Legacy War

Chapter 3 Heroes are not Invincible

In Ravens Brothel house a lot of girls gather around a single guy, He has chocolaty hair and wearing a blue jacket over a white T-shirt, They were giggling and blushing to see him.

Forth heir of the Beast continent stood middle of them and his friends were standing far from him and enjoying the scenery.

”Master Arnav, Why you are so mean to me ”, A blonde girl complained to him being mean and scratching his chest with his finger shyly.

”Don worry, Dear When I became beast king Ill make you mine ” Arnav lifted her cheek and look into her eyes, Before he said anything g else further to that blonde girl, Another maiden lean on his chest and say.

”Master Arnav, What about me then? Don you make me yours? ” She made a cute face her eyes became big and keep looking at me, No man can refuse her after that other maiden also started.

”I will take you all, I heard a king has the right of having a lot of women, ” Arnav said with pride, Arnav has no shame inside him, He was openly flirting with girls in the brothel house, He was friends watching all of this from the distance and no one saying anything.

”Jay, Is he take all of them when he became beast king, ” one of his friends asked the other friend, That guy was a bit healthy and eating his food.

”Do you think he took those girls into the Pheonix Palace, He is all talk he has no guts to do that, He knows his family status and background. He only saying this now because he wants something from those girls,

”Promises made in bed are all just talk ”, and Don forget Tanmay He may be stronger than us but hes far behind others ”

That guy was full of hatred inside him, He was just pretending to be Arnavs Friend but inside his heart, he don want to see him, According to him he has no abilities, Only his surname saves him all the time and because of his Background, No one wants to fight him and pretended Arnav is the mightiest in all of them.

Arnav and those maidens started to got more close and heated up their romances, Arnav sat on the sofa, One of the maidens sat on his lap and turn her back on him and the other maiden sat right side of him and started kisses on his neck, Arnav started to kiss the maiden and sneaking.

The fragrance of the maidens makes him more excited, he couldn control himself and slammed a woman on the futton of the sofa and lay down above her, He started smooching her, rolling his tongue inside her mouth passionately, The other Maiden climbed on his back and started rolling her finger inside his white T-shirt.

Arnav loses that maiden shoulders strap and licking on that area.

Suddenly Arnav lift him, and the other maiden who was on her back fell

”Shit I forgot, I have to take that fairy, ” Arnav hurriedly wore his jacket back and was about to leave but before he was gone he said.

”Jai, We will meet again after the holidays, ” Arnav told him with a smiling face, With in an hour he reached the port and took the fairy to Beast Land.

In the Pheonix Palace, A 21-year-old lady walks in the hallway, her open scarlet hair legnths covering her back, Her chocolaty jacket matched her black t-shirt, And a guy with a brunette guy keep follow her like a tail.

”Did you visit the beast land citizens on behalf of palace Rain ”

”Yes, My lady I sent some of our workers for helping them ” He replied like a loyal servant.

”How much Beast hordes damage them, ” She asked him and keep walking towards the kitchen shes go inside the kitchen and tasted all of the items one by one.

”35 percent of corps are destroyed, 15 percent of houses need reconstruction because of that, and— ” he stopped his tongue like he don want to tell her.

”Please make it sweeter ” She tasted a sweet and order the maid to make it more, after that she look at him with her beautiful eyes.

”And ” She repeated that word, He hesitates first but its part of his job so he said

”250 People were dead because of that hordes, ” he said with disappointment, she also see that.

”Don worry Rain, This is not your fault ” She makes him feel good and tells him not to blame himself.

He come out of the kitchen and leave her there, This time she followed him like a tail. Rain stood in the hallway staring at the throne.

”I know what you are thinking but no one can estimate about the beast hordes so stop blaming yourselves ” she growled at him, she looked concerned for him to rain depressed too at that very moment.

”You were not there, a lot of people were crushed and killed by the beasts, some of them disfigured that much even their family members can recognize them, And this is all happen because of my incompetence my lady because I am not there to rescue them ”. Rain was in grief, he keep blaming himself for not being present on the battlefield.

”For now, Don call me my lady, Call me by my name ”Amrita ”, and wait for me in my quarters, ” she told him in anger she was affected by his word somehow and told him to wait for her, Rain follows her order like a loyal dog.

When he was gone, she summoned a guy he has a long beard and long black hair, hanging a sword on her back and appeared behind Her, She turned and look at him

”Daksha Whats the update, ” she asked with a fierce face.

”My lady, All of your siblings coming to beast land except Vikram Mathur. He still there ”

”Go and take him back, Don hesitate even if you have to use force but don forget if you fail so don bother to come here with empty hands, I hope you understand what I mean ”

”Yes, My lady I understood very well ” he replied to her and was about to leave the place but before he left,

”Daksha ” He heard his name, and Amrita called him.

”I want your weapon, ” she said to him.

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