was so bright that I had to squint a little. The auras I felt before were visible in the eye.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by eyes and the room, everything around me tinged white and black, black where hells gate has been and white where heavens gate has stood. I stepped back a little in shock and terror. I didn know what happened and thought about ways to escape or run away as the voice spoke up again:

”No, your assumption is correct, Michael. ”

”Why am I between the two gates then? ”

I asked in return. A chuckle echoed through my ears, making cold sweat run down my back as I froze in place, the hoarse voice of that unknown creature then stroked my ears and echoed through them. It felt like the voice had invaded my brain.

”That is because you are special. ”

”Special? ”

I blurted out by accident, the voice chuckled again. Every time I heard this chuckle, cold sweat started to form on my back, sending shivers down my spine. The voice then spoke up once again, answering my question:

e a 50/50 case, a case that only occurs once every 1 million years. ”

”50/50 case? What does that mean? ”

I questioned, lowering my voice in this immense presence. I earned another chuckle before receiving an answer to my question:

”You are 50% evil and 50% good, your fate whether to enter hell or heaven hasn been decided yet. ”

”What will happen to me now? ”

I asked barely above a whisper, only now did I realise how much I was shaking and sweating in fear. This is true terror I felt, no matter how hard I tried to remove my eyes from that big glowing pupil, I couldn . My wide open eyes were stuck, stuck in terror. I couldn look away from that eye. My instincts told me to run but my body wouldn budge at all.

The eye then widened and flew closer to me, my knees felt like theyd soon give out to me, I instinctively covered my face in terror and turned away from the eye but my legs, they just wouldn start running no matter what…

”You have to make one decision, your fate is up to you afterwards. Your options are simple. Either take my position as gatekeeper and never enter hell or heaven until you find another 50/50 case or relive your life and change the outcome of your rating. What will you choose, Michael? ”

My breath hitched as my heart started to beat faster and heavier. The two options he gave me ran through my mind and I took a deep breath to calm my heartbeat down. How ironic, I died but my heart is still beating. Deep down, I knew I had already made up my mind, I wanted to see Ciel again, I want to see him, even if its just one last time.

”I want to relive my life. ”

I want to see him again, no matter what.

”So, it will be. ”

The voice said as I started to fall again, I closed my eyes as my surroundings started to blur. I then saw a bright light in front of my eyes as I was born anew.

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