Kung Fu Panda 3: Movie Novelization

Chapter 2: Po the Teacher?

Shes always telling everyone what to do. ”

”Be quiet, Po, ” Tigress commanded.

”See what I mean? ” Po asked.

”Tigress is not the Dragon Warrior. You are, ” Master Shifu replied firmly.

A feeling of panic started to well inside Po. Before he became the Dragon Warrior, he was just a humble noodle-shop server who looked up to the Furious Five as his heroes. Then Master Shifu had taught him how to harness his inner strength to perform feats of amazing awesomeness, and he had become a kung fu hero too. Fighting evil bad guys? That came easy to him now. But teaching . . .

”Come on, they
e the Five, ” Po said. ”What could I teach them? ”

”There is always something more to learn, even for a master, ” Master Shifu replied. ”For instance, let me show you another move . . . the dramatic exit. ”

Master Shifu pointed his staff across the hall. ”Whats that?! ” he cried.

Po and the Furious Five turned to look, and when they turned back, Master Shifu was gone.

”Whered he go?! ” Po asked.

Then he noticed that the Furious Five were all standing at attention.

”Master, ” they said, bowing to Po.

”We await your instructions, Master, ” Crane said.

”All you have to lose is our respect, ” Tigress said, her golden eyes fixed on him.

Po gulped. How could he possibly teach the Furious Five?

But he had to try. Master Shifu had asked him to do it.

Mantis turned to Po hopefully. ”Seriously, how bad can it be? ”

A few minutes later Mantis had his answer: ”Very bad! Very, very bad! ”

The Training Hall was set up like an extreme obstacle course. Sharp blades, when set in motion, swung like pendulums. Arrows whizzed across the hall at unexpected moments. Flames shot up as if out of nowhere.

Po was nervously calling out commands from Master Shifus seat as the Furious Five jumped and flew through the course.

”Monkey, Immovable Mountain Stance! ” he yelled.

”Yes, Master, ” Monkey replied. He froze atop one of the Training Hall machines, motionless, until . . .

Crunch! Monkey fell into the gears of the machine.

”Uh, I mean . . . ” Po turned to the other four. ”Tigress, Tornado Backflip! ”

”Yes, Master, ” Tigress said dutifully. She flipped backward—right into a giant swinging ball of fire.

”Oh, fire! ” Po cried in alarm.

”Fire! ” repeated the crossbow-wielding geese.

The geese shot their arrows at Tigress.

”Sorry! ” Po yelled, as one hit her in the butt. ”Crane, go high, I mean, low! Oh! ”

Crane swooped high and then dipped low—just as Viper was speeding past. She clotheslined him and he landed on tiny Mantis.

”Ah! My claw thingy! ” Mantis cried.

Po tried to make things better by shouting more commands.

”Totem Pole Poison Technique! Swarming Insect Bite with Yellow Tail, Yellow Jacket, spicy . . . ”

”Oof! ”

”Ow! ”

”Ouch! ”

The cries of the Furious Five rang through the palace as Pos directions kept causing them to crash into obstacles—and into one another.

Exhausted and beaten up, the Furious Five fell into a tangled heap on the training room floor.

”Good job, Po, ” Viper groaned, trying to be encouraging.

”Did you at least learn a little something? ” Po asked, wincing.

”Yes, ” Tigress said. ”I learned that you can teach. ”

”And that Tigress is flammable, ” Crane added.

Pos face fell . . . then the roof of the Training Hall fell too.

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