Law of Return Online

Chapter 6: Notices

ld have with the implementation of the Law of Return game in the world.

As he walked down a quiet street, Jacob remembered the messages he had exchanged with Abel and felt like laughing.

”And to think that girl who is cute and playful, though sometimes foul-mouthed, she is always high-spirited and hardly holds back when she talks, was acting so secretive… ”

Well, he understands that its his fault, and he also understands that he shouldn feel so happy about something like that, but, Jacob felt happy just imagining her typing and deleting several times.

Abel has a very upbeat personality: she is always happy with life and is a very open person, which makes everyone like her.

A little different than what she showed in messages since even when she talks on Twitter, she writes what comes to mind.

In this, she takes after her mother, Elisangela is elegant and fun, likes dirty jokes, and hardly gets angry.

While their father, Ronaldo, was more strict but he was good-natured too, although he is often serious, when they are together he is quite cozy and playful. He mostly enjoys embarrassing people very close to him in public places.

His biggest victim is his mother-in-law, Sonia.

Maybe its because grandma Sonia was more embarrassed, he would get close to her and start counting very loudly, catching the attention of the people around.

As he let his thoughts run wild, Jacob had already arrived at the wholesale supermarket.

What took almost an hour, finally Jacob finished picking up more than three carts full of groceries, with lots of water in plastic bottles, meat, and some canned food. He bought mostly the same type, as he could put them in the same inventory slot if they were the same item. Thats why the water claws were the same brand and size, as were the canned foods, and the meat was mostly sirloin steak.

At the same time he finished paying, Jacob placed all the purchases in inventory in front of many people in the supermarket.

”Is this… is this from the Law of Return Game? ” The cashier nearly had a meltdown as she asked him in utter surprise.

It was normal for her to be surprised, as were most of the people she saw, after all, this was all very new, some were trying to live their lives normally, just like the clerk, but seeing something like that before their eyes, it made them go numb. , even afraid of what the future holds.

Jacob lightly brushes his chin and replies, ”Yes ”

Without waiting for her or anyone else to ask any more questions, Jacob left.

Even when someone tried to follow him, Jacob ran, taking advantage of the huge difference in speed.

He wasn quite as fast as a motorcycle, but he wasn too far off.

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