In this world, Evolutionary Immortality is closer to the lower-level mortals, while Cultivators are high above them.
The two have completely different lifestyles.

If Mi Xiaojing were a Cultivator and had achieved the perfect realm of Qi refining, he might not become a wealthy man, but at least he wouldn ’t lack food and clothing, nor would he worry about having one more child to feed.
Mi Xiaojing had never seen copper coins or silver, and he didn ’t even have the concept of money in his mind.

He exchanged a bunch of things with the village chief using mountain goods, which he put in a bamboo basket and loaded onto the ox cart.
The entire cart was piled up like a small mountain and secured with hemp rope, ready to be transported back to the Western Evolutionary Sect.

Mi Xiaojing climbed onto the high ox cart with Luo Bo and bid farewell to Master Zeng Li and the village chief.

The cart traveled westward along the stream, and Mi Xiaojing held Luo Bo in his arms.

”Little radish, we ’re going back to the Western Evolutionary Sect.
Follow your big brother from now on. ”

Luo Bo tugged at the corners of his mouth.
He actually wanted to give Mi Xiaojing a smile, but he failed.

”Mm. ”

”Maybe we won ’t eat well or dress well in the future, but I promise…
I will never hit you. ”

Luo Bo nodded hard and said, ”Mm. ”

The cart shook and bumped along the way, and although the speed was slow, Luo Bo had never felt so peaceful and calm before, and his resentment dissipated somewhat.

Master Zeng Li had been paying attention to the two all along, and he valued Mi Xiaojing even more, as the child had excellent Evolutionary potential.

A group of masters, workers, and hired hands chatted and laughed with great enthusiasm.
Although they didn ’t encounter any merchant caravans this time, everyone still had a harvest in mind.

These workers and their families were all from Fenglin Village, so returning to the village was like going home.

After more than an hour, they arrived at the gate of the Western Evolutionary Sect, where many people came to help transport the food.

Mi Xiaojing also greeted two workers and moved his two large bamboo baskets into his room.

He opened the door and moved the two baskets into the room.
These two baskets of food and daily necessities were his basic supplies for the winter.
Although the Western Evolutionary Sect had a large kitchen and there was no need to worry about meals, practitioners were always prone to hunger, and these foods were needed to supplement their diets.

Especially since Master Zeng Li had asked him to take care of Luo Bo, this put a lot of pressure on him.
He couldn ’t let Luo Bo starve or freeze to death, and he had to take care of these things himself, as the Western Evolutionary Sect wouldn ’t help.

Although the pressure was immense, Mi Xiaojing faced it calmly and prepared himself.
He believed there would be no problem.

However, autumn would soon pass, and during this time, he had to seize the opportunity to go up the mountain.
Even if he couldn ’t get food, many of the plants on the mountain were edible.
Otherwise, once it snowed, it would be difficult to find useful food.

The most troublesome thing was that the Western Evolutionary Sect practiced asceticism and didn ’t eat meat, but some Evolutionary Immortals still ate meat.
Mi Xiaojing had never eaten meat since he began practicing Evolutionary Immortality, and eating meat was against the precepts and rules of the Western Evolutionary Sect.Looking at Luo Bo, who was so thin and weak, Mi Xiaojing knew that if this child continued to be a vegetarian, he would probably remain small and skinny.
But he had no choice, he never killed, nor did he cook any meat dishes.
He sighed inwardly and slowly sorted the things in the bamboo basket.

Rice and millet were put into a pottery jar.
Food was the most important thing.
After hiding the food, Mi Xiaojing stood up and said, ”Little radish head, you play on the kang, I ’ll go find something to eat. ”

It was already dusk, and the evening class of the Western Expansion Sect had begun.

Mi Xiaojing was used to skipping class.
He walked out of the room and headed towards the big kitchen.

The kitchen was steaming hot, and Zhang Ke was busy directing a group of laborers, hired workers, and a few children.
Mi Xiaojing walked in.

”Junior brother, give me more steamed buns and porridge. ”

Zhang Ke was busy commanding when he heard Mi Xiaojing ’s words and turned around to see him.

”Little junior brother, are you hungry? Wait a moment, I ’ll send someone to bring it to you! ”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

”For two people, there ’s another child in my room. ”

”I know, I know, for two people! ”

Zhang Ke was too busy to greet Mi Xiaojing, and it was almost time for dinner.
He didn ’t have time to chat.

Mi Xiaojing knew that this guy was too busy, so he didn ’t say much and turned to leave the kitchen.


A thousand miles away from the Western Expansion Sect, an old man sat cross-legged on the top of a snow mountain.

He had a dark green silk face with a green floral pattern, a stern face, a few inches of gray-white beard, and two white eyebrows that curled upwards, giving the old man a fierce look.
He also had a Daoist topknot on his head, with a star-studded hairpin inserted horizontally.

A jade belt was wrapped around his waist, with some miscellaneous items hanging on it.
Others might not know that this old man was a famous rogue cultivator in the Cultivation World, a super powerhouse in the combined period named Wang Weijun.
At this moment, he sat on the top of the snow mountain, facing east, his eyes fixed on the continuous snow peaks in the distance.

Then, a red line and a black line appeared in the sky, seemingly flying away, but suddenly turned towards Wang Weijun.

A red line and a black line, with a fierce momentum.
With Wang Weijun ’s knowledge, he immediately knew that the person coming was up to no good.
Having been in the Cultivation World for a long time, he could feel the good and evil intentions of others.

With a loud bang, the Wind Thunder Sword was unsheathed!

There was no attack, but the Wind Thunder Sword surrounded him, as if countless lightning bolts were swirling around him.
For a moment, Wang Weijun ’s momentum soared, and he began to press on the two people flying towards him.

However, Wang Weijun ’s face soon changed.
The other side ’s speed did not decrease at all, and even accelerated.
Especially, his own pressure was useless against the two flying people.
He realized that the other side ’s strength was not inferior to his own, and he became highly vigilant.

Suddenly, a red line stopped, and a very small figure appeared about seven hundred meters away from Wang Weijun, hovering in the air.And another black line, accelerated around the top of the snow mountain, passed through the other end, directly behind Wang Weijun, which means that two super masters from two different cultivation worlds have surrounded Wang Weijun.

Wang Weijun ’s heart trembled slightly, and he said lightly, ”Who is it, Taoist friend? ” His voice was not loud, but it was clear.

A cold sneer.

Wang Weijun suddenly felt horrified, and he moved away in an instant.

The top of the snow mountain exploded instantly with just one sword.

Wang Weijun was extremely shocked.
This sword was really silent.
If it weren ’t for his intuition, this attack would have landed on him.

With a long roar, Wang Weijun ’s flying sword suddenly turned into a thunderstorm, exploding with countless thunder and silver radiance, shooting out!

There was another light laughter, and the voice was clearly a woman ’s.

Wang Weijun ’s scalp tingled.

”Who are you? ”

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