Lavender Eyes

Prologue: The Lore

Long ago, roaming lavender-colored dragons once inhabited the universe. They traversed through many worlds to find a place they called home. They eventually found a barren planet that wasn a suitable place for them to live, so they made a wish for the planet to become habitable. These dragons had a unique ability to grant wishes, so their wishes immediately came true. The wasteland became flourished with nature, and some pieces of land cracked and became their own separate land. They named their new home Terrenter.

Three large barren lands became countries named Ilacier, Lamina and Plasma. All three of them had their own unique climate that each dragon liked. However, the emptiness wasn satisfying. Although they were the only inhabitants, they couldn call Terrenter home. From the worlds they visited, each had humans and animals. They wanted that as well. They wished for them to appear, and it came true; they were truly satisfied.

The dragons found happiness in granting wishes for humans and animals; they were able to communicate with both. Animals didn ask for much, but humans continued to make them grant a variety of wishes. As time passed, humans wants gradually declined to the point that they no longer had anymore. In turn, the dragons became unhappy; although they had found happiness in calling Terrenter home, a world where they couldn function properly was no longer satisfying.

Because of their newfound unhappiness, the dragons, save for one, fled the world. The remaining dragon was different. His love for Terrenter lingered; he loved the world, so he knew it was his duty to s

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