Esa took a deep breath. She continued to look at the photos and found interesting ones. They posed with a funny expressions. They still wore a high school uniforms.

Esas mind suddenly pulled back to the past. It happened a few years ago when Satya was still around and always spent their time together.

”Can you walk faster? ” Esa shouted out while turning her back to see Satya who was left behind her.

Satya squinted, trying to catch up with her. ”Its you who walk too fast, I can even keep up. ” He protested. His height was around the same as Esas at that time. The white and blue uniform that he wore was soaked in sweats.

”You walked like a turtle. Walk faster! ” Esa pouted,

Satya finally caught up with her and stopped right in front of her. He was catching his breath. ”Whats with you, you look like a lion when you
e angry. ”

Esa put her hands on her hips and gave a death stare. She puffed up her cheeks.

Having seen Esas reaction, Satya reached out his hand and pitched Esas cheek. He said, ”you
e so funny when you
e angry. ” As soon as he said these words, Satya ran away from her while teasing her.

Esa was getting upset. She ran after Satya and wanted to him a lesson for teasing her. When Esa finally caught him, she hit him in the back using her bag.

”Boss, please spare me! ” Satya spoke while letting out a laugh. He laid down on the grass while showing his laughter.

There were only the two of them in the flower garden. It made them feel at ease. They joked around and teased each other.

Satya sat on the grass, stretching his foot. Esa approached him and sat next to him in the same position.

”This is the reason why you don have any friends. No one wants to be with you. ” Esa blurted out. ”You
e super slow. You can even beat snail, let alone turtle. ” She said in a manner like she was teasing him.

”Don make fun of me. ” Satya didn accept the insult. He hit Esas forehead slowly.

”Ouch. That hurts! ” Esa touched her forehead. ”What I said earlier is only a fact. ”

”All right. I will acknowledge my defeat. ” He said. ”However, those words work for you as well. No one wants to be friends with you. Perhaps, they don like you because you
e fat. ” Satya said casually without bothering to mince the words.

Esa stared at him intensely. ”Whats wrong with being fat? I don care what they say. It won hurt me. Even if they don want to act nice to me just because of my appearance, I still don have a say in this. I don have any problem with that, as long as you
e here with me and stay by my side. ”

Satya lay down again. He crossed his hands under his head. He looked up at the blue sky. The white cloud covered almost the sky today. It gave a beautiful scenery beyond his gaze.

Esa followed him and lay down next to him. Esa lifted her hand to the air like she was about to hold the sky. She then turned her head to face Satya.

”You know, we don have any friends and have been living our life in loneliness until now. So, would you be my friend from now on? ”

”Sure. ” Satya glanced at her. ”So, we are good friends from now on. ”

Satya lifted his index finger and showed it to Esa as a sign of friendship. And so was Esa. Since that day, they became good friends and bonded with each other. They were getting along pretty well. Satya brightened his smile and Esa smiled back at him.

Satyas height was too short for a man. Even Esa had the same height as him.

Esa smiled as she recalled the past. A picture of Satya and her in white and blue uniform showed how happy their relationship was at that time.

Esas gaze drifted toward the other photo. When this photo was taken, it was four years later. The friendships grew stronger. The white and blue uniform that they wore looked wrinkled in that photo.

”Satya! Stop it! You don need to deal with that guy. ” Esa shouted at him, trying to calm him down. Satya was fighting with another student. He punched the other student in the face. He was so upset when the other student looked down on Esa and said hateful words to her.

”I won let go of him this easily. I always tried to ignore him and pretended like I did not hear his insult but this time, he went too far. I should give him a lesson. ” Anger bubbled inside his stomach. Satya could not hold his emotion and vented all his anger immediately.

”You shouldn do this. Don you know what will happen if you do this? You could have been expelled or worst. ” Esa said while pulling Satyas arm and asking him to leave with her.

However, an unexpected thing happened when Satya turned his back and slipped his step. Esa and he fell to the floor at the same time. Esas body was under Satya. They froze for a moment. When Satya came to his sense, he quickly got up.

”I am really sorry for what I did. I didn do that on purpose. ” Satya reached his hand and helped Esa to get up.

The student who was now full of bruises still lay down on the floor and screamed in pain.

”Don you ever dare to disturb Esa. Just wait and see. You know whatll come for you if you do this. ” Satya threatened the student.

”Don threaten him. You shouldn take him seriously. Its not worth your time. Don look for trouble next time. ”

”Hes the one who looked for the trouble first. ”

Esa pulled Satyas arm and walked away from that place. They went to the flower garden, their favorite place.

They sat down on the bench near the garden. ”Please control yourself next time and don be too impulsive. ” Esa gave him some advice. Satya gave a small nod. ”The school will give you a punishment if they know about this. So you better be a good student and stop making a fuss in the school. ”

”Got it. You talk too much. ” Satya said evenly. Satya knew Esa was always like this but he could not help but spoke it out loud.

Esa lifted her index finger at him. ”Promise me, don make any trouble anymore. ” She asked,

Satya breathed a sigh of relief. He reached out his index finger and held Esas index finger. ”I won do that again but with one condition. ”

Esa frowned, ”What is it? ”

”You have to go on diet so that people won throw an insult at your appearance anymore. They will no longer talk bad about you if you become thinner.

”Satya whined like a child. ”Ill accompany you to go to the gym and exercise. We can do it together. ” He continued.

Esa was hesitant for a moment. ”Okay, Ill do it. ” She said.

e actually good-looking. If only you were thin you would definitely have a lot of fans. ”

Esa immediately pinched Satyas arm. ”Don underestimate me like that! ” her cheeks were red from embarrassment.

”I said what I have said. ”

Their eyes met. They looked at each other in silence. Esa could not hold her laughter.

”All right, I believe in you. Well, when do we start this exercise? Lets make a bet on whether this diet will work or not. I wonder if what you said is true. ”

Satya nodded. ”Deal. ”

”Satya, you have to keep your words. We
e good friends so please don tarnish our relationship for love. I have acknowledged you as my brother. ”

Esa didn know why she had to tell him this statement. Those words came out of her mouth all of sudden. Satya looked at her immediately with an inexplicable feeling. Satya was a bit hesitant but he gave a small nod in the end. Both of them fell silent.

Esa woke up from her daze. Her hands trembled. Her cheeks felt hot. She regretted what she had said at that time. She knew she should not have told Satya those words. She cursed her stupidity.

”Satya, please come back. I am still waiting for you. ” She mumbled. The tears fell down her cheeks. She carried the box and lay down on her bed. She slept while hugging those photos.

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