Level 1 VRMMO

#0 - Login

VANSIA. The new VR system that took the world by storm. Its a marvel of technology that some believe to be the advent of a new age in humanity – a machine that can essentially extend ones lifespan by stretching time itself within its bounds.

Of course, many uses and applications for the technology were found, but many focused on the recreational model that was released: the VAN-HELM. The true next generation of gaming had been released, with only a single title pre-packaged with the gear. Vansia Online, a fully immersive fantasy MMO world with countless features. The game world was touted as an alternate reality that constantly developed and changed in real time that instantly hooked millions of players. Vansia Online had a large focus on creativity and freedom as players could build their characters however they wanted to, and could do whatever they wanted. Chefs, adventurers, researchers, mages, craftsmen, however you wanted to spend your time inside the world of Vansia Online you could.

”…Its been out for just over a week now. ” A figure sighed, holding a sleek black helmet in their hands. Its side had a thin silver strip, with VAN engraved into it. The person looked around at their dark bedroom once, before putting the helmet on and getting into the large capsule next to them. The door slid shut, lights humming on along the machines base.

”… ”

”… ”

”..is it on, or - ”

”Welcome, Player. ” A soft voice rung out in the darkness. ”Initial Player model has now been generated. You will be placed in a small area to become familiar with the basics inside of Vansia Online. Please close your eyes if you are easily disoriented. ”

As the voice finished, squares of land rose up from beneath the player, meshing together to become a small grassy field. The sky went from non-existent to filled with stars and streaks of light, which made it look like a circuit board.

A menu popped up in front of the player.

”Dear Player, please create your character. ”

True to its claims, there were many options in this space. Initial characters were created based on accurate scans of the players actual body, but could be fully customised to the extremes – one could be a few inches tall or a few tens of feet, an elf or a quadruped bug if they so choose, though bodies significantly different to ones own are not recommended since they distract with immersion and often lead to difficulties in play.

Freedom is not only expressed in the player model however, as even stats and equipment are fully customisable. There are several pre-built classes to choose from with recommended stat and equipment sets for convenience, but its possible to fully build your own character through a point buy system. Players have 100 points to spend in stats and equipment, and all 100 have to be spent to finish character creation. Some choose to enter the game with all their points in raw stats and the bare minimum clothing to be as strong as possible, and some gamble with lowering their stats to obtain rare gears that cost a large amount of points. With the game being so young, meta builds, the most optimal choices for characters to succeed, constantly change, and many argue over the best path to take from as early as character creation.

”Are you satisfied with your character, Player? ”

”Yes. ”

”Wonderful. You will soon be transported to the world of Vansia, a world of wonder under threat by evil magics, protected by gods and people alike. Within this world you are free to live the life you choose, and are encouraged to life a life full of joy and happiness. ”

Pieces of the land began to fall away back down, and the stars began to glow brighter. The form of a woman came forth from the lights of the stars, hands outstretched towards the player.

”You will be transported into the halls of a sacred church where you will be guided by devout believers of my faith to begin your journey. I truly wish you luck, Player. May the burden of your journey always be light. ”

As the woman finished speaking, the last of the land fell away, and all went dark.

When light came back, the player found they were stood inside a stone chamber full of candles beside a statue of a beautiful woman covered in chains. The only door in the room opened and a priest walked inside. Their grey robes were thick and long, and they made a distinctive metallic sound with each step. Their face was covered with both a hood and mask.

”Greetings, Holy One. ” a gruff voice came from beneath the clothes.

”You are a Player, chosen by the gods. We are the followers She spoke of who will

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