Legacy War


Amrita was inside a dark room, and wearing a black rope standing a beside a stone table, Some ancient scriptures on it and Dakshas Silver lade hanging over it. Amita wasn alone there a old man wearing a similar rope stood beside her.

”Did you made all the arrangements ” Amrita asked him in serious tone. The old man coughed and look at her humbly,

”My Dear child, Don you Trust on this old man ” He coughed and ask.

”That doesn I meant sage, I am just being cautious ” Amrita told her with generosity, She look at the blade and put a bowl on a table.

”Please, Princess Think again about this matter. If we fail you will loose your life ” Sage told her, He knows what she was try to do, Its forbidden in beast land and it will cost her life.

”I have to do this Sage, I can take my steps back ” She said in arrogance, After that she told him to start the ritual. Without being late he started, He started to drawn scriptures in the air and the scriptures he drawn floating towards the blade and breaking the seal of it.

Blade was sealed by a powerful barrier and The sage was trying to break it but he can able to break that seal. Every time he try, The barrier become more stronger and stronger.

”I have to do it now ” Amrita felt she will loose, So he release her Phoenix Beast soul. A Fierce Blazing Phoenix appear there and suddenly the room temperature rapidly increases. Amrita become offensive and try to break the barrier with her burning fire and sage keep drawing the scriptures.


A sudden blast happen there and everything in that room was shattered only the stone table, The bowl and the sword hanging in air remain good and other things teared apart.

*Cough,Cough*, Amrita coughed and stood up on his place, The dark room was filled with dust. Amrita and sage both looking at the blade, A purple aura emitted around the blade.

”We succeeded Princess, The seal is broken ” The sage smiling and looking with the happy face, Sage started to write again the scriptures. This time a purple flued coming out from the blade and the bowl below it collecting whole flued, It was like those scriptures extracting that fluid.

”I think its enough ” Amrita told the stage and stopped him, She took the bowl and watching it with hesitating face, The sage come to her and say,

”Princess think again, this is the most difficult part of the ritual ” the sage has concerned for her, She can let her die, Amrita looking at the sage with kindful look.

”I am a princess of Beast land, I have to protect the continent and our house goodwill as well ” She tell him with pride. The sage down his head and take few steps back, Amrita gulp the three sips of fluid and put it down on the stone table.

”AAAHHH ” Amrita screemed and bent, Suddenly Amrita felt a lot of pain inside her body and screemig like hell, Her whole body had became purple. Her hands, Feet and face all of her become purple.

”Princess, Awake your phoenix soul ” The sage told her loud, Amrita heared him and started awake her phoenix soul. Her eyes turned into red and her body emitted fire around her body.

”AHHH, My Body is burning ” She screemed again and said.

”Don you forget who you are ” Sudden she heared a voice in her mind but no one was there, But fortunately She brace herself and stand on her feet. She started to control her fire and that poison and combine both of them.

”I have to merge both of these element, If I did that My beast soul force increases into 10 folds ”.

Amrita sat down and start meditating, After an hour of burning she successfully merge both elements into one and create a new element. Another explosion had there and this time stone table broke in two pieces.

Sage afraid and run for Amrita, But a purple light glowing around her.

Sage rubbed his eyes and look her once again. Sage shocked to see her, Her flames turned red to purple. Sage burst to laughter, celebrating their victory he said,

”We Suceeded princess, You succeeded and merge to elements into one new element ”. Looking at her fierce purple aura emitted around her she sighed and looked at the sage with her beautiful eyes.

”Now, I am more stronger than before ” With a revealing smile on her face she leave the dark room. But she forgot, The poison filled bowl was still there.

In the meantime, Arnav and Amit stood beside a railing of ship, Drinking 100 years old wine together in sandal wood cup enjoying the ocean.

Footsteps approaching them, Anya come there with a dazzling smile on face.

”Brothers, We arrange a born fire ”

”Born fire on a ship ” Excitedly Arnav asked, Arnav walk towards her.

”We? ”, Cluelessly Amit asked. Anya giglled without saying anything, Pointing a finger to her. Wearing a Long white dress, Moon standing there. Long cut neck revealing a lot area of braest. Amit shyly down his eyes and hasn courrage to lift up again, Want to see her again but resisting his temptation.

”Beautiful ” Didn hiding any feelings Arnav said bluntly, Otherside fighting to himself amit stll ignoring look at her eyes. Beating fast and faster his heart about to win the fight and Amit was about to lifting his eyes up.

”Brother, Are you coming or not ” Anya distracted him and he forgot about it. His Red tamato face turn normal, But his heart still beating fast.

”Give me a second, I am coming ” Hiding emotions inside he ran towards washroom.

”Did I say something wrong ” confused Anya asked with a floting question mark over her head. Arnav devilishly look her, Some devilish thoughts going on his mind.

”Moon come with me, I want to your Service ” Innocently looking to him, hoping maybe its some kind of joke but inside her she knows he wasn . Hesitatly going with him behind a wall.

”Jeez, He has no shame left ” Anya disgusts and sat alone.

Amit calming himself and trying to breathe, Moons Beauty diffcult him to breathe. Washing his face again and again, Fooling himself maybe he need rest something like this. After calming himself he reached the spot, See Anya sat alone, He sat beside her. Notice Anyas mood he asked.

”Why Happened ” She looked him with a long face but Words didn come out, Sighed frustratingly too. Before Amit console her a bit, Footsteps approaching to them.

Fixing the clothes, Looking tired Arnav came.

”Didn you started ” Confusingly Arnav asked. Displeasing face stares arnav and told

”A pig hunger can be satisfied but Arnavs can ” Anya Taunt him badly. Arnavs Pride hurts, Approaching footsteps inflame to her he asked

”What do you mean by that ” He roared at her, Without knowing anything Amit scratched his head and asked.

”Why you both fighting ” With the displeasness he asked, But no one replied. Stomping her feet she leaves without any word. Amits worriedly look to Arnav and asked

”What you say her ”

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