i was home after all the clamour of celebration was over i opened the door and went towards my bedroom upstairs to have a look at myself for few seconds i stared at my figurine and then went to bed . next morning was not as peaceful as it used to be i had a dizzy head and something felt strange .while pouring coffee in my cup an unusal site struck me a lady terrified weeping in the corner her dress stained with blood dripping of her forehead promising that she would do it, i regained my senes with a jolt spilling coffe on kitchen shelf , i was a bit awed but then back to normal as it was like the old days just little exasperated than usual. after that every inch was as normal days, cleaning, preparing food , getting dressed up and leaving for my work . days went by Ken was still in my thoughts somewhere but not much pondered about .When it was almost that his apperance was no better than a forgotten merry accident he showed up at the coffee shop where i was sitting at my usual place with my work files on table and a cup of warm lattè , he was there for his work and i was busy with mine so i found it better not to bother him with my greetings thus, looked away as silently as i could . i was done with my chorus for the day and about to leave when a familar voice stopped my steps by its pleasent sound of hello, would you mind me taking your time , i was surprised to become aware that it was the person i thought would have long lapsed about my presence .it was him in a grey coat layered on black shirt holding a bewitching smile . we took a walk together along the boundery of the park within few wards of the cafe we met ,it was a sweet small jive of about how our years were flying past.

gardually the frequency of us being together increased and it became a habit of spending an hour or so together .apporximately 2 months passed after i became habitual of his prescence, when words which were deep seated in my mind popped up in a conversation they were you were dating someone right ,she was really pretty then why are you here with me spending your time smile vanished form his face making me realise that i doomed myself, it has always been like this i have still not figured out what one shouldn be speaking in front of someone .but its just that i want to be clear on everything , crystal clear . i knew what i uttered had reached his ears and nothing could be done now , to escape the awkward situation that i created ,i made an excuse that i have to do some work so, i would be leaving now after that we din meet for a week or so , but he showed up again , i was made aware of the fact that he was out of station for few days due to some business work and had returned his morning , i was standing with absolutely nothing to mend what i spoke last time and when he was finished he looked at me and replied to the question that i wished him to answer but not to be offened in any way Ken said she was good but we broke up cause she wanted to now she is no more with me nor am i in her . i was little offened by his answer but hiding that i asked hen what is between us? am i just a friend to you or we have something else ? he laughed politely indicating that i should have been able to make in out by now i am still at the very first question ”what do you think we are ? friends? ” he was making it harder for me to answer or question since now i was out of all the patience i had ,i spoke up ”im not sure on what you think but im in love with you like i want you to stay with me forever ”. hen lets get married , soma. for a moment i was aghast did i actually say what i said ,was i dreaming , did he ask me to get married to him , do i know him well to get married to him or was he pranking me ,what am i supposed to do ,will my father agree to this ,though he wanted me to get married as soon as posssible as i was already 28 but will my father understand , and my mother what about other family members and relatives what will they say just few seconds and so many if ,buts ,restrictions it was like i was happy to be hopping on my toes and at the same time all these thoughts were eating me up there was so much going on inside me but my face held a single expresion what it was i din knew myself.

something shook me up and i was back to where we were sitting along side he was still waiting for my answer but in veer i posed a question do you even know anything for real about me other than me being with you just for an hour or so , will you be able to get along with me , i don even know what kind of a person you are other than what you are when you are with me my words again tricked me and i said something i guess i wasn supposed to say .but he was more serene than i thought hen lets know each other , i will take you to my parents tommorow , will you came along.

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