The ball posed a great time for Eleanor, Ace, and Ashan to have well fun that was needed after a long while. They all rode back to Leaf Palace to roam the gardens in the moonlight with bottles of wine in each of their hands. The people of nobility who should have been acting in a well brought up manner were acting the complete opposite of whats normally expected of them. The three were slurring their words, laughing loudly, and walking with a hunch.

Eleanor began to talk about her time away from the trio when she was at the ball. ”While I went off to the ladys room, The head of the Nash Manor pulled me aside. He has been persistent on me marrying his son, Bartholomew. ”

Ace turned to Eleanor, ”Ive seen his son before! THAT MAN- ” Ace burped almost vomiting, ”is worse looking than a camel. ” He took in more alcohol.

Ashan began to chime in to the conversation, ”And he isn even a high ranking noble hes a viscount. That Bart or Bathalemew man! Whatever his name is. ” Ashan began to lose the words he was starting to say and began to stutter, ”He-he- he- isn worth any of your time. ”

Ace grabbed Ashan and kissed him on his cheek and whispered in his ear, ”My dear friend, lets make a pact to steer away any lowly man from Eleanor! ” He turned to Eleanor and placed his hand on her shoulder and said, ”You are too beautiful to be sold off to that man. ” He began to tear up.

Ashan started to tear up as well, ”Eleanor, my one and true love, please don leave me for that camel man. ” He hugged Eleanors hand wept in her shoulder. ”Please say you won . ” Ashan hugged Eleanor while being so pitiful on her shoulder.

”YOU TWO- ” a pause of silence ”should stop worrying about me so much. ” Eleanor lifted her wine bottle to her lips and took a big gulp. She moved Ashans head up to make eye contact, ”I won ever leave you. ” She placed a bold kiss on the lips and moved in front of Ace. ”Ace, I won leave you either. ” Eleanor kissed Ace on his lips as well.

Once Ashan saw the kiss on Aces lips, ”Hey!!! ” He began to cry even more causing him to lose balance and fell onto the grass. ”She kissed you… ” pointing to ace. Ashan began to cry in the grass.

Ace laid on the grass next to Ashan and began to console him. ”Its okay. You must really love her. ” Ace observed Eleanor in a daze staring at the stars. ”Eleanor, what are you thinking? ”

”I just thought of the ball again, ” scratching her head. ”Someone said something really suspicious to me. ”

Ashan stopped crying and looked up at the princess. ”What happened? ”

Despite Princess Eleanors drunk daze she started to relay what she remembered to them:

I whispered into Ashans ear, ”Ill be back in a few moments. ”

I walked throw crowds of nobles sipping their wine in fine crystal wear and snacking on small almond cookies. The hall hosting the party is quite beautiful…just look at the fine detailing of the archways.

A man bowed in front of me, ”Hello, your majesty, I am Viscount Nash. Its nice to speak with you again. May I have a moment of your time? ”

”Yes. ” I nodded.

Once he asked for my time, he guided me through the large hexagonal archway to another hall of rooms. This hall was much quieter than the previous one we were in. We made our way into a room with a desk and tufted couches. It seemed too nice for a viscount.

”Your Majesty, please sit here. ” Gesturing to the couches. ”Will you bring tea for Her Majesty? ” Looking sharply at the maid. ”Please pardon my manners, do you have a preference of tea? ”

”Ill take anything, ” smiling politely.

While the maid was off, the viscount made casual conversation about my daily life. Once the maid delivered the tea, he started to get to the whole purpose of the conversation.

He took a sip of his hot tea and exhaled, ”Your Majesty have you started to look for husbands yet? If so- ”

”Ahhh, this conversation! ” I chuckled a bit. ”I guess so, why? ”

”I have a dashing son named Bartholemew. He is handsome, educated, and well-mannered. I had the same people who educated me as a child educate him. ”

”Well, I will have to think about it. ” I placed my finger on my chin and began to think… ”He could apply to be in a position in my harem. My maid will pick out the top 10 candidates, and then Ill choose out the top 4 or 5 candidates. ”

I already knew his son wasn anything like he said. I met him. Bartholomew is ugly and disrespectful. He didn even dress properly to my ball months prior. And I appreciate a man who can dress elegantly. Since the viscount is a good person to my father, Ill just make him think his son has a chance.

Viscount Nash hopped and sat on his knees at my feet and began to plead, ”Princess, just think about it! What more can I do to convince you? I just keep begging you. My son isn fit for a harem. He already is noble, so why should he fight in something so low? ”

”Get off me this instant! ” I was utterly disturbed. He had such a persistent attitude. ”I will say this once and once only. ” I had a pocket journal and pen. I pulled it out of the convenient pockets in the dress Ashan made. I ripped a page and threw it on the table with the pen. I tried to look aggressive as possible to show my irritation. ”Grab the pen and paper to take notes. ” I stood up to assert my dominance to let him know where he stands…below me. ”Your son is a noble…a mere son of a viscount, yet you have a problem with it? A crown prince is already in my harem. AND actually is a high-ranking noble in the same position as I am. Who actually happens to be well-mannered, handsome, and educated to the fullest potential! If he isn fit to pass the test for my harem, then it shows you he isn fit to be worthy of me. ” I started to pace back and forth. ”The number of letters, conversations, and balls Ive been forced to go to because you want me to marry your son. You really cannot take the hint that I don want to marry your pathetic son or listen to his pathetic father. ”

As I was walking out of the door, Viscount Nash said, ”Youll regret this…soon to be lost, crown princess. ”

Eleanor stopped retelling the earlier events.

With a yawn, Ashan said, ”My love, it sounded like you
e being threatened. Maybe you should report it to your father. It sounds like hell kidnap you. ”

”I second that statement, Your Majesty. ”

Eleanor began to space off again after hearing their input.

While she was off again in her daze, Ashan started to whisper in Aces ear, ”While she was telling her events from earlier this evening, she talked about me in such a good light. ” He laughed while blushing and covering his mouth. ”She called me handsome!

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