final blow.

“Come on! Hurry up and eat the Ramen for your supper!”

Allen pointed his finger sternly at something.

It was a bowl of steamy, hot soup.

In the bowl, yellow springy noodles were immersed in a white cloudy soup.
The pork soup had been stewed into a thick richly flavored broth, seasoned with a soft-boiled marinated egg, and pickled bamboo shoots.

Recently, a new dish from the East had become the talk of the town.
That dish was known as Ramen.

A fragrant aroma wafted from the bowl containing the rich soup.

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Thanks to that rich aroma, Charlotte's stomach began to rumble in anticipation.

Still, Charlotte adamantly refused to give in to the temptation.
She shook her head determinedly, with a pale face.

“It's almost time for bed…
it's not right to have such a heavy supper!”

“It's still too early for remorse!”

Allen scoffed while pulling a rattling food trolley cart he had prepared at the back and showed it to the girl.

“As you can see, I bought these ice creams in the box! You can have as many as you want after dinner!”

“Ooh! There's even a topping on it!”

“Oho …
as expected of Charlotte.
You're so perceptive.”

There were an assortment of colourful sliced fruits, chocolate chip cookies with fillings similar to that of a honey, and many more.

In addition to the wide selection of toppings, the main highlight of the ice cream was its three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberries.

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“With this, you can make your own original parfaits as many as you like.
Once you've finished everything, play board games with me! We are going to stay up late!”

“If we do that, we are going to have a hard time waking up tomorrow morning!”

“Unfortunately, the morning will not arrive for you.”


“Along with me …
you are doomed to slumber away till noon!”

“No way…!”

“Hahaha! Good, cry out! That's the scream I'm looking for!”

Distant thunder rumbled outside the window in response to the loud laughter.

The lightning intensified the sheen of the soup.

At last, the girl couldn't stand it anymore, and uttered an apology to God as she reached for the spoon and chopstick.

This was a story of how the bad wizard led the pitiful young lady astray!

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