The so-called cultivators have no ugly women.
Of course, if someone is solely focused on cultivation and doesn ’t care about looks, they may maintain their original appearance.

Mi Xiaojing looked in astonishment at the woman.

She was an extremely beautiful young girl, around sixteen or seventeen years old, with picturesque features and a lively demeanor.
Judging by the respectful attitude of those around her, it was clear that her status was quite high.
The faint pressure emanating from her indicated that she was at least a foundation-building cultivator.

The young girl ’s bright and lively eyes scanned the crowd, and when she saw Mi Xiaojing, her eyes lit up.

When it came to looks, Mi Xiaojing could outshine everyone in the group.
And it was all natural, without any modifications.
It was well known that cultivators could change their appearance once they reached the Nascent Soul stage, instantly becoming handsome or beautiful.

The young girl pointed a finger.

”It ’s that little guy! Hehe, don ’t turn your head, I ’m talking about you! ”

In an instant, Mi Xiaojing felt a chill run down his spine.
He suddenly realized that the woman was referring to him.

Two big men rushed into the crowd and pulled Mi Xiaojing out, tearing open the quilt that he was wrapped in and revealing Luo Bo.

Luo Bo was thin and small, making it difficult to spot him in the quilt.
The crowd was surprised at first, but then burst into laughter.

”Haha, buy one get one free! ”

”Two of them! This is a real bargain.
The young lady has good taste! ”

The young girl raised her head proudly.

”I want both of them! ”

Mi Xiaojing breathed a sigh of relief.
He was afraid that they would be separated.
Regardless, being able to bring Luo Bo with him was a comfort.
The people of the Western Expansion Sect were almost dead.

Anyone with a little life experience could see that the woman was selecting people like she was choosing pets.
She didn ’t treat Mi Xiaojing as an equal.

Mi Xiaojing was angry in his heart, but his face remained calm.
At this moment, he finally understood some truths that he had never understood before.

At this point, Mi Xiaojing made up his mind.
He would become extraordinary and never be a weakling at the mercy of others.
He would become a super powerhouse.

Then the young cultivators of the Western Expansion Sect were divided up.
Zhang Ke and another low-level cultivator were not chosen because they were too old.

Someone said, ”Send them to the mines.
They need more workers there! ”

Mi Xiaojing looked up at the young girl, wanting to say something but hesitating.
He understood that he had no say here.

Zhang Ke looked frightened, his face turning pale as he looked around.

At this point, an older cultivator walked over and said, ”We need people over there.
These two…if no one wants them, give them to us for the alchemy room. ”

The leader of the cultivators nodded, saying, ”Then they ’re yours.
If you don ’t want them, send them to the mines.
After all, they ’re two strong laborers.
Don ’t waste them. ”

Zhang Ke and his companion were scared out of their wits.
They instinctively sensed that going to the mines would be terrible.
They dared not speak or resist, smiling and following the man.
After all, they were still mortals at their core.

Someone led Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo away, and the crowd gradually dispersed.

Luo Bo tightly held Mi Xiaojing ’s hand, nervously trembling.
There was no snow here, and the weather wasn ’t very cold.
The leaves were yellow, clearly indicating that it was still autumn.
But both Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo felt a chill in their hearts.
They were both lost, after all, they were young and unprepared for sudden changes in their environment.The proud little girl didn ’t even look at Mi Xiaojing again, turned around and planned to leave.
At this moment, a sword rainbow flashed by, and an old man fell on the square.
He had just stabilized himself, and the people who hadn ’t left yet came forward one by one and bowed with extremely respectful attitudes.

”Elder Guan is here! ”

”Elder Guan is good! ”

”Greetings to Elder Guan… ”

The little girl also came forward and bowed when she saw Elder Guan.
”Senior Guan, why are you here? ”

”Mo Yuer, just here to play… ”

Elder Guan, named Guan Shangli, was a steward of the Grass-Benevolence Hall, a pill master, and also a mid-level Foundation Establishment expert in the Sword Heart Sect.
He nodded and casually answered Mo Yuer ’s question before scanning the surrounding situation.

Most of the people who were brought by the flying boat had already been taken away, leaving only Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo standing alone on the square.
The others around were staying to flatter Mo Yuer.
It should be noted that Mo Yuer was the only daughter of the Sword Heart Sect ’s Sect Master and was a proud woman here.
Even Elder Guan, such as the Sect ’s steward, was very polite to her.

Mo Yuer smiled and said, ”Senior Guan, do you have any business here? ”

Guan Shangli said, ”Chen Shibo needs an alchemy boy, and I came to get someone.
Didn ’t we just capture these two little guys after defeating an Evolutionary Sect? ”

Mo Yuer smiled and said, ”Senior Guan, you came too late.
They have been picked by others.
These two…
are the ones I want.
If Senior Guan wants them, I can transfer them to Grandpa Chen. ”

Mi Xiaojing was very angry in his heart.
The items were passed around like this, and at this moment, he hated the entire cultivation world.
It was really too hateful.

Luo Bo held onto Mi Xiaojing ’s sleeve tightly, feeling even more nervous.
Fortunately, with Mi Xiaojing here, he was able to calm down a bit.
However, his face had turned completely pale.

Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo were already powerless and unable to resist.
The entire Western Expansion Sect had been wiped out, and as a low-level evolutionary immortal and an ordinary mortal, they could only accept their fate.
This sense of powerlessness made Mi Xiaojing extremely uncomfortable.

Guan Shangli was also too lazy to bother and said, ”Then just these two.
This one is okay, but the other one is too young…
forget it, just these two. ”

Mo Yuer smiled and said, ”Senior Guan, if you want these two, please tell Grandpa Chen that I am sending them to him as filial piety. ”

Guan Shangli nodded and said, ”Okay, I will tell Senior Chen. ”

Mo Yuer left with a satisfied smile.
She was very happy to have flattered the Grass-Benevolence Hall ’s alchemy master.
It should be noted that Chen Shouyi was a Foundation Establishment expert and more importantly, he was the Sword Heart Sect ’s number one alchemy master.


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Qingmu Peak was one of the nine peaks of the Sword Heart Sect.

The Sword Heart Sect had one mountain and nine peaks.
The mountain and the peaks were transformed into a huge formation by countless experts of the sect.
Once activated, it had tremendous power.

Qingmu Peak was one of the peaks.
The entire mountain was covered with lush trees, and spiritual herbs and medicines were scattered throughout the forest.
The spiritual qi was overflowing, and the fragrance of medicine was strong.
It was one of the most important places in the Sword Heart Sect and also the location of the Grass-Benevolence Hall.

At the waist of the peak, among the forest, there were scattered courtyards, which was the Grass-Benevolence Hall.

Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo lived in a dilapidated small courtyard.
After they were brought here, they were only given two sets of clothes and some rice and noodles.
Then, for six or seven days, no one came to ask about them.

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