”One, two, three, and Up! Why am I still lying? The counselor at the town center said it should work, yet Im still laying in bed. ”

”Your Grace, may I enter your courters? ” The maid asked.

”Yes, what is it? ”

”You have been invited to a ball this evening by Viscount Nash. The ball will be taking place at the Nash manor at 9 oclock this evening, please get up before your father sees you lying in bed, Lady Eleanor. ”

”The Nash family always bombards me, Lady Eleanor, with so many invitations to their balls. Do they think their mediocre son, Bartholomew, will ever be able to join my harem when I become empress? ”

”That could be the case, your highness. I will get your dress ready for the ball. A new designer heard the ball was taking place, so they sent you a beautiful dress with crystal embellishments that create a beautiful design. I haven been able to see it, however, the other maids said it would make a statement to the nobles. You would be the first female noble to wear a black dress with a tighter fitting silhouette. You will surely look beautiful… ”

Lady Eleanor walked to the balcony of her room and watched the people walking through her garden with a large waterfall at the center that had four paths that trailed away. She noticed a man standing steps away from the waterfall. The unknown man looked out of place compared to the rest of the maids and knights. He was intriguing.

”Margret, do you see that odd man standing near my waterfall? He looks foreign. ”

”Ah yes, he is actually the designer of your dress that you will be wearing tonight at the ball. I heard from the other maids he traveled to Gaia because he is a big fan of yours. He comes from a place with Sultans and Sultanas. Gosh, what is his name?!? Its at the tip of my tongue. ”

One could tell Margaret had an interest in what all the other maids were talking about. Lady Elenor was appreciative of Margarets interest in gossip because it-

”I want him in my harem. ”

Lady Eleanor didn even let me finish my narration…I don get enough respect around here!

”I will see what I can do for you in regards to your harem, but I cannot guarantee he will be willing to join. Would you like me to gather more information on him? ”

”Yes, that would be amazing! I would also like to add for you to create a search for men all over the world for this harem. They need to be top tier: well dressed, handsome, and well mannered. You got it! ”

”I got it, your highness. ”

The maid known as Margret got her dress from the Princess closet that is located near the front entrance on the first floor that has a direct view of the fountain. Margaret noticed he was no longer standing steps away from the waterfall. All the maid could see was the wisteria flowers hanging down, and the palace workers walking with such haste and panic in their steps.

”Ah focus Margaret! ” She yelled at herself.

”Whats up with you today? You
e usually so organized and calm. Do you have your work cut out for you this week? ” The maid chuckled.

”Well Anna, my job seems to get harder day by day. The princess wants me to start a search for a harem of men, and how do I even start a search for ”well dressed, handsome, and well-mannered men ”? These next few months will work me to the bone. Wait! I just remembered…the man who designed the dress for Princess Eleanor, do you know his name? ”

At the entrance of the room, a beautiful tall man opens the door with a bright aura surrounding him.

A soft voice spoke, ”Hello, you must be speaking of me. ”

As he spoke, the designer played with his black hair in a flirty manner. One could tell this man would win over many women without even trying.

”Ah, yes. You have caught me off guard. ” Margaret replied.

”What is it you need from me? ”

”Princess Eleanor has taken a liking to you, and she requested me to gather information about you. ”

The beautiful unknown mans face lit up in excitement because he has been interested in Princess Eleanor for many years, yet she hasn noticed him until now.

”What! Would you be able to set dinner, so I can speak to her? I will tell my lady everything about myself. Thinking about her taking an interest in me again makes me blush! Are you sure you
e not playing tricks? ” He said with much excitement.

She already knows me…but our relationship tarnished

”No, Im not trying to trick you. She noticed you today when you were standing near the waterfall. I cannot guarantee a dinner date with Princess Eleanor, but I will let you know. ”

”Sorry if Im interjecting, however, is this man going to be in Gaia for long? I heard he is foreign-based on what the other maids have said. ” Anna asked.

”I planned a stay in Gaia for three months, but I may stay longer to win the heart of my sweet Lady Eleanor. If I win her heart I could take her back to Jamila with me where she would become Sultana, and we can live happily ever after! Thinking about me and Lady Eleanor together makes me want to jump. ” The man giggled in excitement.

”Sir, you
e getting ahead of yourself. She wants to know more about you because she is in the process of creating a harem. Just tell us some information about yourself, so Margaret can relay what you say. ” Anna said with much exhaust.

”Have you ever spoken to Lady Margaret before? You seem to have a big infatuation with her, yet she doesn know you whatsoever. ” Margaret said.

The mysterious man was now perceived as weird and creepy to the maids, and one could see the man processed what he said in the past few minutes and came across in an odd manner. His mood went from really cheerful to being disappointed in himself.

Lady Eleanor didn take a true interest in me…shes just taking me in with other men too, and I went on a small tangent about how much my lady makes me happy. Im hurt, and I look weird! My pride is basically on the floor!

But, the now weird man has created a ”bright ” idea.

I can surely win over Eleanor in no time, so she won need a harem. And the thing that will set me apart from the rest is my royal status, looks, loyalty, and interest in Eleanor. Ive known her since childhood, yet shes forgotten me…Was I really unimportant? It makes me tear up.

”Okay maids! Take note of what Im about to say…make sure to not leave out anything. ”

The maids grabbed their small-sized journals from their pockets and nodded.

”I am Ashan. I am the son of the current sultan in Jamila, and Im expected to be heir to the throne once I hit twenty-three years old. But, I must find a wife before I can acquire the throne. I have less than 3 years to claim the thrones position, or else, my sister can take the spot since she has a husband of royalty. Since I found out I needed to be married to claim the throne, I started to search for my first love, known as Princess Eleanor of Gaia. I wasn aware she has such a prominent role in Gaia because I wasn able to talk to her as much I wouldve liked when I attended the Royal Academy many years ago. ” Ashan said.

”May I ask a question, sir? ” Margaret asked.

”Yes, go on. ”

”How did you fall in love with her? ”

”Its a bit of a long story, but if she falls for me Ill tell you the whole thing. I sat across from her at the Academy for 2 years, and she caught my eye. Her aura was different from all the others, and I wanted to know who she was… one could say it was love at first sight. I became friends with her and truly fell in love with her personality. The thing that stood out to me the most was her passion for such small things people usually don care about. My ladys face would brighten up with the smallest things. It hurts me to know that she has forgotten about me. It makes me feel like I was insignificant in all the time that we spent together. ” Ashan sighed.

”Sir Ashan, I was hired after Princess Eleanor graduated from the Royal Academy because she had an accident where she forgot fragments of her life. My job was to help her with daily activities and remembering the past. She may have forgotten you. ” Anna stated with concern.

”Are you serious?!? Where is she now I need to see her? Is she okay? ”

Ashan was horrified at the thought of his dear love going through such a tragic accident while he wasn there to support her.

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