Ashan stared at the ceiling hoping the pressure would pass, and he felt a hand move up his thigh. It was Princess Eleanor moving closer and closer. Ashan couldn resist.

”Can I help you? ” Eleanor asked.

”Yes, please. ” Ashan moaned.

The princess got on top of Ashans lap, and she grabbed his hair to move his head back. She leaned in for a kiss. His manhood increased in size again.

Ashans pubic area is getting bigger and bigger. I don know if Ill be able to stop now. His body is intriguing, and I want to discover it.

”You make me feel so hot inside when you touch me, my lady, ” Ashan said in a breathy tone.

Ashan gently moves Eleanor onto the couch in the room. He grabs a necktie and wraps it around her wrists to begin the start of their first time together. Ashan rubs his finger against the princesss nipple to see them become hard. He starts to lick her nipples in a circular motion and moves his hand down her body to her petals and he moves his finger in and out of her.

He looks up at Eleanor and asks her, ”Are you okay? Do you feel good? ”

”Yes, please don stop. ”

Princess Eleanors hips start to rock to the motion of Ashan fingering her. He moves Eleanor to a sitting position and grabs her thighs to get closer. He starts to lick her warm petals and keeps fingering her.

He feels so unknown yet familiar. When he licks me down there I feel so good I can think of anything else.

The princess moves down to the floor, and Ashan sits down on the couch.

”Can I try to lick you down there too? ” The princess asked.

Ashan places her hand on the zipper to feel the outline of his shaft, and Princess Eleanor proceeds to unzip his pants. His manhood moved up quickly from its original position. She starts by licking his shaft slowly. Eleanors soft pale hand started to stroke all 17 centimeters that were craving to be graced by her. Ashans hips started to move more and more. Then, Eleanor placed her mouth to suck his manhood.

”Mmmh, my love…you
e doing so well. Can I pleasure you as well? ” Ashan asked.

”Yes, please put it in. ” Princess Eleanor replied.

As gentle as Ashans personality is, he is a very dominant man when it comes to pleasuring Princess Eleanor physically. Ashan wants to pleasure her majesty and be the best shes ever felt. As the soon-to-be sultan, he should be spending moments like this with many other women. He has studied the ins and outs of the female body, and yet he hasn been able to test his knowledge until now.

The princess lies on the floor facing Ashans tan body and touches his scar across his hip. It made him more intriguing and mysterious.

”Are you comfortable? I want to make sure you
e okay? ” Ashan asked.

Lady Eleanor replied, ”Yes I am. Thank you for asking. Are you enjoying yourself? ”

”I am very happy to be spending an intimate moment with you, my love. Ive never done this with any other woman before. ”

Princess Eleanor places her hand on Ashans right cheek and says ”Could you make me feel good and be the best? ”

With a bright smile, Ashan replies, ”Yes! I will make sure you feel the best youve ever been…please make sure to tell me if you dislike something, and Ill stop. ”

Princess Eleanor appreciated the fact that Ashan was keeping her well-being in mind. She requested Ashan to make her feel good, that didn mean she forgot about his pleasure too.

”Shall we get started then? ” The princess said with a smirk.

The soon-to-be sultan finally became intertwined with a woman for the first time. Ashan moved the princess to the top of his lap, and he passionately kissed his love. He grabbed Lady Eleanors bum to move her up and down to the rhythm of his manhood.

Ashan turns the princess to the mirror and continues to thrust his shaft.

”You look so beautiful while taking me in. Just look at your face blushing. Its so cute. It makes me want to savor this moment. ”

As they are both facing the mirror Ashan starts to move his hand up to the princesss breasts and arouse her nipples by rubbing them in firm motions.

”Uh… ” The princess let out a soft moan.

Eleanor covered her mouth in embarrassment, but Ashan pulled her hand back and smirked. He began to thrust his hips into her at a faster rate with more force.

”Lets cum together, my love. ”

The two started breathing in sync and slowly a warm wave of relaxation and passion hit Eleanor and Ashan. One could describe their moments of heat as a fall of grace.

I grabbed Ashans hand…I noticed his rich-colored skin, the warmth of his hand, and large size. He had nice fingernails with a round pointed shape. He truly is a beautiful man.

The two stare at each other with a long second of silence. ”Sorry, I got drifted away in my thoughts. ” Eleanor exhaled slowly. ”We should start getting ready now. ”

Ashan moved upward and stepped closer to Eleanor. He embraced Eleanor with a gentle approach and whispered, ”Thank you for your time…I hope you found our last few moments pleasurable, Eleanor. ”

✧༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻✧

”Your grace, shall we get started with your dress? ”

Im intrigued to see what dress has been created for me by Ashan.

As Eleanor nods, the maid opens the velvet curtains to display the dress on a mannequin. The princess was in awe because of the fine details and stitching.. The first detail Eleanor noticed was how the dress had an organza cape with fine crystals with an ombre effect from top to bottom. She walked up to her custom dress handmade down to the last stitch.

The amount of effort Ashan put into making the dress for me. He really is nice. The princess smiled.

”Are the other maids helping Ashan? ” Eleanor looked around and asked another question, ”Wheres Margaret? ”

”Your grace, Margaret is helping Ashan and three other maids are assisting her. ”

The maid guided Princess Eleanor to sit on the vanity chairs and began to place down gold-plated tubes and canisters of makeup one by one.

”Could you fetch Anna for me? ” The princess took a brief moment of silence, ” I would like her to help me with styling my hair. ”

”On it! Please excuse me for a moment. ” The maid bowed and scurried out of the room.

Once the maid left the dressing room, Eleanor got up to analyze the dress once more. She noticed the soft yet rough material of the dress whilst waving her hand across the fabric. The dress didn resemble a dress…it resembled more of the essence of art itself. The dress designed by Ashan had cut layers with asymmetry to resemble a black rose and purposefully added crystal embellishments to create water drops. The neckline could be described as a single rose petal with a silk ribbon at the waist.

After analyzing the dress for a few minutes longer, Eleanor said ”I will be the best dressed tonight ” with a bright smile, and sat back down.

The maid previously in the room guided Anna to the princess. ”Your grace, Anna is here to help you with your hair. ”

Anna bowed and started to gather the tools to achieve her job. ”What style would you like? ”

Princess Eleanor turned back, ”I was thinking of straightening my bangs and hair, however, I would like to leave my curls at the bottom. ” Eleanor turned to the other maid standing adjacent to the dress on display. ”As for makeup, I would like to make my eye makeup dark with bright and shiny cheekbones . ”

The maids lit up with excitement due to the beauty their master will display during the ball in a few hours and began the tedious process of getting ready.

Once Anna began to brush Princess Eleanors hair she began to get curious, ”Your majesty, may I ask a question? ”

”You don need to ask for permission. ” The princess chuckled.

”What did you and Ashan do while Margaret and I were away? ”

The princess instantly regretted giving permission for Anna to ask her question.

”I- ” the princess was taken aback by the question. ”I- um- we were just talking about the water system plan Ive been planning. I asked him to help me with scouting participants to make the plan possible. Luckily he agreed. ”

”So thats why you measured him then? Im not exactly convinced. ” Anna laughed and jokingly nudged Eleanors shoulder.

✧༺♥༻∞ ∞༺♥༻✧

Night fell by now, it was half-past eight. The princess walked to the main wing of the leaf palace to reach the main door. As she walked down the dozens of stairs she was greeted by her date for the night, Ashan. The crown prince of Jamila wore all-black attire that complemented Eleanors dress he made.

Ashan bowed as Eleanor passed him, ”May I give the brightest star of the night a kiss on her hand? ” Eleanor lifted her hand and placed it in his palm. ”You look wonderful tonight, my lady, ” Ashan said with a blush and then kissed her hand covered with long black silk gloves.

The two entered Eleanors personal carriage and sat down ready to head to the Nash Manor.

By the time the carriage was heading out of the leaf palace questions arose within Ashan. He questioned Eleanors motives earlier in the day. As much as he enjoyed intimate moments with the princess, he was confused as to why the events occurred. Rather than discussing his confusion with Eleanor, he chose to keep his confusion hidden so he wouldn burden the one he loves.

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