The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. The first ray of sunlight lit up Esas room. Esa squinted her eyes. Apparently, she woke up late and neglected the morning prayer that should be done.

She rubbed her bleary eyes. The moment she realized that there was a pile of a photo spread through her bed, she quickly got up and put those photos back in the small box. She walked to the desk and threw the box into the locker.

She reluctantly walked into the bathroom. She had to take a bath and get ready for her company.

”Sweetie, you have to eat your breakfast. ” Astrid stopped Esa when she just came out of her room. She wore a white short casual dress.

”Ill eat my breakfast in the store. Im in a hurry, Mom. Im worried Wilis will face trouble dealing with the customer order. ” Esa drank the milk prepared by her mother until the glass was empty.

”Where did you and Galih go last night? Why did your bag and clothes soaking in wet? ” Astrid spoke while chewing the fried banana cooked by her house assistant, Tumi.

”Aunt Tumi must be the one who told you about this, right? ” she said. ”I drenched in rains when I was in the flower garden yesterday. ”

Astrid nodded back and forth hearing Esas explanation. Esa walked to the table and took a bite of the fried banana.

Astrid shook her head slowly. ”Theres heavy rains lately so don act reckless and play under the rain. You should take care of your health. ”

”I couldn help it, Mom. I was so upset because Qumi made trouble. I lost money again because of her. ” She complained. ”Galih told me that he would give compensation and take the blame for what Qumi had done. He would ask Qumi to withdraw and find another job. I don want to owe him anything. ” Esa wiped her face with a tissue.

”If thats the case, do you have another way to get the money back other than accepting his generous offer?

Esa sighed, ”I haven thought about it. The best thing to do is to cut half of her income as compensation. ” She replied. ”I have to go now. Wilis must be waiting for me. ” She got up from the chair.

After Esa kissed Astrids cheeks and said goodbye, she went to the office. The distance between her house and the office was not too far so it did not take long for Esa to get to her office.

When Esa arrived at the office, she was so surprised to see the truck parked in front of the office building. She saw the driver talking to Wilis for a few minutes and then walked away and got on the truck again.

”Who is that guy, Wil? ” Esa asked with a curious expression when she approached Wilis who was still standing in front of the door. Wilis was there to welcome his boss.

Wilis, the tall man with a thin mustache suddenly let out a grimace. ”All of these kinds of stuff is belong to Galih. ” He responded with hesitation while scratching his head reflexively.

Esa frowned, ”What do you mean by that? ” as she asked, Esa walked to were several bags were.

”This is the new product of bag. The quality is a lot better than the previous one. This newly-released bag is a limited edition but with a cheap price. ” Wilis explained.

”Ive told you million times, I don want any of my products that related to Galih. Why did you accept these things? You should have told me earlier before you decide. ”

Having heard Esas nagging, Wilis lowered his head and said, ”My apologies, Boss. I have tried to cancel this shipment but the courier told me that Galih had paid for everything. ”

Esa was upset. She took out her cell phone, wanting to call Galih. Before she was able to call the person, Galih had appeared in front of her.

”Good morning, ” Galih greeted with a bright smile on his face.

”Whats the meaning of this? Why did you send these goods to me? Didn I tell you that I don want to owe you anything? ” Esa whined. She crossed her hands on her chest.

Wilis immediately ran away, not wanting to get involved. The quarrel between Esa and Galih was not his business. Thus, hed rather get away from there.

”Don think too much about it. I remember clearly you didn even complain about this when I talked about this matter yesterday. ” Galih responded to her protest casually. ”I have told Qumi to find a job in another place. So now, you can find a new employee to replace her. ” He continued.

Esa smiled cynically, ”You don the right to meddle with my business, let alone my online shop. ”

”I talked to your father last night. He told me that he didn have a problem with it. He gave me the advice to open an offline shop too. ” Galih sat down on the chair in the corner of the room.

The opening of a new offline shop was one of Esas dreams for a long time ago. However, she wanted to open this business together with Satya, her business partner, and not Galih.

”You should mind your own business and stop meddling with my personal affair. Let me tell you one thing, my father has nothing to do with this business. ” Esa said with overflowing emotions. She then walked into her own office room.

Esa put down her bag on the desk and sat on her executive chair. She was so upset with her father. Tyo did not even care about what Esa did when Satya was still around but things suddenly changed recently. Ever since Tyo arranged Esas marriage with Galih, he often took control of Esas work and discussed her business work with Galih.

”Lets have breakfast first. When do you want to eat? Ill order the food for you. ” Galih followed her inside and sat across Esa.

”Im not hungry. ” Esa quickly refused his offer.

Esa always acted arrogantly in front of Galih and he was used to her cocky attitude. Galih had his own way to deal with her. He had spent two years with Esa. Within those years, Galih learned Esas personality quite well. He was immune to all of Esas bad attitude toward him.

”Its okay if you don want to eat your breakfast with me. Actually, I have ordered the food a while ago. Perhaps, the delivery will arrive any minute. I will give some to Wilis. ” Galih said evenly as he got up from the chair. ”Ill go back to my office room. ”Don you dare to skip your breakfast …, ” he said again as he left the room.

Esa kept on silent as she watched Galih leave the room until his back was invisible from her room. She did not understand at all. She had done many things to make Galih hate her so he would keep his distance. Unfortunately, it did not work quite well. Her effort went in vain. She wondered how big Galihs patience toward her. How come he still treats her kindly despite Esas cold attitude toward him?

”Excuse me, Maam. ” Wilis knock on the door. ”The food is ready. ” He said as he approached Esa while carrying the food. He put it on the desk.

”Thanks, Wil. You can take one of the dishes. ”

”Uh-oh, thank you, Maam. ”

Esa gave a nod as a response. She was reluctant to eat the food bought by Galih. However, Hard she tried she could not resist tasting the food in front of her. This chicken porridge was Esas favorite food. The smell was too tempting. She decided to eat the chicken porridge. She immediately washed her hands.

When she was about to eat the food, a chime of her cell phone distracted her. She quickly took out the cell phone in her bag and saw an unknown number on the screen. She ignored the phone call on purpose. She disliked a lot of things but the most thing she could not tolerate was answering calls from an unknown number as it wasted her time and energy.

She spooned a full of her favorite chicken porridge into her mouth. Her cell phone finally stopped ringing. When she thought that she found peace of mind, a few minutes later, the phone rang for the second time and distracted her from eating the chicken porridge. It was from the same unknown number as before. She immediately turned her cell phone into flight mode. She didn want to be disturbed by anyone today.

”Excuse, Maam. ” Wilis came back to Esas room again

Esa raised her head and glanced at him. ”What is it, Wil? ”

”Theres a person who wants to talk with you. ”

Esa frowned, ”Who is it? ”

Wilis shook his head, ”He doesn mention his name. This person said that he will call you again. ” He explained, ”I only want to report this information. I will go back to the storehouse and do my job there. ” He asked politely and immediately left the room right after that.

The chicken porridge that Esa liked suddenly tasted bland. Who is it dare to distract Esa from eating her breakfast? Esa secretly wondered about the person.

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