Every time he was hit, Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul would suffer great damage.
After a few times, his Nascent Soul was on the verge of dissipating.

Terrified to the extreme, Wang Weijun couldn ’t even say a word of mercy.
The battles between cultivators were extremely cruel.
Sometimes, death was not the worst thing.
The most terrifying thing was being caught.
At that time, one would truly wish for death.

Wang Weijun had done this kind of thing many times before, so he knew that begging for mercy was useless.
He could only escape, desperately escape.
Even if his Nascent Soul dissipated, he couldn ’t let the other party catch him.
He was very clear about this.

Stumbling and fleeing, he was hit by some kind of magical treasure repeatedly along the way.
Wang Weijun flew into a mountainous area, where he was impressed by the red leaves that covered the mountains like fire.
He even saw a group of buildings at the foot of the mountain but didn ’t know which sect it belonged to.

Falling onto a mountain, Wang Weijun had lost all hope of escape because his Nascent Soul was about to be destroyed.
Strangely, the attacks suddenly disappeared.
His Nascent Soul landed on a big tree, and he saw a small tree hole, so he immediately hid inside.

If his opponent appeared, Wang Weijun had made up his mind to self-destruct his Nascent Soul.
Even if he died, he wouldn ’t let the other party catch him.

In the morning, Mi Xiaojing got up from the kang, having spent the night reciting mantras.
He looked at Luo Bo curled up on the side and covered him with the kicked-off blanket before getting off the kang quietly.

He went outside to practice his punches in the yard, performing the Evolutionary Sect ’s signature move three times with his fists.
Then he washed up and went up to the rooftop to practice breathing exercises, waiting for the sun to rise.

Mi Xiaojing was already very proficient in this routine.
When the sun rose, he absorbed the Qianyang Purple Qi bit by bit and continued breathing until the sun fully rose before coming down from the rooftop.

Luo Bo pushed open the door, holding a broom to clean the yard.
Although he was young, he had been very diligent during his stay with Mi Xiaojing.
He didn ’t speak much and was indifferent to others, but Mi Xiaojing was the only one he could get close to.

After breakfast, Mi Xiaojing carried a bamboo basket on his back and patted Luo Bo ’s big head gently.
”Little radish, I ’m going up the mountain.
Go to the kitchen at noon, and your big brother Zhang Ke will prepare food for you. ”

Luo Bo obediently answered.
These few days were the most comfortable days he had ever had.
There was no beating or scolding, and even if he couldn ’t eat his fill every day, he would never go hungry.
What made him feel most comfortable was that Mi Xiaojing spoke very gently.
The warmth in his words made him obsessed.
Was this the taste of home?

So Luo Bo did his best to help with the chores.
Deep down, he had a strong sense of insecurity, afraid of losing this warmth and Mi Xiaojing ’s care.
This brother he accidentally gained, this affection he accidentally gained, made him cherish it even more.

Mi Xiaojing carried the basket and a hoe, leaving the Western Expansion Sect.
This time, he planned to go to the mountain on the opposite side of the Western Expansion Sect, the Jingshan Mountain.

In the past, Mi Xiaojing ’s favorite place to go was the West Mountain behind the maple forest, behind the Western Expansion Sect.
He rarely went to Jingshan Mountain because it was more dangerous, while the West Mountain was relatively gentle.Moreover, there are more wild beasts on Jing Mountain, but there is an advantage here, that is, there are many mountain goods.
As long as you don ’t go deep into it, even if you collect mountain goods at the foot of Jing Mountain or halfway up the mountain, they are much better than those on Xishan.

As winter approached, Mi Xiaojing took in another child.
This was a new experience for him, a responsibility and a new feeling.
It wasn ’t easy for a teenage cultivator to support a child.

After leaving the corner gate, walking along the wall of the Western Evolutionary Sect, and reaching the mountain gate, crossing the mountain gate, you will come to the Jingxi River.
The Jingxi River is not wide, and the water is shallow.
A row of stone piers extends to the other side.

After passing this row of stone piers, you step onto the other side, and the mountain on the opposite side is Jing Mountain.

Mi Xiaojing was familiar with this road.
There is a small vegetable garden by the Jingxi River, which is the Western Evolutionary Sect ’s self-sufficient land for growing vegetables.
It is surrounded by fences to prevent animals from the mountain from eating them.

Several long-term workers of the Western Evolutionary Sect were busy in the vegetable garden.
When they saw Mi Xiaojing, they all clasped their hands together in salute.
Mi Xiaojing also raised his palm and returned the salute.
They were all familiar people, and there was no need for words.
Mi Xiaojing had already crossed the vegetable garden with a basket on his back and headed towards Jing Mountain.


After two days of suffering, Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul was about to dissipate.
He only saw a woodcutter pass by, a person with no cultivation talent, and an old man.
No one else came, and his Nascent Soul was about to disappear.

At this moment, Wang Weijun saw a young man walking from afar.

Wang Weijun ’s Nascent Soul greedily looked at the young man walking on the mountain road.
With his eyes as a former Core Formation cultivator, how could he not see that this was a precious cultivator with excellent talent? He was so excited that he trembled.
Finally, the heavens did not abandon him.
There was actually such a talented child.

This young man was wearing a patched white cloth, tied with hemp rope at his waist, tied with leg wraps, wearing grass shoes, and his hair draped over his shoulders.
He was obviously an Evolutionary Immortality junior master, and Wang Weijun also knew that this child ’s cultivation level was very good.
Most cultivators couldn ’t compare to a child of this age with such cultivation level.

When the young man walked closer, Wang Weijun became even more satisfied.
This child had sharp eyebrows and bright starry eyes.
He was extremely handsome and sunny, giving people a good impression.

What a good-looking skin! What a good-looking skin!

Search tinyurl.com/2p9emv8w for the original.

Wang Weijun was really overjoyed.
A young man with such talent was rare even in the cultivation world.
Once he was discovered by major sects, they would do anything to bring him into their sects.
He unexpectedly appeared on this remote mountain road.

I must take this skin!

As for the young man ’s soul being destroyed after taking over his body, it was not within Wang Weijun ’s consideration.
Taking over a body meant driving out the other person ’s soul and replacing it with his own Nascent Soul.
In other words, once he took over, this young man was doomed to die.As for this young man being a Rogue Cultivator, Wang Weijun ignored him.
The conflict between True Qi and Evolutionary Immortality could be resolved, and whether it was a Rogue Cultivator or a Cultivator, they were all practitioners, and their essence was the same.
It was possible for a Rogue Cultivator to become a Cultivator through some special methods, which could be easily solved by Wang Weijun ’s means.
Therefore, Wang Weijun had already decided to forcefully possess him, and he had no guilt, staring tightly at Mi Xiaojing who was approaching.

Forcibly possessing him was Wang Weijun ’s only choice.

Being able to cultivate to the level of Fusion, and also being a Rogue Cultivator, the hardships were self-evident.
Wang Weijun was also considered a super bastard in the Cultivation World, a high-level Cultivator who needed countless resources.
It was difficult to collect these resources, so cheating, robbing, and pillaging were inevitable.

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