The setting sun sank below the mountain ridge, and the purple color of the night took over the sky. A woman sat down on the bench in the middle of the grass field, a place she always went with Satya long before Satya disappear somewhere. Esa was still reluctant to leave the park.

Deep down, Esa always hoped that Satya would suddenly show up in this place, like a prince on a white horse who came to see his lover. Even though she knew it would be impossible, Esa never gave up her hope.

Esas thoughts were interrupted by a gentle tap on her left shoulder. When she turned around, she saw Galih standing behind her. Esa suddenly remembered that it was Galih who brought her to this park. She was in a daze for a moment and her thoughts soared through the sky. A thousand questions about Satya raced through her mind.

”Lets go back home! Its already night. The weather is not that good. Maybe itll rain soon. ” Galih spoke with a calm voice after thinking about what words he would say so as not to offend Esa and made her sad.

Esa bowed her head down and closed her eyes for a moment. ”I wanna stay here a little bit longer, ” Esa said as she raised her head. She looked up at the darkening sky.

Galih walked over to Esa and sat next to her. ”Do you want to sit here for the rest of the day? ” asked Galih. ”Your father will be very worried about you if you haven returned home by now, ” he continued.

”I don care what you say. I wanna stay here, so leave me alone. ” Esa said with a displeasing sounding voice without turning her gaze.

Galih leaned his back against the back of the bench and nodded slowly. He knew Esa was in bad mood recently. He faithfully accompanied her and stayed by her side.

Esa did not budge at all. Seeing the woman who was in front of him, Galih was lost in question. He did not understand why Esas father was so persistent to marry his only daughter to him.

As a matter of fact, Esas father was fully aware that Esa had someone else in her heart. It was not even a secret anymore if Galih knew both Esa and Satya were falling in love with each other for a long time and up to this day, their love hadn disappeared. What puzzled him the most was why Esas father suddenly opposed their relationship for no reason at all.

Esas cell phone rang from inside the bag. She took out her cell phone with low spirit and completely ignored it.

Galih glanced at Esa in surprise. ”Why don you pick up the phone? Maybe its something important. ” He frowned as he asked this. ”What if the call is from your new customer whos going to buy your new product? ”

Esa shook her head slowly and then responded nonchalantly, ”I have already left the cellphone for the online shop to Willis. ” There was not the slightest intention in her mind to see the notification on the screen of her cell phone.

The phone rang once again. This time it was Galihs cell phone. Just like what Esa had in mind, Esas father was the one who just called.

”Halo, Sir, ” Galih put his cell phone on his ear and greeted the person who was on the other side of the phone. ”Yeah, we
e still in the park. I understand, Sir. We will be there in thirty minutes. ”

”… ”

”Yes, Sir. ” Galih hangs up the phone. The man tucked his cellphone back into his trouser pocket.

”Just like what I have expected. ” Esas sudden words cause Galih to turn his head toward her.

”Your father asked me about your whereabouts just now. ”

”Father will never get tired of trying to spy on me, huh, ” Esa muttered while closing her eyes. She felt a burnt sensation on her cheeks.

Galih reached his hand and gently patted Esas shoulder. ”Esa, you shouldn think too far ahead. Your father must be worried sick about you. He just wants to know what you
e up to right now. Its only natural for a parent to do this kind of thing, right? ” Galih said, trying to comfort her.

Hearing Galihs words, Esa turned her head to face him. ”You don know anything about my father. You don know my fathers personality and you will never understand. ”

Galih diverted his gaze. ”I don know what to say about this matter, ” he blurted out, meaning it.

Esa looked up at the sky. Her mind flew a thousand miles away. She thought about the person whose presence still lingered in her heart and hoped her longing for Satya would be the cure. But up until now, the person she loved hadn come back to her.

Satya, where are you now? Please don make me wait for you forever. I can hold it anymore. Her heart screamed painfully. Esa blinked her eyes, trying to hold back the tears.

Galih could sense what Esa was feeling right now. There was no other thing she wanted other than to see Satya in this park. Unfortunately, the man Esa wanted to see the most hadn shown up.

Galih reached out his hand and held Esas shoulder. He leaned Esas head on his shoulder. Esa didn show any sign of complaint. She was heartbroken that she didn even care about another thing. She didn know how to handle this heart-wrenching feeling she had and could only cry out loud to express her sadness.

”Cry as much as you want if thats the only thing that can make you feel better. Esa, Ill be by your side until you feel a little bit better. ” Galih said quietly while stroking Esas hair which was still leaning on her shoulder.

The thin strands of rain were likely soaking into the dirt. Galih finally gave up his intention to take her home. He just let Esa bury her face on his shoulder and burst into tears.

Galih secretly had a grudge against Satya. He always thought that Satya was a coward. If Satya really had feelings for Esa, he should fight for his love. He shouldn have left Esa alone as if his presence had completely disappeared without a trace. The thing he did to Esa was too cruel. Galih felt sorry for Esa who was always drowning in endless longing.

Both of them were drenched in heavy rain. Galih had no choice but to pull Esa and went to where his car parked. He was afraid Esa would get sick if she was drenched in heavy rain for too long.

As soon as they got into the car, Galih quickly ran the engine and took Esa to a shopping mall nearby.

”Why are we here? ” Esa asked.

”Just listen and get out of the car. We should get new clothes. Theres no way we go home and still wear these soaking clothes. I don want your father to throw a lot of questions when he sees us like this. ” Galih responded as he open the cars door. Esa quickly got out of the car, following him.

When they were inside the shopping mall, Galih took Esa to a famous boutique store. They did not need a long time to choose the clothes they wanted.

After they changed their clothes and got out of the boutique, Galih grabbed Esas hand and asked her to sit at the café. They took the time to warm up with a hot drink.

”Would you like to eat something? Ill get some for you. ” Galih generously offered.

Esa shook her head. ”No, Im not hungry. ” She replied quickly.

”Youve been in the rain for too long. You did not even eat your lunch today. What if something happens to you? I don want you to get sick because of this. ” Galih said with a concerned tone while flipping the menu sheet.

”Galih, I don want to eat the food in this café. ” Esa reached her hand and held Galihs arm tightly. Galih immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at Esa. His clear eyes fixed on the woman who sat in front of him. The woman rarely mentioned his name and just now, she called his name for the first time in a while. It caused him to have a strange feeling.

Galih smiled. ”So, where do you want to eat? ”

Esa pushed the chair back and stood up. She didn give respond to Galihs question and pulled his arms, walking to a nearby restaurant.

Once she walked inside the restaurant she wanted, she immediately approached the table near the window and took a seat there. ”This place is where Satya and I used to hang out. ” the woman blurted out.

Galih could feel his emotion rushing to his vein. He actually wanted to protest. This was not the first time he was trapped by the shadows of Esa and Satyas relationship. Out of all places, Esa chose this place for the sake of her selfish desire. Galih knew this restaurant was Satyas favorite place.

However, he quickly got rid of his emotion and told himself to be patient. He would never give up on Esa. He was certain someday Esa would come to her sense and realize that Satya was no longer by her side. Satya was not the person who was there when Esa needed it the most. It was Galih who was always there for her.

Galih sat across the table. He looked at the woman in front of him who was still flipping the menu book back and forth with a bright smile.

”What do you want to eat, Saty— ” Elsa halted her words when she realized the man who was with her was not Satya but someone else.

”Its okay. ” Galih tried to lighten the mood. ”I want to order the black paper fried rice. ” He continued without looking at the menu book.

Esa nodded. ”Okay, Ill have the same as yours. ” She decided while putting the menu book on the table.

Galih immediately called the waitress and ordered the food. ”What about the drink? ”

”Lemon tea. ” Esa gave a quick response.

”Anything else? ” Galih asked. He looked at Elsa in confusion. ”Your mother once told me you
e not allowed to drink lemon tea because it will affect your health. ”

Esa fell silent. Galih knew everything about her. And yet, she still ignored the man who sat in front of her.

”Hot chocolate. ” Galih decided on his own. He did not want to make the waitress wait for Esas answer for too long only to get nothing. Galih saw Esas sharp gaze and gave a meaningful smile at her as a response.

”Why did you change my drink? ” Esa asked with displease sounding voice.

”Im doing this for your sake. Esa, I don want to make your mother worry about you. You know drinking lemon tea will affect your health. ”

Esa snorted in annoyance, ”You
e no better than them. They arrange our marriage to make me fall for you and obey you for no reason. In other words, they want to use you to take control over me. Are you on their side? ”

”Esa, how could you say this? I don have any intention. Theres a misunderstanding. ”

Esa gave an irritated expression and snorted, ”You
e so annoying. ”

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