”You, why are you so foolish! The Wind and Thunder Art is what I have cultivated and naturally have insights and lessons learned! The Starry Sky Qianyuan Art is a superior technique that I obtained by chance…
I have never cultivated it, nor have I gained any insights.
Is that strange? ”

Mi Xiaojing blushed at his words.
He knew he had made a mistake, but the reason was simple and he just hadn ’t thought of it.

”Oh, I see, ” he said.

Wang Weijun calmed himself down again, repeating to himself not to get angry three times.

After calming down, Wang Weijun thought of a question and asked, ”Which technique will you choose to cultivate? This is important.
Let me give you some advice…
how about it? ”

Mi Xiaojing didn ’t mind him calling himself an old man and said, ”Okay, I ’d like to hear your advice. ”

”Cultivate the Wind and Thunder Art.
With the insights I have gained from cultivating it, it will be easy for you to cultivate it too.
You won ’t go astray, nor will you easily fall into demonic cultivation.
It ’s an absolutely smooth path that will make you incredibly powerful! ”

Wang Weijun rattled off a bunch of boastful words, looking at Mi Xiaojing, who seemed a bit confused.
He couldn ’t help but get angry again.
”This is a shortcut! A shortcut…
do you understand? ”

Mi Xiaojing was still a bit confused and said, ”Wait, I have a question…
I haven ’t figured it out yet. ”

Wang Weijun raised his head and said, ”What ’s the question? Ask me anything about the cultivation world…
there ’s very little that I don ’t know! ”

”If the Wind and Thunder Art is so powerful and elevated you to the level of a super master in the cultivation world…
then why were you killed by someone? ”

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”What? What! You little bastard…
damn it, I ’m not dead! ”

Wang Weijun didn ’t dare to stay any longer and instantly returned to the Mantra Banner, so angry that his Nascent Soul almost dissipated.

He had never wanted to kill someone so badly.
If he could restore his cultivation level, the first thing he would do was to tear Mi Xiaojing into pieces, burn him into powder, and capture his soul, making him wail in hell for thousands of years!

Mi Xiaojing rubbed his head and thought, ”He ’s angry over this? A cultivator who can ’t handle the truth won ’t achieve much, even if they have some accomplishments… ” People outside couldn ’t hear this, but Wang Weijun heard it loud and clear, making him even more furious.

”Hmm, seeing this old man ’s performance, the Wind and Thunder Art is just like that.
I ’ll cultivate the Starry Sky Qianyuan Art instead.
Just hearing the name gives me a feeling and an urge to cultivate it.
Hehe. ”In fact, Wang Weijun was really innocent in making Mi Xiaojing jump into a pit.
Although he wanted to do it, it wasn ’t about Wind and Thunder Technique.
He used it to gain Mi Xiaojing ’s trust but was abandoned by him without hesitation.

As soon as he decided to do it, Mi Xiaojing sat cross-legged by the Spirit Spring and began practicing the Qianyuan Art of Starry Sky for the first time.

This Starry Sky Qianyuan Art is a complete cultivation technique that can be practiced until the Great Perfection stage.
However, what Mi Xiaojing can understand and practice is only the beginning part of the Qi Refining stage.
He needs to change his previous cultivation method and obtain the initial state of the Qianyuan Art of Starry Sky.
Fortunately, he has not built the Foundation yet, so this change is not significant.

If he had already built the Foundation, it would be very difficult to change the cultivation technique.

Actually, even Wang Weijun didn ’t have a clear idea about this technique.
After he obtained the Jade Eye Scroll, he collected its content and then destroyed the scroll.
When he carefully examined it, he found that it was a cultivation technique that started from the Qi Refining stage.
At that time, he was already a master of the Yuan Ying stage.

However, Wang Weijun can be sure that this is indeed a rare superior cultivation technique.

The Qianyuan Art of Starry Sky was a magical technique that Wang Weijun snatched years ago.
For this technique, he caused a lot of bloodshed and turmoil.
However, after he destroyed the Jade Eye Scroll, the storm finally subsided.
He destroyed the Jade Eye Scroll that recorded this technique in front of several masters.

There are many legends about this technique, but with the passage of time, the legends gradually disappeared.
Unexpectedly, he still took out this technique to gain Mi Xiaojing ’s trust.

The so-called Starry Sky is a kind of Gang Qi generated after cultivation, with great power.
Once it reaches a certain level, it can truly be unstoppable.
The Qianyuan Art is the means to cultivate this Gang Qi.

This is a very special cultivation method, and Mi Xiaojing found it difficult to practice at the beginning.

True Qi runs along a strange route, and the blood in the whole body boils like crazy.
Wherever True Qi goes, it cools down.
Because Mi Xiaojing has already reached the Great Perfection stage of Qi Refining, even though it is difficult, he won ’t get stuck.
True Qi runs very slowly at the beginning, which made Mi Xiaojing suffer a bit.

A large amount of Spiritual Qi poured into his body, and Mi Xiaojing ’s body was like a vortex, drawing all the surrounding Spiritual Qi into it.
Luo Bo, who was practicing nearby, had to open his eyes and end his cultivation because there was no more Spiritual Qi around.
How can he continue to cultivate without Spiritual Qi?

In just half a day, all the Spiritual Qi in the cave was consumed.

Not enough Spiritual Qi!Mi Xiaojing had no choice but to stop cultivating, but he was certain of one thing: this technique was powerful and had unlimited potential.
He believed that his choice was correct and that he would cultivate this magical technique in the future.

Even if it was difficult, a technique with great potential would bring different strengths, and Mi Xiaojing saw this very clearly.

No matter how difficult it was, Mi Xiaojing had already made up his mind to cultivate this technique seriously.
This was the fundamental method for his cultivation and the foundation for his life.

The current flaw of this cultivation technique was that it consumed a lot of spiritual Qi.
When the mountain gate was closed and the sword formation was activated, almost all the spiritual Qi in the mountain gate was consumed.
It would take at least several tens of days to recover.
Mi Xiaojing had to think of other ways, or he would not be able to continue cultivating.

There were three ways to obtain spiritual Qi.
The first way was to absorb it from the air, which was available to all cultivators.
However, the spiritual Qi in the air was very thin.
The places with relatively rich spiritual Qi were generally places with spiritual stone veins or underground spiritual springs.
In addition, formations could also gather spiritual Qi, such as the famous Gathering Spirit Array.

The second way was to rely on spiritual stones.
Spiritual stones had reliable spiritual Qi, and cultivators could absorb the spiritual Qi from them.
However, spiritual stones were rare and valuable, and were the standard currency for cultivators.
They could be used to exchange various resources and materials.
Generally, cultivators would not use spiritual stones for cultivation as it was too extravagant.

The third way was to use spirit pills and medicines.
However, if one was not a pill master and did not have a huge sect resource, they would not use spirit pills and medicines for cultivation.
Spirit pills and medicines were often used to break through bottlenecks.

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