”Mi Youran! I'll fight you to the death! ”

A woman, an extremely beautiful woman who appeared to be a delicate young woman, chased after a muscular man.

”Stop, stop, Sister Luo, please…I understand, don't hit me, don't hit me… ”

Mi Youran ran away with his head in his hands, while the woman's water sleeves kept lashing out with a loud sound.
Mi Youran begged for mercy repeatedly.
Just then, a crying sound came, and the woman panicked.

”Don't cry, baby, Mommy's here! ” In an instant, she flashed to the side of a delicate crib floating in the air.

Mi Youran had a mournful face.
This woman was really unreasonable! He followed behind her with a dejected look, his eyes shining with love.

”Baby, don't cry, Daddy's here! ” Luo Mei picked up the baby and shouted at Mi Youran, ”Get out of here! Do you still think you're the father? You wanted to abandon the baby, and I… ”

Before she could continue, the baby began to cry even louder.

”Don't cry, baby, Mommy wants you! ” Luo Mei's face showed an extremely gentle expression as she gently swayed the baby in her arms.

Mi Youran's face was full of bitterness.

”Wife, we have offended many top experts in the cultivation world.
There are so many top experts chasing after us, and we have also offended experts in the evolutionary community.
If it were just the two of us, we could handle it, but with the baby… ”

Luo Mei knew that her husband was proficient in the Book of Changes and skilled in divination.
Although his calculations were not unparalleled in the world, they were still very accurate.
Especially when it came to deducing a person's good and bad fortune, his accuracy was unparalleled.

However, in this situation, she was unwilling to abandon the baby.

”I am a cultivator in the Mahayana period.
Whoever dares to touch us, I will wipe out their entire family! ”

Mi Youran was also extremely anxious.
He couldn't help but shout, ”It's easy to wipe out someone's entire family, but with the baby, we will not be okay, the baby will die! ”

Luo Mei held the baby with one hand and swung her water sleeve with the other, lashing out.

Mi Youran did not dodge, and the water sleeve hit him in the face, causing him to stagger and fly out! Luo Mei's face also showed a painful expression.

”Idiot, can't you dodge? ”

”Just give me a hit, can't you calm down and listen to me? ” Mi Youran's face was full of bitterness.

”I won't listen! I won't listen! I won't listen! ” Luo Mei shouted.

”You will kill our baby! ” Mi Youran yelled.

After hearing this, Luo Mei immediately became quiet, tears streaming down her face.

Even though she was a cultivator in the Mahayana period, even though she was a top expert in the cultivation world, she was just like an ordinary mother, who loved her child deeply.

This time, Mi Youran was the one who panicked.
He went up and hugged his wife.

”Sister Luo, wife, don't cry, don't cry! Don't worry, I will deduce a way out for us, and let our baby grow up safely. ”

”I want to take the child with me… ” She looked at the child tenderly, tears falling one by one.

Mi Youran suppressed his agitation.
He knew he couldn't be hasty, he had to persuade his wife. ”I also want to…
but for the sake of having this child, we have robbed so many sects' treasures.
We relied on the Evolutionary Sect's treasure to finally have this baby, but we have also offended too many experts and sects.
If it were just the two of us, we wouldn't be afraid, but with the baby, we can't protect him.
He's too fragile and too small! ”

Luo Mei looked at Mi Youran with teary eyes.

”Husband, what should we do? How can we protect our precious baby? ”

Mi Youran breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.
As long as Luo Mei called him husband, it meant that she had regained her sanity.
Otherwise, there would be more trouble.

Luo Mei and Mi Youran were a famous pair of cultivator partners in the cultivation world.
They became dual cultivation partners in the Nascent Soul stage and, after a long period of cultivation, finally reached the position of top cultivators through many difficulties.

However, Luo Mei had reached the Mahayana stage, and for some reason, she suddenly wanted a child of her own.
But it was extremely difficult to have a child at the Mahayana stage.
Therefore, the couple spared no effort to search for treasures everywhere, hoping to use their power to conceive their own offspring.

After hundreds of years of searching and robbing countless sects' treasures, Luo Mei still did not become pregnant.
It wasn't until they robbed an Evolutionary Sect treasure that they finally fulfilled their wish and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Mi Youran was proficient in the Book of Changes.
One day, he speculated for the child and found out that if the child followed them, he would not live past three years old.
This calamity was fated, and this result shocked Mi Youran.

As a last resort, Mi Youran told Luo Mei, which was also the reason that caused Luo Mei to become angry.

The calamity of fate!

As long as he followed them, this little baby would not survive!

Theft is never good, try looking at bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

Even if Luo Mei and Mi Youran were extremely powerful, even if Luo Mei was one step away from ascending to immortality, the two of them knew in their hearts that their baby son would not be able to avoid this calamity.

Luo Mei looked at her son with teary eyes.
This child resembled her.
He already showed the potential of a handsome man at such a young age.
After all, both his parents were cultivation experts.
It was rare for cultivators to have offspring after the Nascent Soul stage.

At this moment, the child had fallen asleep.
Luo Mei carefully put him into the cradle suspended in the air and blocked the sound with a wave of her hand so as not to disturb him.

How to resolve this, Mi Youran needed to find a way.

With Mi Youran's master-level calculation ability, he could actually find a way at a certain cost.

Regardless of the cost, Mi Youran was willing to pay it.
Their only son was also his wife's beloved child.
How could he hold back? He would definitely go all out.

The couple worked together to calculate their son's fate.
Although Luo Mei was not as good at deduction as Mi Youran, she was a super powerful expert in the Mahayana stage, the top existence in the cultivation world.
With her help, her husband's deduction would be more accurate.Since the two of them couldn't live with their son, they had to calculate where they could escape the disaster.
No matter how they calculated it, one thing was completely the same: they couldn't personally raise this child.

Every time this result came out, Luo Mei would make a big scene.
Actually, she didn't hate her husband, she just felt extremely uncomfortable.

Luo Mei finally gave up on the idea of personally raising the child and helped her husband calculate how to keep the child alive.

Mi Youran even built a large gossip platform, using many famous magic treasures and spiritual tools, and even consumed eight demon spirits and 108 fierce ghosts to forcefully calculate.

When the result of the calculation came out, both Luo Mei and Mi Youran were dumbfounded.
The result was that their son could only survive in the Evolutionary Community.
It should be noted that both of them were super masters in the Cultivation World and never looked down on Ascension.
Letting their son become an Ascension practitioner? That's simply unreasonable!

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