Guan Shangli watched as everyone left, a cold smile on his face.
As the Pill Master of Grass-Benevolence Hall, despite their internal conflicts, they would unite when it came to the interests of the Hall.
When Mo Chentian spoke, they dared not disobey, but they could still secretly oppose it.

So the more incompetent the disciples were, the happier they were.

All the disciples were unaware of this twisted mentality.
When they saw a huge opportunity, everyone was excited.
Of course, many were also disappointed because they had not studied enough and were unable to pass even with a last-minute effort, resulting in a large number of failures.

When the assessment became difficult for the disciples, everyone was miserable.

Sure enough, there were four tables set up, and the disciples lined up to be assessed one by one.
Mi Xiaojing also lined up and stood in the middle.
The assessment was not complicated: the Pill Master presented ten kinds of spiritual herbs for identification, and the person being assessed had to recognize at least eight to pass.

Four people were assessed at once in a random allocation.
Mi Xiaojing saw that Chen Zhong had come to Chen Shouyi ’s table.
Chen Zhong and Chen Ergou had been provoked by Mi Xiaojing before, and had not dared to challenge him again.
Mu Xiaoyin had told Mi Xiaojing that these two were disciples of Hong Qing, who had always been at odds with Chen Shouyi.
Although they were both Pill Masters, since Chen Shouyi ’s Foundation Establishment, they had drifted apart.
Out of envy, jealousy, and hatred, Hong Qing had done many small things.

From being senior and junior brothers to being uncle and nephew, how could Hong Qing accept this change in status?

Chen Zhong was assigned to Chen Shouyi ’s table for assessment, and his face turned pale.
He knew that his master and Chen Shouyi were at odds and sighed in his heart, but could only sit down honestly.
Chen Shouyi glanced at him and casually wiped the table.
In an instant, ten materials appeared, with only three of them being herbs, and the others being strange and rare things, including a small bottle of powder and a bottle of liquid, both of which were contained in a transparent glass bottle.

Chen Zhong was dumbfounded.
He had studied herbs, but was unfamiliar with the other materials.
He quickly recognized the three herbs, but was unable to recognize the others, so he had to guess.

”You are Hong Qing ’s nephew? ”

Chen Zhong nervously replied, ”Yes… ”

Chen Shouyi turned his head to look at Hong Qing, sneered, and said, ”How did you learn the Materia Medica? There are ten materials in total, and you only recognized three…you can ’t even recognize one of the others! Your talent is so foolish, you ’re unqualified! ”

After scolding him, Chen Zhong got up and left, staggering.

Hong Qing heard everything clearly, and his face turned iron-blue.
However, he was unable to intervene in the senior ’s reprimand.
After all, Chen Shouyi was a Pill Master and a Foundation Establishment cultivator.
Even Hong Qing himself had to call him ”Master Uncle ” now.
He gritted his teeth and saw Mi Xiaojing.

”You, come here…for assessment! ”

Mi Xiaojing was shocked, knowing that it was not good, but he could not escape now.
He knew that this guy was going to vent his anger on him.

Chen Shouyi ’s eyes turned cold.
He understood what Hong Qing wanted to do and held his arms, leaning against the table.
He said calmly, ”Hong nephew, the assessment must be fair.
I ’m watching! ”

Hong Qing was so angry that he almost exploded, but he tried to suppress his anger and said coldly, ”Of course, I will treat every assessed disciple fairly! ”

Chen Shouyi nodded and said, ”Okay, I ’m watching you assess him! ”Hong Qing ’s mind was turning over, he thought that it would be easy to prevent Mi Xiaojing from passing, the only thing was to use what means to make things difficult, and the key was not to give Chen Shouyi any handle, which required some skill.

Ten materials, they must be recorded in the pharmacopoeia, and there are many types of pharmacopoeias.
The current assessment is based on the primary pharmacopoeia, but at least five of the ten materials used by Chen Shouyi are recorded in the intermediate pharmacopoeia.
Therefore, if Hong Qing uses materials from other pharmacopoeias to test Mi Xiaojing, he believes that Chen Shouyi has no reason to intervene.

Hong Qing slapped his storage bag, and a processed herb was taken out and placed on the table.
He said lightly, ”Name the herb, its function, and…
what kind of pill is it used to refine? ”

Chen Shouyi ’s face became even colder.
This kind of assessment was good enough if they could just say the name, but this bastard added so much content.

Other disciples were also dumbfounded.
What should they do when two incompatible pill masters confront each other?

Guan Shangli was even more headache-inducing.
He was the steward of Grass-Benevolence Hall, but he couldn ’t control these two people.
He quietly called a subordinate and gave a few instructions, then waited helplessly.

Mi Xiaojing just glanced at it.

”Jin Di Hu, the ten-year-old one is the best, bitter and cold in nature, and mostly grows in cool places on cliffs.
It is one of the main herbs used to refine the Yuanqi Pill, Baicao Pill, and also an auxiliary herb for the Foundation Establishment Pill. ”

Hong Qing ’s face changed, and a hint of a smile appeared at the corner of Chen Shouyi ’s mouth.
Neither of them expected that Mi Xiaojing could answer so easily.

Putting away Jin Di Hu, Hong Qing took out a bottle of pale red liquid and said, ”Name the liquid and its function. ”

Mi Xiaojing said, ”Can I take a look at it? ”

Hong Qing gestured with his hand.

Mi Xiaojing reached out and took the glass bottle.
It was a small bottle the size of a palm, made of extremely pure glass, and the liquid inside could be clearly seen.
He said, ”Can I open it? ”

Hong Qing sneered and said, ”If you ’re not afraid of being poisoned to death, go ahead! ”

Upon hearing this, Mi Xiaojing knew what it was.

”Poisonous Beauty Flower, this is the liquid extracted from the Poisonous Beauty Flower.
It should be used to refine the Hundred Poison Pill. ”

Hong Qing was stunned, and even the disciples were shocked.
They had basically never heard of the name of the Hundred Poison Pill.

Chen Shouyi was also surprised.
He didn ’t expect Mi Xiaojing to be able to reveal it in one fell swoop.

”What is this bottle? ”

Hong Qing took out another bottle of thick liquid.
The liquid was black, with light green dots floating inside.

Chen Shouyi ’s face sank, and he hummed slightly.

Hong Qing ’s face turned pale, but he didn ’t back down.
He just stared at Mi Xiaojing.

This time, Mi Xiaojing didn ’t pick up the glass bottle, but leaned forward and looked at it for a moment.

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All the disciples and students were stunned.
They had never seen this thing before.

”This is not a spiritual medicine, nor a spiritual herb, nor an extract.
It is the Green Night Dance, a kind of spirit insect that specializes in devouring various small insects on spiritual herbs.
It is a rare spiritual insect used to cultivate spiritual herbs. ”

The pharmacopoeia also records it, but only mentions the Green Night Dance when recording a certain spiritual herb, so Hong Qing did not make a mistake in the question, but this kind of question was simply too difficult.

Then there were five strange and rare materials, and Mi Xiaojing answered them almost effortlessly, speaking in great detail.
Some of the content was even heard for the first time by Hong Qing.

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