Legacy War

Chapter 4 Third Master

”My lady, why do you want my dagger ”? Daksha asked her.

”Don forget, Daksha, who am I, Now you started to question me ” She said aggressively to him. Daksha knows Amrita is the first heir of the Beast Continent. So offending her means inviting death. He didn argue much and gave her.

”Princess, This is one of the finest weapons in whole beast land, It will take someones life easily, even the victim didn realize it when his throat was slit by it ” Daksha gave her a brief intro to Amrita. Amrita looked at him with a smile.

”I know all about this weapon. Thats why I asked you to give it me ” she replied to him and turned,

”You should hurry up. only 2 days left for the ceremony ” she reminded him about the ceremony and walked out from there, Daksha also left the palace for Vikram Mathur. Daksha knows Vikram Mathur lives in Quala kingdom, so he also makes his way there.

Inside Amritas quarter, Rain was sat on a chair and with his head on the table. Amrita got inside the room and saw him asleep. She stopped for a second and slowly closed the door of her room without making a noise, It looked like she didn want to wake him up, she successfully closed the door and hide the dagger behind her.

”She walking towards him like a predator moving to grab his prey. Rain was sleeping peacefully on that time, hes hair come all over on his face, She goes behind him and drop down the weapon on the ground, She started to set his hair while he was sleeping.

For her he was like a baby who didn take care of himself, Slowly Rain opens his eyes an d seeing amrita was sit in front of him and setting his hair, He didn move and observing her she was lost to playing with his hair she can see he was up a long time ago. she realize rain blinking his eyes,

”Did I wake you up ” She asked rain who was still down his head on the table, she looking at him with her beautiful eyes and spreading her charm on him, On that moment Rain forgot he was tensed before and lost in Amritas Dazzling eyes.

”Sorry Amrita, I was slept ” He raised his head and apologizing her.

”We are alone here,. So stop being formal ” She. leaned her head towards him and told him

”Don blame yourself. No one has control on the beast hordes ” she told him again and try to make him feel good, But he was still can able to come out of his grief.

”Why Don you understand Amrita, Beast Lands hero who stop the beast hordes two times without any casualties, When Beast land needs him he was not there for them ” He questioned her and himself too, He can able to answer them because he hasn .

”They are asking me where i was, when they need their hero most, What should I answer ” Rain asked her,

”Then tell them, You are with me in my bed, spending some quality time with your wife, Heroes has their lives and families too ” After saying that she move some step back, looking at him Amrita know how her husband Rain feels now he is the hero of Beast Land, and Beast land and their people has top priority of him.

She turned her back on him,

”No one will ask you anything more if you said it, But you must know one thing ”Heroes also a human being, They aren invincible ” Sometimes they also fail ”.

After saying that she left the room without saying anything more, and rain sit all alone there. After leaving the room she became busy again but her mind thinking about Rain.

Daksha arrived qualia kingdom in few hours, he already set his feet in qualia kingdom and moving towards a market area, There were so much crowd a horde of people were there and a lot of vendor selling their stuff, Daksha wants to hide his identity so he wore a green colored hood, In the crowd no one notice him and he mixed up in that crowd he was walking between them.

He saw a old man wearing a white color long attire but it was teared a lot of places, he moved to that stall he was selling the clothes, Daksha stand infront of his stall and grab a green colored cloth.

”You have a really good choice my sir, Should i pack you this ” That old man asked him with a smile, After that Daksha Pick some other different cloth colors Red and blue and tell him to pack those colored cloths as well, For a second that Old man look at him and continue his work he wrapped all the clothes in brown paper.

”Uncle Please, Wrap the cloths on Pink colored paper ” Daksha said to him

”Ahh I understand but i don have that colored paper you should have to buy it yourself, ” he told him to buy the wrapper himself.

”But Uncle where is the shop of that merchant ” Daksha asked him with generously. That old man look at him

”I will take you there ”

That old man grab his fist and take him in a street a lot cedor shops were there some of them selling the beast meat and some of the folding them other items.

That old man pointing his finger on a shop and said

”Don be tense, you will find everything in that store ” after saying that he leaves Dakshas fish and push him little bit, He was became unbalanced and about to fall but somehow he managed, but when he saw again he didn found him.

Daksha had no time to lose find him so he go inside the shop and asked for a pink colored wrap paper, The other vendor look at him and look around him. He put his hand inside his pocket.

”This is your wrapper ”, The vendor told him and charged him 50 Beast coins in return. Well Beast coins uses as currency in Beast Continent. Daksha opens the folded wrapper he saw inside it a map had drawn.

All of the vendors who met him before was all spies of Beasl Land, and they were living in Quala kingdom secretly and sharing information to beast land for the Security Purpposes.

Daksha tried to understand the map and its roots. He started to follow the map. He had faith in the map. After a while 3-floor building in front of him.


”Finally I reached here and found the location of him, But now the hard part starts now ” Daksha tells himself, He knows Vikram never come with him easily, So he need to prepare himself.

Daksha left the house alone for a time and started to gather all the spies he can.

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