Legacy War

Chapter 9 \"You let a demon girl in our ship\"

”Nothing, Brother ” He said arrogantly, Thinking to ask her Amit moving his feet.

”Don trouble yourself, brother you know she has some personality problems. Let her rest ”. holding Amits hand tightly he told him not to disturb her. he sighed down his eyes in disappointment, shoulder loosen up he moving towards his room.

White candles lit up up the dark room, He ducked and go inside, Amit fell on bed and took a breathe. He closed his eyes and slowly loosen up his muscles, Put a smile on his face he slowly falling in his dreams.


The door noise make him wake up, Suddenly the narrow eyes become wider, Moon was standing in front in white dress, white flowers were shaking in her hands. Amit felt uncomfortable, heartbeat was rapidly increases again to see her. A baby face turns all red front of him.

”W-Wh-What are you ” Amits tongues struck, the words couldn come out. Moon look at him in fearful eyes, clenching her fists she approaching towards him. For a moment Amit frozen.

She stood in front of him, Her shaking hands fighting to open up his shirt buttons, but she failed the buttons slipped with her fingertips. Amit hold her shaking hands and look in her green eyes, Her face turn red and her heart was racing before skip a beat.

”Why are you here at this time of night ” He asked surprisingly. Looking at her in curiosity he was hoping for an answer.

”Ma-Ma- Master Arnav tol- Told me to Please you, He took me Be-Behind the wall and ordered me to do it with you ” Stammering a little, She explain everything. Amits Disappoints a little and clenching the fist behind his back.

Putting a smile on his face, He replied Half heartedly.

”Don worry, Moon you can go to your room, No one forcing you to do anything, without your will even not Arnav ”. Suddenly the shaking girl before stood firm in front of him,

”But— ” Before she said anything, Amit irrupts.

”No Buts, you can leave ” Hiding his emotion he tell her to leave, He said her to leave but inside him he wants to hold her, hug her, kiss her and want her to stay here. But he can . Inside him he really has affection for her but he can let it come out.

With a sullen face, Moon left the room without expressing her emotions. Amit sat on his bed and wanting her comeback. Inside him he wants to go and hold her in his arms. But become a Beast king he has to control his feeling, If he failed then the whole sacrifice he made turned worthless.

Turning his back he was about to lay down, Footsteps grab his attention again. He turned and felt a pressure on chest, Two thin Arms had wrapped him and Amit felt a warmness over him and her breast pressing his chest.

Amit faces turns red and heartbeat racing. His body was all relaxed for a second he looked at the person, The beet red face on his chest and refusing herself look above. Smiling at her Amit understood who was she.

Before Resisting much, Finally Amits feeling overcome him and find a way to come in his heart. Chin her up and looking into her eyes, Her green eyes was magnificent at that time. Moons Breathes had faster and more faster.

Both of them looking at each other, Between them theres no place for words. Amit and Moon now realizes what they felt for each other. Arms wrapped moon tightly, Amit didn left a space between them.

Both can feel warmth of each other, Her hands touching his cheek and her heart piercing smile forced Amit blush. Lifting her head to his head and couple her lips with his, Her tongue inside Amits mouth and seducing him, Amit also let his lips inside her.

Passionately kissing each other, Forget about their relation and lay over her graceful body, Lifting her up in his strong arms amit lay her on bed. Again they both kissing each other stretching themselves.

”Do you really want it ”. Heavily breathing Amit asked her, An angelic Smile appears and she spread her arms for him.

”Do I really have to say ” Her fluttering eyes already said her feelings. She open up button of his shirt, Moon laughed little, Amits tongue tickles her. Amit thrown his shirt out, and slowly removing her white dress.

Both of them forget everything and doing love, Moon was ready to submit herself Amit. Amit turned her back and opening her back buttons from his mouth. Her Breath was become more faster than before.

Amits eyes got bigger, Lovely eyes turns into a hateful stare. His eyes become teary for a second and he wiped it away. Unknown from this fact Moon said.

”Master, Come closer ”. These words put more fuel in fire, She doesn know the atmosphare of love & affection turns into anger & hatred.

”Who are you ” Heavily unknown voice grab maiden attention, She turn her head in confusion, Fearful expression took over her face. The face filled with love turns into apprehensive look, The person who was with and the person sit in front of her was totally different.

Those Eyes filled with love turns into a monstrous glare, Heavily breathing in monstrous expression Amit was there, To seeing him like that she hold her breathe. She clenched her fist, looking him innocently ask.

”W-Wh-What do you mean master ”, In Stammering tone she asked ultimately but on the other side Amits Hatred on peak. Cleanching his fist and glaring her in hatred he yelled,

”I AM ASKING WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ” Voice was too loud, The whole dock listened that.

”This is brother voice, What happened ” For hunting his next prey Arnav was roaming on the dock and moving his feet to Amits room. Her eyes become teary, Moon was about to cry loud but a strong hand covered her tiny mouth.

Moon was shattered inside, Before a moment they were lost in each other but After a moment she facing a his wrath. Wiping the teary green eyes she asked.

”I-I am Moon, Your– ” Before compleating herself, Amits Monstrous voice cut her in middle. Hes anger over his head, Grabbing her white silky hair, putting her head infront and looking directly into her eyes.

”You are a Demon, You came to us because you want to play Spy-Spy with us ” His eyes were teary too, He felt the same pain again like 3 years before. Look at her with disgust he putting allegations on her. Hearing those allegation piercing her heart.

”N–No I-I am– ”

”Stop, you S**t ” Again Her shivering voice interrupted and hearing these words from Amit crushed her, Amit was like a person who don want to listen her.

Before she thinks something else, She getting ghoosebumps, She realizes the room was filled with killing intent. Before she screemed for help, Amit covered her mouth and throw her bed.

Her eyes became wider and wider, She realizes Amit wasn a normal person. His aura was terrifying. Arnav also sensed it from far and ran towards his room. But it was too late, His anger overcome his senses.

Back to Back punches on her face shooted, Splashing bloods all over on walls, Bedsheet turned into red and Amits naked chest covered in blood. Her struggling feets stop to struggle and remain constant.

Amit punched her face until Hes anger come down and stopped. Looking at her He realizes what he done but in his eyes theres no room for regret in his face.

”I took an oath before 3 years ago, I will kill all the demons because demons has no place in our world ”.

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