Lavender Eyes

Chapter 6: Companionship

Strong aromas of wildflowers garnered Arcturuss attention as he fixated on his surroundings; currently, he was in a meadow of lavender flowers—the same one on Novas hand. At every visible distance, flowers were present; there was no other person. He knelt down and observed the flowers.

”Did Souhait become flowers? ”

”Thats a weird thing to say. Souhait is not a flower. These are aster flowers. ”

”Well, I don see anyone else here other than us. ” Arcturus touched one of the asters out of curiosity; it felt like a normal flower, but he liked how the petals looked and felt.

”Well meet Souhait if we keep walking. ” Nova proceeded to do so.

Arcturus worried about walking on such pretty flowers; he then noticed that all the flowers Nova stepped on were fine, so he followed him. The further they walked, the more flowers Arcturus saw. He had been excited at first because of Souhait, but he quickly had some doubts that quickly flew by because he trusted Nova.

After what it seemed like forever, there was a house at a visible distance. Arcturus squinted to get a brief view of what it looked like. It was a small brick house. Nova stopped and then turned to Arcturus. He pointed at the house.

”There is where youll meet Souhait. Follow me. ”

Excitement became nervousness. Arcturus gulped as his heart started pounding. The house far in the distance became closer until he was at eye level with the door. The house was a lot smaller than expected; he wondered how a dragon could fit inside. Nova did not knock; he just turned the doorknob and barged in like it was his own home.

Arcturus entered. The house was very small—fit for one person—yet it looked very spacious. He saw that there weren many furniture; the ones most visible were a white bed with black sheets, a white table with chairs, and a white kitchen.

What a minimalistic room. He thought as he quickly scanned the room to see that they were the only people inside. He wondered where Souhait could be.

”Have a seat. ” Nova said as he headed towards the kitchen. ”Ill make tea. ”

Arcturus did as he was told, but Nova seemed to have made tea in a flash; in a matter of seconds, Nova sat down across from him with a teapot and cups in hand. He placed cups on both sides and then poured tea.

”This is lavender lemon tea. Im really good at brewing tea, so I hope you enjoy it. ” Nova said as he took a sip.

Arcturus furrowed his eyebrows as he squinted. He was sure Nova had poured tea into his cup; he wondered why his was empty. He looked up to ask Nova some questions, but he passed out on the table. Arcturus stood up shocked. He reached out and shook Nova.

”Are you okay? ”

Nova did not respond. Arcturus then noticed Novas cup toppled next to his arm. There wasn anything spilled on the table—Novas cup was empty just like his. Arcturus could only raise an eyebrow on how it was possible that there wasn any tea despite Nova pouring some.

He thought about many theories, but they were all useless when he noticed Nova glowing. He was taken aback as he saw Novas form changing; he was also taken back when the room started becoming pure white and the furniture other than the table and chairs disappeared.

He was in a pure white abyss with no traces of the previous room. When he finished scanning his surroundings, he then saw Novas form becoming bigger. He no longer maintained a human form, but a serpentine one. When his transformation complete, the glowing diminished. In the place of light, lavender scales greeted him. Large heterochromatic eyes looked down upon him; they were gold and silver with dilated pupils. A long snout with long two long purple mustaches was a noticeable view; the mustaches fluttered despite there being no traces of wind. Golden horns protruded from the creatures head; Arcturus could also see a tuft of purple hair on top, which then spiraled down towards the tip of its elongated tail—the creatures mane. Stout arms and legs with long golden claws were a terrifying sight to behold. All Arcturus could do was gape as he took a few steps back at the sight in front of him. He was a tall man himself, but being in the presence of this creature made him feel minuscule.

A dragon! Could this be…?

”Are you Souhait? ”

”I am. ” Souhait had a gentle voice that contradicts his appearance. ”You must be Arcturus. Welcome to the Contract Room. ” Souhait articulated his words profoundly, which Arcturus found charming.

An amalgamation of emotions stirred within him. He felt happy one moment and disbelief in another. Amidst his emotions, he knew one truth: Souhait was real. The sheer fact of this revelation caused Arcturus to shed some tears.

”Excuse me for my unsightliness. ” Arcturus muttered as he wiped his tears. ”I am just overwhelmed. ”

Souhait just chuckled. ”You are fine. I do not mind the tears. ”

Arcturus then sat down and gazed upon the grand creature above him. He tried to do his absolute best to revert his heartbeat back to normal. Once he maintained his composure, he then asked, ”Are you truly alive? ”

”Yes. ”

”Yet, you are written as dead. ”

”I am also dead. ”

The vagueness of his words confused Arcturus. ”How can you be alive and dead simultaneously? ”

”I am physically dead, but my soul lives on bound to Novas. It is because of Nova that I am alive. We need each other to function. ”

It all made sense to him. Souls weren usually visible unless people were spiritually aware of the dead and the afterlife. If he had been raised in Lamina since birth, he wouldn believe in Souhaits words; since he was raised in Plasma during childhood and was able to hear spirits, he believed Souhait was telling the truth.

”Souhait, I am here to get my wish granted. ” He wanted to get straight to the point of his visit.

”I know. I have seen your memories and everything that had happened in your consciousness through the eyes of Nova. Your wish is to bring wishes back to the world. I find that an admirable wish. It was because of the lack of wishes that I lost my purpose to be in the world and eventually died. To know that there is someone in this vast, cruel world with such a wish touches my heart. ”

So, wishes are like the source of life for him. He died because of the lack of wishes. It makes sense if I think deeply into this.

Souhait continued, ”I will grant your wish on three conditions. ”

”Conditions? Why do I need conditions? ”

”The power to grant wishes is very powerful. One false move and anyone can use it for their own selfishness—abuse it for their own gains. This is why I give out conditions as a means of restriction. ”

That means there were people in the past that had used it for selfish and abusive reasons. He wondered what sort of people they were in the past; he concluded that Nova and Souhait had their own reasons, so he wasn going to press them further.

”I find that understandable. So, what are the conditions? ”

”The first condition is to only grant wishes to those you consider alive. ”

Arcturus raised an eyebrow. ”Grant wishes? Alive? ”

”I grant wishes to those that want their wishes come true. However, I do it because it is my mission. I cannot grant my own wish, but I can grant the wishes of others. The only way I can grant my own wish is for me to grant the wishes of all living beings in this world. However, what constitutes as living? There are humans who do not view animals as living. The same goes for humans. Some humans see others as inferior and not alive. Some view those Shifties as tools. Since I will form a contract with you, I want to know what you constitute as living. ”

His words intrigued Arcturus. He had never thought deeply about what is alive or not. All he thought was that anything that moved or had a mind of its own was alive—that was how he had viewed Shifties. He then thought about other entities in the world. Humans were obviously alive; the same goes for animals as well.

What about plants and other aspects of nature? Are they alive? Do I think they
e alive? He then looked at Souhait. Are spirits like Souhait alive as well? Denying their lives means that I am hypocritical and prejudiced. I don want that. Kori gave up his life for me. Souhait is in front of me. To me, are they alive?

After much thought, Arcturus came to a conclusion. ”Everything in this world is alive, from humans to spirits like you. We
e all alive since we exist physically or spiritually. ”

Souhait seemed rather intrigued by his answer. Arcturus wasn sure what his true emotions were since his expression remained stagnant. Suddenly, Souhaits lips curled and he started chuckling.

”What a tall order you placed for us. Nova and I have to grant wishes for all living beings in this world, which means everything if we grant your wish. Very well. I will take that as you accepting the first condition. We do not mind the challenge. ”

Arcturus could feel his determination. Although he had given a lot of work to Souhait and Nova, he felt like they could accomplish their goals. ”So, whats your second condition? ”

”I want you to record an honest tome about us. ”

”Honest tome…? You want me to make a book? ”

”Yes. My lore that people like to read is full of inconsistencies. It is no longer accurate because there were people who kept writing what they want. As proof of our contract and my existence, I want you to write the absolute truth. Persuade people. Guide them. That is the job of an author, no? ”

Arcturus felt confident about this condition. He was very confident in his writing skills for he had a habit. Without any hesitation, he accepted it.

”For the final condition… ” Souhait paused, leaving Arcturus confused. ”Before I can tell you about the final condition, there are some warnings I would like you to heed. ”

”Id like to hear them. ”

”Wishes are omnipotent. They have the power to bring about any type of happiness to anyone. Yet, there are severe consequences when doing so. One may have irreversible effects; other might cause you to dirty your hands. Are you fine with such actions? ”

Arcturus found his question intriguing. Was he fine with killing others? He already had a deep hatred for soldiers and anyone who wronged him. Would he go so far to kill them if he had a chance? He had never killed anyone, but he wasn someone who was too uptight about morality. He knew that he couldn harm soldiers due to the laws; however, when he had overheard his crewmates plan on betraying him, he knew he had to survive. That was why he had ordered Kori to dispose them; in a way, he was an accomplice of their murders. He did not feel regretful of his actions.

”You already looked into my memory, no? ” Arcturus replied, ”You should already know my answer. I am fine with dirtying my hands if necessary. Though, I will only kill and harm if I need to. I won do any other heinous crimes like sexual assault. Thats not for me. ”

”Very well. The third condition is for you to be Novas friend. ”

Arcturuss eyebrow furrowed. ”Pardon? Could you repeat that? ”

”The final condition is for you to be Novas friend. ”

”Thats an unusual condition. Aren we already friends? ”

”I am touched you think that way. However, the friendship I ask of you is very unusual. Nova and I have been together for a very long time, so we know each other perfectly well. Nova is reckless and likes to jump into action without much thought. I have to be the cautious, levelheaded one, so Nova does not get into serious trouble. However, he can also be quite reserved while I am not. We are each others source of comfort. Nova, on the other hand, is someone who loves physical and social interaction. Even if we share a body, I am not physically alive. I can only comfort Nova mentally. People around us die naturally, which is something Nova cannot do. He has been very lonely—rather, he is very lonely. Castle Lavender has been our barricade from the outside world for two decades. We could choose to leave, but we cannot. ”

”Why not? ”

”You may not believe this at first, but Nova is the worlds most wanted man. ”

”That sounds rather reasonable; he is pretty, after all. ” Realizing he had complimented Novas beauty made him rather flustered; he wasn used to complimenting peoples visuals. His words weren lies, however.

”Well, the context of my words varies. He is the worlds most wanted man not because of his beauty, but it is because of a crime Nova committed. ”

The thought that Nova had committed a crime shocked Arcturus; yet, it wasn so farfetched. He barely knew anything about Nova; his existence was enigmatic personified. Though, he knew better than to judge. He was someone who indirectly murdered someone. Realizing this, he noted the similarities between him and Nova. Regardless of their pasts, their current situation would eventually make them stick with each other for a long time. He wondered what Nova was like as a person; excitement came to him for he and Nova were practically companions now. He hoped to learn more about him soon.

”Nova and I are anomalies of society…and now we
e both vigilantes. We
e so different yet we have similarities. Yes, Ill be Novas friend. Ill do whatever it takes to protect him. Well change the world together. ”

Souhait started chuckling. ”I like your answer. ” He then lifted his tail. He plucked a scale out and dropped it onto the empty teacup. When it made contact, the scale dissolved into a liquid state. ”Drink it, ” Souhait insisted.

Arcturus did as he was told. He lifted the cup to his nose; it had the scent of lavenders. He then noticed it was too thick to be tea; he wondered what exactly this strange lavender beverage was. Regardless, he lowered the cup to his lips and started drinking.

The liquid was warm. It slid through his throat easily. In a matter of seconds, Arcturus finished his drink and placed the cup down. He tried savoring the taste, but it had none; he wondered why Souhait made him drink this substance. Suddenly, his heart started pounding like crazy. He found breathing difficult. He felt like something was going to burst out of his chest; the pain was agonizing. Sweat formed at his nape and droplets trickled down his neck. The pain was short-lived but it had felt like hours. Arcturus was gasping for breath and doing his best to regain his composure. Once he did, he peeked underneath his clothes to check his chest; there was a strange tattoo on it—he never had one previously. From what he could see from the shadows of his black shirt, it was shaped like an apple; it was rather small too.

”Is this…? ”

”That is the proof of our contract. It will activate once you awaken. ”

”Awaken… ”

”If you want to wake up, the door behind you leads back to your consciousness. ”

Arcturus turned to see a red door similar to how he had saw a lavender one before. He then turned back to look at Souhait. He still couldn believe Souhait was real. Every folktale scholar had dreamt of finding the truth; he was the first. He needed to go back, but the overwhelming presence in front of him prevented him from doing so; hed rather stay and bask in the majesty of Souhait than to awaken.

”Do you not want to leave? ”

”I want to, but I feel like I won see you again if I go. ”

Souhait chuckled. ”You can see me again at any time as long as you like now that we are companions. ”

Just hearing the word companions left a warm feeling in Arcturuss heart. It left him reassured; Souhait was truly real. There wasn any reason to feel so worried. He stood up. He wanted to awaken; he wanted to see the after-effects of his wish.

He bid Souhait farewell as he approached the door. As his hand touched the handle, Souhait spoke up.

”Arcturus. ”

Arcturus turned to stare at him. ”Yes? ”

”I anticipate the results. I want to see what sort of world Terrenter will become with you. ”

Arcturus smiled. ”Me too. ” He then turned around and pulled the door open. He rushed into the meadow that was his consciousness. As he took in the breeze, he climbed the hill and sat down underneath the tree.

”Come to think of it, how do I awaken? ” Arcturus wondered. He realized that he came here through sleep, so the same had to occur if he wanted to leave. He readjusted his positon so that his backside was on the grass and the shade was covering his view of the sky.

There was a slight problem: he wasn sure how to fall asleep. He had become rather insomniac due to his rough journey, so it had been a while since he had tried to attempt the process of sleep. Closing his eyes and staying still did not help. He decided to tire his mind out by thinking profusely until drowsiness came to him.

I can believe Souhait is real. I feel like I did the impossible by catching lightning in a jar. His excitement still lingered as he placed a hand to his chest—where his mark was. A surge of worry came to him, making his excitement temporary; he gulped.

Whats next? Whats going to happen when I wake up? Will I just stay at Castle Lavender with Nova? How can we leave the castle and traverse through the blizzard? Am I strong enough to protect him from the snow?

His head started feeling light. His blinking became heavy. I guess I can ask Nova all of these questions when I wake up.

He took in the air and then stared at the tree branches.

Nova said that this is the true form of my consciousness. Why is it an apple tree? A memory came to him. Ah, it must be of the time where Dad read a story about a library inside an apple tree. I really liked that story. I guess it had influenced me in a way that I still think about it subconsciously.

He wondered why it seemed much easier to become drowsy in his consciousness rather than in reality. Regardless, he started thinking about Nova to tire out his mind even more.

I wonder what I should do with Nova. We
e going to be together from now on, so maybe I should teach him things he doesn know about. He can teach me things I don know about in return. Just thinking about the future makes…me…happy…

His eyelids became heavy and his head becomes lighter. Thoughts were no longer produced; instead, a strong urge to sleep overpowered the thoughts. The tree branches were shaded due to the lighting, but they were getting darker and blurrier. The sky soon became black but he couldn feel anything at all.

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