Legacy War

Chapter 7 Merging Elements

”Hey, Whats Your Name ” Amit Mathur asked that white hair girl name, Before she tell him, her name Arnav Interrupted them.

”Brother, Shes a my slave I bought her. She has no name ” He told him, Amit look at her for a moment. She looked down out of embarrassment, Amit look at Arnav with a weird look.

”What do you mean by that, Even shes your slave that doesn she don have a name. ” Arnav scolded by his brother a bit, Amit look at her and ask.

”Whats your name ” Amit asked again, she hesitate a bit and clench her fist. Amit exchange eyes with Anya, After that they both look at Arnav.

”I think she don have a name ” He said it to defending himself, and forcefully laughed. Amit glanced at him and Arnavs laugh disappeared in air, Without saying anything further he contined eating food, But He still looking at her.

”Brother, Do you like her ” Anya asked Amit in front of that girl, The girl blushed to hearing that and down her eyes with emberessment, Amit chocked and caughing on the spot.

”What are you saying, Do you think I am like Arnav who slept with any girl ” Amit told her and defending himself but he couldn his face which turn red because of emberessment.

”Anya, So why are you all red ” Anya teased him in front of her, Amit hides his emotion and thinking to leave that area as soon as possible. Anya and Arav both laughed.

”Its okay, If you said then we must believe you ” Arnav laughed and tell him, Amit and that girl started feeling awkward there.

”Apart from this, She is my slave now So she should has a name ” Arnav said it.

”So Let Big Brother decide it ” Anya all the burden throw on his brothers shoulder, Amit has no choice left she down his head and look at her and think. After a while he say

”How about, We call you Moon ” Amit chooses name for her. She and others look at him with curiosity, That slave girl look at her with curiosity, Her innocent face lean towards him. Amit understood her actions, she wants to ask him why he choose moon name for him. He look at his siblings

”Because your hair white like a moon and I don have any reference except that for your hair, If you don like that then No one— ”

”I will take it ” Before he finished he was intruppteed by her. Amit look at her eyes, It was sparking Amit clearly see she like the name and she was happy with it.

”So Its Final We will call you ”Moon ” from now on ”. Anya clapped her hands and said it, Amit and Moon was looking each other. After a moment they both felt awkward and break the eye contact.

”Moon come and dine with us ” Anya told her in a kind voice.

”No, I can ” Moon deny her first, she couldn forget her position she was a slave and thinking ”How can a slave eaten food with her masters ”, But Anya figured out what troubling her.

”I am not asking you, I am ordering you so come, sit and eat ” She ordered her this time, She knows if she asking again her with the same way she did before so she will deny her again so she pretended to order her.

She knows she can deny her if she will order him, Arnav and Amit understand what she was doing so they support her.

”If she ordering you, You must obey her orders ” Arnav tell moon her to obey and cut a piece of meat in her plate. She look at Amit with her big green eyes it was look like she was waiting for him to ordering her.

Amit already figured out what he need to say so without looking her he said without showing emotions.

”Do whatever you want ” He said it in a casual way, He was hiding his feelings on that moment but Arnav sense it but he didn say and just smiling. After hearing his opinion she hoped on a chair which was beside him.

In the meantime, Vikram was about to cross the border Hes only a mile far away to cross the kingdoms border. He was riding a beast tiger with it he only reached to the border in 15 minutes, But he forgot a vulture was flying over on his head.

He was moving all along without noticing it.

**BOOM**, *BAM*, **BOOM**, *BAM*

Out of sudden a meteor showered on him, And the whole area was destroyed. The dust was all over on the road and flat road turn into a mess. But fortunately Vikram wasn injured.

”I can let you enter in demon continent ” A green rope wearing man told him that, Hes eyes were black matching with his hair, has a atheletic body too.

”Who the hell are you, Freak ” Vikram was look at above and ask him, The guy was on his vulture. He held his bow and arrow on his hand. He didn wear any familliar rope thats why Vikram didn recognize which kingdom he belong too.

”You should known your limits kid, Be greatful i didn kill you ” That guy arrogently said and aiming on him with his arrow.

”Be Greatfull, My foot ” Vikram said it in Frustrated voice. He took out a bomb and through on him, But That guy was aleart he dodged that bomb. That bomb expldes and turn the area into ice that area of blasted.

”Ice bombs, Where did you find that low grade artifact ” He asked him with a laugh and said him,

”What do you think, I was beaten by that ” he said it and shoot a arrow on him, suddenly a web captured him, and Vikram was lay down there.

”Fool, you thought you can defeat me with a low grade artifact ” That guy come down from his vulture beast and moving towards him, Inside the web Vikram didn moving a bit he knows if he move much the web become more stronger.

”I thought you will give me some challenge but you are same like others ” He taunt him and bent towards him to look at his face, Suddenly Vikram stabbed on his thigh with his dagger.

”This 50 years old spiders venom, If you want to heal you must to go beast land but its 100 miles away if you try to go there, You will be dead on the way. So You have only one option, Let me go ”

That guy look at him with a mysterious smile.

”I was instructed before Not to underestimate you, Without any beast soul Force you will be a trouble for me ”

”You totally got me, But I have an antidote ” After saying that he drink a potion and gulp it. Vikram was shocked, Before he thinking something else that man run towards him and point his right hand on his face.

He make some kind of smoke from his hand and after inhaling it, Vikram fainted on the spot, That guy took him on his shoulder and leave that place riding on his vulture.

”Okay kid, Lets go home ”

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