Flashback IV

A Month later, a day before the announcement.

Shuijing Castle. Wei Imperial Palace, Diamond Hall.

Diamond Hall was the second Hall after the Emerald Hall. Emerald Hall was the main hall where the throne of the King stood. Diamond Hall was used more as a meeting place for members of the kingdom society. While the Emerald Hall was for national or international meetings and events so the King could show them how mighty his throne was.

Today Diamond Hall was filled with noble governments and members of the royal administration staff. They were working on the final part of The Crown Princess election. The ten girls data would be shown. And The Crown Prince would choose one of them to be his wife.

”Please stand up to Her Majesty Queen Dyna, The Majestic Moon, The Wife of Great Sun of Wei. ” An elder who accompanied the Queen immediately shouted when they came into the Hall.

”Long life to the Majestic Moon of Wei, Her Royal Highness Queen Dyna Lennart. ” All the people there got up and bowed their heads, and the right hand was on the left chest.

Queen Dyna gracefully stepped in and sat on her throne, Six ladies-in-waiting followed in her footsteps, standing behind the Queen. The Queen looked stunning in her beautiful sky-blue blazer and skirt, white inner blouse, and stiletto shoes in the same color as her clothes.

Marquess Oren, a noble elder stood beside Queen Dyna, full filling his duty as the queens spokesman. And the queens guards stood not far behind her.

”Please sit, ” said Marquess Orren, and all of them back to their work.

Today was the big day for the kingdom. the announcement of ten women who have been successfully selected by the royal administration staff would be shown to the prince. The Queen wanted to personally monitor who was the lucky girl His Highness the Crown Prince would choose to be his wife.

Not for long, another scream was heard as Jayden entered the hall. ”Please stand up for His Highness the Crown Prince. ”

”Long life The Great Suns Son, Prince Jayden Lennart. ” All of the people there rose again and bowed their heads, except the Queen. She smiled wide at her son.

Jayden looked so handsome and dashing in a black suit, complete with several kingdom accessories. He stepped up to his throne and kissed the back of Queen Dynas hand and cheek before sitting down beside her. Queen Dyna smiled and patted Jaydens arm a few times, so proud of her son.

”Please sit! ” shouted Marquess Oren, all the royal administration staff sat down again.

”Can we start right now? My schedule is very busy today. ” Jaydens icy voice made all the staff instantly focus on their work.

”Is there anything more important than finding a wife to be your future Queen, My Prince? ” Dyna glared at her son. He would choose the number one woman in his life.

”Hm… A billion-dollar tender maybe… ” Jayden answered lazily. The answer instantly made Queen Dynas face wrinkled in annoyance.

Yeah, Jayden didn care who would be his future wife. He had chosen his wife long before this election started. So… He didn care about the other nine candidates, because there was only one girl he wants. Jayden was even willing to rescue a hacker who was almost sentenced to death from a neighboring country to include this girls name on the list of selected candidates.

One by one the photo slides of the best girl nominees from all over the Wei were shown. Beautiful faces full of achievements adorn the giant LED screen in front of the Queen and Prince, in the main hall. Under their photos were descriptions of their family background, talent, and achievements.

Starting from international pianist to gymnastic athlete with dazzling bodies. Most of them came from the nobility, although three candidates came from the common people.

Jayden lazily waited and listened to information from the Royal staff about their daily lives, habits, and their life style. Jayden just nodded his head, trying to appreciate their hard work.

”And finally, the number ten and the last candidate. ” An elder pressed the next button and showed the last candidates girls face.

Everyone gaped at the girls face, she was cute, but far from being pretty. Her skin looks white and clean, even though she was very flawless without any makeup. She was also smiling very wide in the photo until her two dimples was visible. Her hair was black with very beautiful curvy waves. There were no outstanding achievements apart from being good at school and also winning a singing competition in the housing residential where she lived now.

”Ughm… ” Jay held back laughter, the girls face was very big and looked very cute. Jay really loves her.

”Who put this girl on the candidate list? ” asked Queen Dyna with a flat expression on her face but instead she looked crueler.

”How could a girl without a single achievement enter the election? Have all of these been selected correctly? ” Dyna said in high tone.

”It has been chosen according to the rules, Your Majesty. ” all off them were noisy with this special incident.

”So… Why!?! ”

”Your Majesty, forgive us. We will re-elect the women. ” They immediately knelt begging the Queen for mercy.

”No need, I choose her as my wife. ” Jayden rose from his throne. Ending the discussion.

”JAYDEN?! ” called the Queen, her face still trying to remain calm, even though her emotions were running high. So high that she could hear her own heartbeat.

”What?? Don I have the right to choose who will be my wife? ”


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