Legacy War

Chapter 5\"Darling, are you willing to come or not\"

Daksha is waiting for Vikram. He had already instructed others. They only capture him, not kill him. All of them set their eyes on the door of Vikrams house. After a few hours, Daksh saw a guy walking on the road. He was wearing a sky blue jacket over an orange T-shirt. He walked towards his home. He climbed the third floor of the same building where dakshas eyes were.

That guy stood in front of Vikrams door. A Spy uses telepathy and communicates with Daksha.

”He is in front of the door, we need to capture him ” he told him and moved his feet.

”Wait. We need to make it clear first. Is he the right person or not. If we fail, so Third Master will be alert and ran away ” Daksha stopped him

he was concerned for his mission he knows he can take the risk of loosing him so he need to make sure, Otherwise if he go empty handed, Amrita will punish him.

”We will see his face, When he close the Door ” Daksha send the messege all of his companions. All of them eagerly waiting for it and they got the chance, The guy was turned and daksha and other saw him.

A clean shaved guy with a bit of messy hairs and the same beautiful eyes, Daksha didn took much time, He sent the signal without being late.

”Charge ” All of them silently took steps and moving towards the house.

They were on the door and stop there, Daksha came forward.

”Third Master is very smart, We can let him ran ” Daksha told his subordinates to be carful, He knows Vikram well if he had a small doubt, he will ran without thinking much.

”Don Worry, Commander we already arrange three guards on the back door, He can ran this time ” A subordinate reply him. Daksha put some faith in him and himself and charge.

”Search him ” Daksha shouted after breaking the door all of them charge inside and find, A guy search him in kitchen another in bathroom and Daksha look at the room, Buit surprisely Daksha got Shocked, No one inside the room not even the room, Kitchen and Bathroom were empty.

”Where is The Third Master ”

The Bedroom was messy like a hurricane passes through, Daksha look around and he saw a messege on mirror. a messeage written on it with red pen.

”Daksha you made a excillent plan, But you made a mistake ” Daksha read it and go to the next line.

”You open my door and come inside in, If you didn open my door so i have been caught ” Daksha got shocked and thought how he knows he going inside his house even his subordinates don know about it, Actually an hour earliear he go inside his house for verifying but there were no photos of him there so he was come out empty handed.

”Do you see that stick on my mirror, I set up it on my door that way if someone opens my door when I wasn in. It will break in two pieces ” Daksha saw 2 pieces of the stick on the mirror side.

”When I entered I saw that and i understood, You found me Daksha So I ran away again, Hope My elder sister will forgive you ” The message ended there, Daksha was defeated by him in few seconds.

”All of you, Assemble and find him He can ran far ” Daksha yelled on them he can let him go easily, He and his subordinates left the room quickly.

After few minutes, A hand come out of the wordrobe and open it little bit, Vikram see no one inside the room so he came out.

”Uff ”

”Thank god, They left ” Vikram has taken a deep breath and felt relief. Vikram come out of the room and check the area first No one was there, Vikram already pack his bag and ready to leave Quala Kingdom.

”I never came to the Beast Land Again ” Vikram said to himself, He rented a beast tiger and leave. Vikram already planned his route he knows quala kingdom has two borders one from the ocean and the other one from the beast land borders. He knows Daksha very well he go to directly the port and some of his minions on beast land borders.

”I know you very well Daksha, You know I don merge any beast soul yet So you sent your minions on beast land borders. But you are not familliar with another border, I will escape from there Its a bit risky but I can afford it ” He said in his mind.

Everything going smooth as he plans, Daksha sent some of his minions on beast land border and he was searching him at port area but he hasn shown there.

The sun was set and Daksha knows he lost to his Third Master, He was dissapoited.

Anya Mathur was stood alone at corner of fairing and enjoying the scenery of ocean. She was thinking about her home and family, After 5 years she was going to the beast land.

”You are looking gorgeous A voice grab her attention, she turned quikly because she thought She familliar with that person, and she was right. The person who next to her was Amit Mathur. The face who has no impressions before now had a beatiful smile.

”I miss you so much, Big Brother ” She hugged him without lossing a moment, Anya was studying in academy for 5 year, In these years she never go home back for some reasons, she was only exchanging letters in her academy.

But no one reply her letters, only Amit Mathur is the only one who reply her letters and Anya has only touch with his big brother.

”I miss you too ” Amit reply her with a smiling face

”You are coming to see my beast warrior ceremony ” she asked him, Her sparky eyes waiting for amits answer.

”Not only for that, I had some business there but I surely attend your ceremony ” Amit answered her but Anyas sparky eyes turn off and look at the ground, She as partly happy after hearing that, She thought his big brother came to watch her ceremony. Amit smelled her sadness and try to change the topic.

”Where is the other one ” He asked.

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