Legacy War

Chapter 10 Story begins

Heavily Breathing Arnav came, He looked at Amit who was soaked in Moons blood, He was speechless, Words want to be come out but he wouldn dare to open his mouth. Looking at Amits state is easy to tell something wasn right there.

His wide eyes struggling to see moon, He saw a blooded bedsheets and moon lying over it her face was disfigured badly and shes not moving a bit.

Anxious eyes looked at Amit who was still stood in his place, holding his breath a little he asked him.

”Why did you do that ” he asked in anxiety.

Hearing his voice, he comes back in reality. He looked at him and Arnav saw a monstrous entity behind him, The entity he wasn aware before. He grabbed his neck and smashed on wall.

”Aghh ”

Screemed in pain Aranv look into Amits monstrous monstrous face. He struggled in pain and trying to escaped his grasp. Suffocating in his grasp hes feet above on ground, Lifeted in the air he thought he can able to survive.

”How can you do this to me ” In Anger Amit asked him, Amit wasn aware what he was talking about, Shattering voice comes out.

”Brother, What are you saying ” He asked him, Suddenly the grip looses and he fell down. Caughing and loooking at his brother Arnav hoping for a reply. Frustrating Amit yelled on him.

”You let a demon girl in our ship ” Shocked Arnav looking her with the anxious eyes. He didn thought she was a demon, Caughing Arnav looks at him and stood.

”What are you saying brother, How you know ” Gathering courage inside he asked him, Amit looks at him and smashed him again. Arnav on wall, Hanging on Amits arm.

”Are you an idiot, She has a mark on his back. Every demon from a demon continent has a mark on his body. Don you know that ” He yelled and pressing his chest with his arm. He was in tremendous pain. He was smashed badly and Amits killing aura was more terrifying.

”I-I really don know about it ” With a shaking voice he tells him, Finally Amit lossen up stiff shoulders and the killing aura disappears. He glared him and ask,

”Who sell her to you ” Arnavs body lift his shaken body up, He was shivering but he knows amit don care about his state for now and just wants his answers.

”I don know that guy wears a black rope and a dark mask over his face ” He tells him, Amit smells his fear earlier so he knows he wasn lying. Every stammered word was all true, Seeing Amits feet Approaching to him makes him more anxious.

”How can you deal with a mysterious man ” Arnavs on his knees, An immense pressure forced him to kneel. He wasn on good state, It was hard to breathe there. All of sudden his aura vanished and he felt a releaf.

”Clean the mess ” A heavily voice took his attention, He wa looking Amit left the room leaving behind bloody footprints. For now Arnav took some deep breathes and looking at her corpse.

His gloomy eyes stairing her, He can let his emotions out. Inside him he was cursing himself, He was sole responsible for all of this mess. He can defy amit but he knows that if he wouldn order her seduce amit maybe she was alive.

His shoulders lossen up but however he lift her in his arms and moving his feet out of the room, Feet stopped for a second and he look at her, On the Other side Amrita cultivating in her red gown. Purple flames tremendously increasing around her and she was sweating hell.

The door knocked and rain calls her name, She immediately vanished her aura and stood from bed. Putting a forced smile on face, She welcome him.

”You are my husband, How long you knocking the door ” Rain stood far and told her.

”You are a princess, And I am just a knight ” He humbly replied, Amrita sighed and moving her feets to window. Staring the continent from a tiny window She say,

”It hurts ”, Stunnigly Rain looked at her and ask.

”Are you hurt somewhere princess ” he took a step forward for her, Surprisely a distance between them reduce by a step, She turn her face, her eyes a bit teary and a her voice stammer little.

”D-Do you really care ” Pretending strong herself she asked.

”The whole nation cares about it ” Again he replied formally and Firmly stood. He thought it was enough so he took some steps back.

”Do you? ” Feeling hurt she asked, The heartbroken eyes hoping for an answer but He said no words for her. Her flickering eyes down, avoiding to make an eye contact she said.

”What excuse you have for today ” She asked him, Rain sighed, took a pause for a while and let his words come out.

”I have to patrol tonight, So please sleep well ” Without making eye contact, He turned and about to leave the room but his feet stopped at the door and say.

”I am sorry for today, I forgot I was a hero but now I am your knight ” Stating this pharse he left, She turned and shrug own sholders her eyes looking outside the window.

”Did I make mistake ” Asking this to herself she shrugged her shoulders more.


A knock on door alert her, wiping her teary eyes she turned.

”Come in ” In her casual tone, she welcome a guard inside.

”Princess, We recieve a messeage. All prince and princesses reached in beast land by tommorow morning ”. She felt a relieve and a little smile appear on her elegent face.

”Good, everything going smoothly like i planned ” Saying this she left the room immediately. Every guard was there get alert when she walks in hallway, In her red gown she entered in a room, and bow her head.

Five Beast saints glaring her for undisciplined act, Beast king sat in middle of them. Looking at her anger he asked

”What are you doing, we are discussing an important issue here ”. Apologies for here rude behavior she tells.

”Pardon me, But I have to inform Beast king, All of the prince and princesses arrived here next morning ”. Hearing this he paused, standing on his place.

”Honorable Five saints, I beg your pardon. But I have to attend some other affairs so, we continue later ”. He asked them to leave.

”But we are discussing issues regarding other continents, who trying to destroy us ”. A tall man having white beard try to arguing with him, Suddenly everyone felt a strong force inside the room.

The muscular man, Black beard standing there and a green aura emitted around her, standing on his placce he said.

”Me and My daughter want to chat, Is anyone have to say anything else ”. The beast king showed his power to threaten them, and force him to let alone.

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