

”I see. ” Wilis nodded as he said the word. ”If you want to talk about business, you can come to our office and talk to her in person. ”

”All right then, thank you. Ill hang up the phone. ” The phone hangs up soon after.

Wilis shrugged his shoulder, ”I think this person tried to make a prank call. He said that he wants to show his product to you. I can only tell him to come here and talk to you in person but he quickly hangs up the phone. ”

”Why did he know my number though? ”

”I don know. I guess he searches the information about the owner of this company on the internet. ” Wilis guessed, ”Your online shops social media account is getting attention lately. There is a big possibility that many people who want to do business collaborate with you. But this one is definitely a prank. I can assure you. ”

Esa gave a nod. ”I bet most of them only want to take advantage of my company. Thats why Im tired of dealing with an unfamiliar person. ”

Right after packing the customer order, Esa intended to leave the room. ”Ill leave the rest to you. Ill go back to my room to make a job vacancy announcement. Its time to look for a new employee. ” She left the room after she said this.

”I understand, Maam. Ill help to share the announcement later. ” Wilis thumbed up.

”As you should. ”

When Esa walked inside her room, she quickly threw herself onto the chair that was comfortable enough for her to sit.

She turned on the laptop in front of her and started to move her fingers, dancing on the keyboard. She tried her best to create a nice-looking banner since she always wanted the best result of anything.

Her personality was not too different from Satyas. Esa was a perfectionist. She always wanted the perfect result. And that was the reason why she often handled the customer order by herself and felt reluctant to leave the underhanded to her underlying. She still took the most part in managing the company. She thought that she had to be the one who should take care of everything even though she had many employees. However, she didn realize that her doing was so selfish and thus causing her business to face stagnant progress.

After taking a lot of time, Esa finally finished the final result of the banner she created by herself. She immediately sent the result to Wilis so that he could help her to spread the job vacancy as soon as possible.

She breathed a sigh of relief. She leaned her back against the chair. She was finally able to take a rest for a while. But soon, she suddenly had a headache. The cause of her headache was none other than her longing for Satya. She would never stop thinking about him.

Esa really put her hope too high. Her lingering feeling toward Satya gave a bad effect on her health these days. She often had a migraine. She often had a stomachache too as recently because she skipped her meal. Unfortunately, Esa never realized these problems at all. She still hope for one day he would show up in front of her.

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