It all started one day in early spring.

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“Hello, Demon Lord! I've got your mail for you today, too!”

How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me by that name?”

That morning, it was the usual mailman who rang the doorbell at Allen's mansion.

Fluffy cobalt green hair.
On top of it grew a pair of same-colored, animal ears.
Springing out of her bottom was a long key tail.
She was a cat kind of human beast, which was common in this country.

Dressed in a postman's uniform, she tilted her head in a troubled manner, “Nyaa–“

“Even if you say so, it isn't only just Miaha, Everyone calls you the 'Demon Lord”.

Just give me the mail.”


Allen received two letters, a parcel, and some newspapers.

“So, where's that everyday package that needs to be delivered?”

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“Just this.”

As he replied, Allen handed over a box.

“As usual, the contents are magic potions.
It's in a bottle, so be careful not to break it.”

“Of course.
Fast, safe, and super cute is the motto of Satyr Transport Company that Miaha works at!”

Miaha gave him a crisp salute.

Although her manner of speaking was certainly playful, in actuality, she was truly reliable when it came to her job.
Up till now, there were many parcels that she was requested to deliver, but not once had she failed to do so.

“But if you can make such good potions, why don't you live in town? It's easier to make money there.”


There was a large town on the east side of this forest.

Miaha's delivery company was located there, and there were many people living there too.

Allen made his living by selling his potions to the magic store there…
what she mentioned was right, it certainly would be more convenient if he lived in town.

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But there was one big problem.

Allen looked down at his feet and muttered.

“The town would be…

“Ah ~ as before, you still dislike people.”

Miaha shrugged her shoulders.

The mansion was built at a location that was off the main road, that even people who lost their way hardly wandered in.
The only visitors were merchants like Miaha.

In other words, it was the perfect place for unsociable people like Allen.

However, Miaha was not pleased with it.

“Demon Lord, sir, aren't you only 21 years old? As a human, you are at a young age.
If you don't live a more energetic life, you will soon dry up and become an old man.”

“That's none of your business.”

“Oh my, look at that wrinkle between your eyebrows.
It's no wonder the townspeople call you the 'Demon Lord'.”

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It was only natural that the ill-mannered wizard living on the outskirts would become the talk of the town.

Allen heaved a heavy sigh.

“Simply just by living alone, how did I end up with such an unsettling reputation? …
That's the reason why children have been coming here lately to test their courage.”

“Oh dear, that must be troubling for you.”

“That's right.”

Allen nodded, his face covered in tiredness.

“There are many wild animals around here, and it is too dangerous for children to come alone.
Which is why I tried to warn them every time I see them…
but each time, they would only scream and run away.”

Demon Lord, as a good-natured misanthropic, it is truly difficult to understand you.”

Miaha smiled bitterly.

He didn't want to get involved with people, but that didn't mean he could abandon them.
Allen was a man with such a complicated personality.

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“Well, anyway, you'd better find some other hobbies or purpose in life! Well then, see you tomorrow!”

“That's why I said it's none of your business.”

Miaha waved as she ran.
In a blink of an eye, her figure had disappeared from sight.

“Well then, it's about time to eat…”

When he was about to return inside, one of the newspapers dropped.

Spread on the front page of the newspaper, the sensational headline read :

The villainous lady from the neighboring country has gone missing! 

Has she fled the country?!

Allen bent over to pick it up.


Right in front of the mansion.

Hidden in the knee-length grass, he could see someone lying on the ground.

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