Kung Fu Panda 3: Movie Novelization

Chapter 1: Battle In The Spirit Realm

” Kai explained, with the hint of a grin on his face. He looked down at the belt around his waist. Several jade amulets dangled from it.

Oogway stared at the amulets, recognizing the animal shapes of his former students who had ascended into the Spirit Realm. What terrible thing had Kai done?

”I have taken the chi of every master here. And soon I will have your power too, ” he boasted.

”When will you realize, ” Oogway said calmly, ”the more you take, the less you have? ”

Kai launched his chain blades once again. They latched on to floating chunks of mountain. Then he hurled the heavy chunks at Oogway.

Oogway moved his hands again, creating a shield in the air shaped like a yin and-yang symbol.

Smash! The chunks of mountain shattered the shield into pieces.

The impact sent Oogway flying back as Kais chains wrapped around him. Kai pulled Oogway closer to him.

Then Kai began to pull the green chi out of Oogways body. As the energy left him, Oogway slowly turned to jade.

”With your chi I will finally be able to return to the mortal world, ” Kai said. ”And this time you won be there to stop me. ”

”Ah, it was never my destiny to stop you. I have set another on that path, ” Oogway promised.

Then the old master shriveled and shrank until all that was left of him was a small jade amulet. Kai hung it from a cord around his neck, instead of his belt.

Everyone would see what he had done to the great Oogway.

Kai grinned at the amulet. ”Then I will find him and take his chi too. ”

Kai let loose a wave of green chi, which enveloped him. A portal opened up between the Spirit Realm and the mortal realm, which took Kai all the way down to Earth.

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