Charlotte nervously sat down on the chair that Allen pulled.

Allen nodded in satisfaction.
But she looked puzzled.

“Charlotte, I told you earlier that I would teach you all the pleasures of the world.”

“Yes, you said that…”

“Delight, enjoyment.
But the kind of pleasure that I mentioned…”

Allen scooped Charlotte's chin gently and chuckled.

“It's an unethical type of pleasure.”


“That's right.
It's fun to be naughty.
It's addictive.”

Charlotte's eyes darted back and forth restlessly as if she had no idea what Allen was talking about.

“You are an honest and serious person, which is rare these days.
You've never rebelled against the duke before, have you?”

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“I can't…
rebel against them since they're the ones who brought me in.”

Charlotte looked downcast as she murmured in a soft voice.

The way she sounded was more of fear of a master than a family member.

The fact was, she had never said anything bad about the duke or his family.

Despite being betrayed so cruelly.
It was likely that her sense of indebtedness outweighed her resentment.

That mindset, in Allen's opinion, wasn't healthy.

“From here on, I'm going to teach you all the things you shouldn't do.
You will drown in pleasure and become a beast that reacts according to its instincts.”

“That's somewhat scary, Allen…”

Charlotte had a slightly panicked look, but she courageously stared at Allen.

“Well, you mustn't do bad things!”

“Rest assured.
It doesn't violate the law nor will it bother others.”


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“Yes, truly.
Yes, we will keep it a secret from everyone.”

Even the virtuous wives, strict teachers, and honorable priests.
They all did it secretly behind the scenes and were captivated by the pleasures of it.

When he told her this, Charlotte cleared her throat with a gulp.

“This thing that you are not supposed to do…
what exactly is it?”

“You want to know, don't you? …
All right then!”

Allen let go of Charlotte's hand and slowly untied the ribbon on the box.

It felt so forbidden, it was as if he was taking off a woman's clothes.

“Now, burn it into your memory.
The mischief for this round is…”

Finally, the box was opened.

What was in there was–

a cake?”

“That's right!”

Allen nodded vigorously.

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