well overthinking something doesn change the fact that you have lost your battle just one of the many ;this can be mended may be i wasn supposed to be a doctor something better might be waiting .I joined the university to get graduated in an education degree which does open ways to a lot of good opportunities . People say its very easy to get a degree in educational subjects but they don know that we study more than students of other courses as we are supposed to teach them so they are best in their feild thats what a teacher wants right, so journey to be an educator begins .for the frist time in my life i was enjoying more than i would allow myself to going out with college mates on trips , attending programmes and community work shops was a good expirence .In spite of all the entertainment there was still a twitch , something still hurting me and slowly overpowering my bliss as well as good feels leaving me empty.

I thought i made few friends but everyone is there to fulfill their needs thats the bitter turth, you need to learn how to stay with it . time passed as slow as hell and every passing moment felt like torture it was just me and mind trying hard to get along strange visions arrived at the conscince of my consiousness , some were dreadful . going through all that teenage passed and a fine job i got to be a professor at whales university .with skipping time slipped the innocence and joy that ones heart holds, i was more set to run away form my known ones and have a space just for myself so i was no more near the people one would call family or friends now there were just acquintances in a different nation . i earned a good fortune to keep desires satisfied at a new place and my family home .It was just me breathing through thin air to survive my age , I was well to do with a pretty house with a back and frontward beautiful flowers of the garden kept the solemn piece of me intact .

It took few years to meet someone at whom my glare was stuck , it was one of my collegues wedding she introduced me to his friend Ken Siri his greatgrand parents where Indian so he knew a little about what it was like being an Indian well he went to church but was not a christian ,for me knowning this thoughts was more important than falling for this flawless attire he was tall eough to be 6 feets with well sulcupted musclulature , ebony hairs , bright eyes , his fair skin was tonned prefectly , he sounded like a matured man with a hint of kiddish joy still persevered some how . it was like we got along really well not a sign of getting bored or wanting to run away from the comversations we had ; for the first time i felt like i was at ease among clinetele i barely knew .

we din exchange any contacts as i was hesitent to ask and he was more composed to not be in any hurry . we met after few months again at a fest organised by the coffee shop which was favourite spot to spend the leisurely time i had , they made a good progess , i was credited for it a bit too as i was among the interior designers who helped in giving the place a better view , it was then i got to know that he was among the main stakeholders having 40 percent shares of the franchise of which i was a small part by luck may be, i was not so confident about me more like i lost all my trust in myself that i could be of any use or a creative individual . It was more like a empty vase displayed as effectively as it could be to make the viewers believe that it actually holds something worthy . it was over here i felt like he wasn all by himself there was someone else too, though he recognised me and greeted me with his comforting words his gaze was fixed at some distant point it din take me long to figure out who it was drawing his attention away form me .

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