Legacy War

Beast Land

”Hey Anya, Wait for me ” A girl pink hair girl covered in sweat climbing on Kong Hill she was tired and her legs started to shiver but she don give up and encouraged the others to climb more, her Friends were far from her and they give up on that moment but that girl was very determined for her aim.

”Tina, How can you be tired now we need to just climb a little more we will reach the top ” Anya encourage her with a smile apart from that she was tired too but she can afford to lose her.


”If you want to go up then carry on but our crew has no more energy left now so we can go up with you, ” Tina told her with disappointment she was tired to keep climbing and she already touched her limit and the whole crew already gave up and set their tents on that place.

”I can understand, Don worry dear I will climb up on my own If I am lost on a hill so how can be a rightful heir for claiming our legacy and becoming a beast queen?

Anya started to climb up again, She face a lot of challenges when she was going up sometimes she will about to fall but every time she manage to gather herself and climb up without thinking something else.

”This kong hill can defeat me, If I lose here then my whole journey becomes a waste of time and I never let myself loose from a hill ”.

She encouraged herself and again started to climb up, Her determination was remarkable to other climbers who were with her and saw her to go on the top.

”Whos that Fierce girl, even Kong hill couldn stop her ”. A guy with green hair with big round-shaped specs on his eyes asked tina, he was looking at any from the distance like he never saw a girl like her that stubborn.

”Shes Anya Mathur, the Youngest Daughter of Virendra Mathur, In our academy shes the most beautiful girl Every boy in our academy wants to date her but she rejected all of them ”. Tina told him about her.

Hearing this makes him anxious and he asked with hesitation,

”Vi-Vi- Virendra Mathur you mean the king of the Beast Continent, Sh- She is his daughter ”

Tina only nodded his head in return after that his mouth was sealed with glue after that he didn say a single word.

After a while Anya successfully set foot on the top of kong hill, The scenery was there so beautiful, The sun was rising its orange-colored sunlight started to touch the cliff and slowly touches Anyas face and glowing, The birds were chirping and the fresh air makes her refreshing.

She took a deep breath and look at the ocean which is situated behind the cliff

”I am coming to claim what belongs to me Beast land ” A unique spark was flashing in her eyes like she want something from the beast land.

”Amit, Amit, Amit ” The whole stadium was cheering for Amit, and the crowd waiting for his entry, Inside the ring a guy was waiting for him, he was spotted on his chair and showing a macho bare body, anyone can saw his veins they were so tight on that moment and some people doubt on Amit

”Sura looks so powerful I doubt it can win, ” A guy inside the crowd said to another man.

” I thought this time Amit will be defeated, ” The other man said it.

Sura Known as a monster of the shark Ring, he fights with 80 fighters In sharks Ring, and 50 of them are brutally killed.

Because of that reason, no one wants to fight with Sura, and a lot of fighters who want to live already accept their defeats, only hearing his name.

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