Esa had an inexplicable feeling tonight. She was so happy to see Satya today but at the same time, she was in deep pain. Their encounter was supposed to be something worth celebrating but turned out it caused Esa to have more questions that were bugging her mind. She thought she would have the answer right now. However, Satya showed up only to disappoint her and did not explain anything. She felt like there was a knife pierced through her heart.

”Its getting dark. Would you mind if I take you home? ” Satyas voice broke the silence.

Esa shook her head. ”Leave, if you want to leave. I want to stay here a little longer. ” Esas lips trembled when she replied. There was a dim light in her eyes when she looked at him, recalling the memory. It seemed like her love for him was unrequited love indeed.

”Your father will certainly scold you if he knows you
e still here. Whats more, its me who accompany you and not Galih. ”

”Satya, I want to be with you and not him and yet, you try to avoid me on purpose. I guess it is what it is. Just go away. Don ever come back again if you
e only going to disappoint me. You shouldn waste your time on me! ” Esa regretted. All of her hopes went in vain.

Esa cried once again. She patted her own chest, trying to calm down. The love she had treasured in her heart gave a painful feeling. She was so disappointed at Satya for trying to avoid her and refused to give her any explanation.

”I didn mean to disappoint you, I swear. You
e still the only woman I love. ” Satya stated, ”Its just, things changed now. You
e engaged to Galih and I have no choice but to accept this reality. ”

”I don want to get engaged to Galih. I don want to accept it. If what you said is the truth, if you really love me, you should fight for our relationship. What you did is the opposite of that, you gave up on me so easily and ran away. ” Esa didn expect that Satya would easily accept the reality and didn want to fight. Satya had changed.

Satya reached Esas arm. ”All right, then. I will try to talk to your parents. Lets go home. ”

Esa fell into Satyas arms and buried her face there. She burst into tears in Satyas embrace. Satya could not do much other than pat Esa in the back and calm her down. Satya fell in love with her when they got to know each other. Even before Esa realized her feeling toward him, Satya had been fall in love with her.

”I take my break for several days. Thats why I can only come here today. So please, don act like a brat and try to understand my position. ”

”You take a break from work? ” Esa looked at Satya like she was investigating him. Her eyes are full of curiosity.

Satya gave a small nod. ”I work as a scriptwriter on one of the TV stations. Im in the progress of making a story for stripping drama. Im quite busy these days. I can go back to my house so often. ” Satya started to open up. At first, he intended to hide his privacy but he couldn stop his mouth from talking about everything to her.

”Why didn you tell me sooner? You never called me or texted me before. Why did you have to disappear these past two years? ” Esa cornered him with the same question over and over.

A smile formed on the edge of his mouth. ”You never change, always ask too many questions, ” Satya said in a manner like he was teasing her. ”Should we go to karaoke? We can have so much fun there. ” He tried to change the subject, refusing to answer Esas question.

Esa didn react for quite a long time. She took a deep breath.

”Come on. I only got four days off. Itll be waste of time if I don use it well. ”

”Where do you want to go? ”

”The place that we used to hang out. ”

Esa gave a nod as an agreement. She finally could let go of her ego. Satya took Esa home by riding his stained horse. Esa wrapped around Satyas waist.

As soon as they arrived at Esas house, Satya immediately asked to leave without seeing Esas parents. Esa watched as Satya rode his motorbike away until he was out of her sight.

”Where have you been? Galih is already at his house after taking you home earlier, but why did you just get back now? ” Tyo scolded his daughter as soon as he saw her walk inside the house.

Esa was petrified when she heard her father scolding her. She even forgot how to answer.

”Why didn you say anything to me? ” Tyo asked,

”I just got back from the city park. ” Esa gave a short response.

e supposed to go home earlier with Galih. Ive told you many times, why didn you understand? ”

Esa gave her father an irritated expression while listening to her fathers harsh advise. She could no longer tolerate her fathers change of attitude toward her these past years. Her father always took her freedom away, forcing her to obey many rules, and was so overprotective toward her ever since he arranged for his daughters married to Galih.

”Why did you keep silent? You
e not deaf, aren you? ” Tyo asked with a heavy voice that brooks no question. His harsh words pierced through Esas ears once again.

”I need to be alone. Why do you always bring up Galih in every conversation? Im getting tired of it. ”

Tya got up immediately when he heard Esas explanation. ”You
e getting engaged with Galih. Taking care of you is his responsibility. You should know your place and act like one. ” Tya said with a high pitch.

Esa started to lose patience. Her cheeks turned red because of anger. ”At least, you could tell me the reason why you purposely refuse my relationship with Satya. Please, tell me your reason. Does he make a big mistake that you hate him to his bone? ” Esa couldn hold back her tears when she talked about Satya.

”Whats with the fuss? Whats going on? ”

”Im exhausted, mom. I need to take a rest. ” Esa took this chance to run away from her father and went to her room. She ignored her fathers loud voice.

As soon as Esa arrived at her room, she locked the door and quickly walked to her bed. She threw herself into the bedroom and laid down. She slowly closed her eyes, trying to get rid of the headache that came all of sudden. She hated when her father lose his temper when they brought up Satya in their conversation, just like a while ago. Her father would never tell her the reason why he asked Esa to keep her distance from Satya.

Esa took a deep breath and breathed a deep sigh. A memory from the past when she spent her time Satya happily suddenly crossed her mind. It was her last memory with Satya when her father finally didn allow her daughter to stay close with Satya.

”Wait! Wait for me, Satya. Please, Im so tired. I can hold it any longer. ” Esa lost her breath. She bowed her body while leaning her hand on her knee. She didn have any energy left after running around the stadium tenths times.

Satya turned around to look at Esa. He was far ahead of Esa so he ran back toward Esa. He shook his head back and forth.

”You only ran for the tenth time. You should do another lap again if you want to make your proportional body as you wanted. ” He reached out to help her.

Esa snorted, ”why do I have to be so miserable like this. Is this the price for getting a slim body? ” Esa looked sad when she whined.

”Don give up that easily. I know you can do it once you put your mind to it. And besides, Im always here for you. ” Satya responded with a smile.

Esa held Satyas hand and tried to get back to her feet. However, something unexpected happened. She broke her ankle and caused her to bump into Satya. Both of them fell to the ground. When Esa was above Satya, she could hear her heart beat so fast. The atmosphere became so awkward when her lips accidentally touched Satyas lips as if she was kissing him.

Soon after Esa realized what was going on, she got up quickly. She still felt pain in her ankle,

”Ouch! ” she screamed in pain while holding her ankle.

”Does it hurt? ” Satya asked with a concerned expression. He approached Esa and immediately checked on her feet.

”It seems like you
e overweight. You can even walk by myself. ” Esa stated with a weak voice, too afraid to admit it.

Satya reached his hand and wiped Esas tears. ”Don cry. Ill help you to apply for the medicine. ”

Satya helped Esa to sit down on the chair. He then crouched down. He took off Esas shoes and gave Esas foot massage. Esa looked at Satya carefully while touching her own lips unconsciously. Satya looked up and saw Esa staring at him.

Their eyes met. Esa suddenly did not know what to do. Meanwhile, Satya could only smile at her without intending to say anything. The atmosphere became so awkward between them.

She smiled bitterly after remembering what happened that day. After that incident, she realized that she fell in love with Satya. For the first time in her life, she enjoyed her life and treasured every moment she spent with him.

The man who used to have the same weight as Esa, had changed into a tall man who always protected Esa whenever she faced trouble in her life.

Until one day, Esas father was in a rage when he saw Esa getting along with Satya. Her father always told Esa to stay away from Satya without telling her his reason. It was what made Esa unable to let go of Satya. Esa had to know why her father tried to separate her from the man she fell in love with. However, she still got no explanation from her father up until now. Esa cried in silence.

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