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ZEN district, Prime Minister residence, Duke of Zen Fannos mansion, 08.00 pm.

Duke of Zen, Fanno Lennart sat down in the luxurious living room. He read the newspaper while smoking a cigar. In front of him, on the table, there was a glass of liquor. This strong liquid released him from tiredness after a long day of hard work. Duke Fanno called this relaxed private time ME TIME.

In the middle of his me time, his son appeared from the second floor. Running down the luxury twisted marble stairs, his outfit was all black.

”Where are you going, Lex? ” Fanno asked his only son.

”Meeting Renny, Dad, ” Alex answered his fathers question without hesitation. Duke Fanno already knew about his relationship with Renny since they were kids. Fanno knew how Alexs felt toward Renny.

”You know she is a candidate for Crown Princess? ” Duke Fannos words stopped Alex from walking down the stairs.

”I Know. ” Alex gazed far away at the ceiling of his big house. He never expected that Renny would be chosen as the crown princess. Their relationship would never be the same again, and it was turned around 180 degrees in just one night.

”And you still want to see her? ” Duke Fannos tone started to rise.

”She is my friend, and I only see her as a friend, ” Alex said.

”You can see her, Alex! ”

”Please, Dad. You know how I feel about her, ” Alex descended the remaining steps until reached his father.

”Still, Alex. You can be punished for meeting the Princes future wife. ” Of course, Duke Fanno didn want his son to get caught. Not only their family name, but his future would also end in jail.

”Ill try my best not to get caught, Dad. ” Alex desperately wanted to meet Renny, even without heeding his fathers ban.

”Fine, if thats what you want! Take the blame yourself, you are a man, don bring up your family name when caught in something embarrassing. ” Duke Fannos jugular vein tensed.

”Yes. I promise. ”




NAM, Asterias house, 9.00 pm.


A small pebble hit the window pane in Rennys room.

Renny looked around wanting to know who threw the gravel, from below it was seen that Alex raised his hand high.

”Alex?! ” exclaimed Renny happily. For almost a day Renny lived as a doll. She was bored and could not do anything without Sashas permission. Sasha even confiscated her cell phone.

”Sstt… ” Alex put his index finger in front of his mouth, then waved his hand as a signal for Renny to come down and meet him quietly.

”OK. ” Renny made an OK sign with her finger.

Renny went down and rushed to meet Alex who was waiting for her in the backyard. They were blocked by an iron fence but were still able to see each other face to face. Renny smiled back at Alexs smile.

”Alex, why don you come in through the front door? ” asked Renny. She was surprised to see the man in the narrow alley behind her house.

”No, it would be a problem if a man came to meet the Crown Princes future wife at night. The paparazzi would also gather at the front house, waiting for the most phenomenal news and take every moment about your daily life, Ren. ” Alex explained.

”Mine?? My daily life for the news? ” Renny sighed in disbelief. Her life was changing in just one single damn night, which she never did.

”You said you didn sign up the election? ” he asked.

”Yeah, I really didn register, Alex. I was also surprised when I got selected. Why the prince chose me to be his wife?? ” Renny shoulders limp, annoyed by the situation.

”Ill find out, who knows if this thing can be undone. ” Alex put his hand through the gap in the railing fence, touching Rennys face.

”You know Renny, I really like you. Not just as a childhood friend, but as a man. ” Alex said, heart to heart.

”Alex… ” Rennys eyes filled with tears. She felt the same feeling. But now, she had to let go of her love outside the majestic palace wall.

”And Im very sorry I couldn express my feelings earlier. ” Alex wiped the tears that fell from Rennys beautiful face.

”Me too, Alex. I think I love you too. ” Renny held Alexs hand, feeling deeper and more comfortable with the warmth touching her face.

”Your Highness? My lady, where are you? ” Sashas scream made Renny flinch in surprise. The woman was Rennys bodyguard who work under his majesty Crown prince Jayden directly.

”Go, Alex! You must return before someone knows. ” Renny held back her tears. She chased away Alex.

”Ill definitely be back, Renny, can you wait for me? ” said Alex.

”Sure. ” Renny smiled.

With a heavy steps, Renny ran back into the main house. Occasionally she glanced back and saw Alexs figure who also disappeared into the darkness of the night.


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