Harshika pov,

After 6 years :

” Ya fatty.. Order, Two sets of mutton gravy, one set of parotta, and one set of chicken noodles. ”

Hearing the waiter yell, I gave a small nod in return, keeping my gaze fixed on the wok.

Six years ago, I would answer arrogantly to people who teased me for being overweight, but nowdays I don speak out against anyone who taunts me, prison life has proven to me that that our lives would be ruin if we opposed those who are more advanced in position and wealth than we are. My life has become a example of what happens when we oppose those who are higher in power and status than us. My obstinacy in pursuing my love has damaged not just my life, but also my mamas family. My mama begged and pleaded with insolent Raghavan to let me out of jail, but he was adamant that I should not be let out that easy. Furthermore, knowing that if mama was earning well, mama would not give up trying to get me out of jail, arrogant raghavan fired mama and chased mamas family out of his mansion.

As he had predicted, I was condemned to 5 years in prison and Mamas family was thrown into poverty. The mama was unable to send his daughter Meera to school after the eleventh grade due to financial constraints. Despite her ambition to become an engineer, Meera began working as a sales lady at a textile shop after graduating from high school in order to help her father, who was in terrible health, and to provide a better future for her brother. When I saw the condition of Meera, who came to pick me up on my release day from jail, and the state of their home, I could only cry. But, after recognising that crying wouldn change anything, I started looking for job.

At first, I tried to find work in a well-known and well-regarded restaurant, but I was unable to do so because of my prisoner status. Despite being turned down for work wherever I applied, I was adamant about fixing everything in Meera and Aaravs lives and ensuring that they had the finest possible future.

My firm decision eventually led me to work in a slum-area restaurant. Despite the fact that the hotel is located in a slum, the pay I receive is sufficient for me to take care of Mamas medications, my cousins studies, and to run the family. Ive been in this work for eight months now. As soon as I got my first income, I enrolled Meera in college. Everything is now running smoothly. Meera is attending college, Aarav is pursuing his education, and Mamas health has improved marginally. My main concern now is that I should not let any problems come into their lives anymore..

I exited the restaurant after winding up the work. When I left the restaurant, it was past 10 p.m. I took out my phone from my handbag to check whether I had missed any call. When I saw missed call from meera more than 4 times, the thought of something might have happened to mama made me tensed. As I was viewing my phone display to check the time she made phone calls, suddenly I bumped into a wall. Before I could rub my forehead where I felt pain due to sudden bump, I fell down on the pavement of road side. I let out weak cry as I felt sharp pain on my backhead. At the same time, I felt soft touch and tickling sensation on my neckline along with the pain. Moreover, I felt heavy weight like wood above me. Did any tree break and fall on me ??. I whimpered weakly as I could not able to push away the heavy weight from me,

” Someone.. Please.. help.. me ”

Abruptly wood moved away from me as if it heard my words. Before I could let out relief sigh, I heard the voice of someone whose I never wish hear in my life again after that incident.

”Ya Lady.. Don you have eyes ??. ”

Then it was not the wood that fell on me, its cruel and merciless raghavan. God !!.. I have to go away from here before he would notice me. I get up quickly and sat on the floor despite of pain in my body as the result of falling down. I bowed my head and searched for my spectacle as everything around me are seen blurred to my eyes without the aid of spectacle. Regardless of his constant shouting near me, atlast I found my spectacle and wore it. Little smile crooked up on my face at the instant I viewed everything clearly with the help of spectacle. After collecting my phone and handbag from the ground, I got up from the floor. Regardless of his presence, I begin to walk away from him. My steps paused due to his tight grip on my hand and his shouting,

”How dare you have to walk away from me without replying anything to me ??. ”

Realizing that prolonging his rage further would lead me to face unwanted problem. Therefore, I told him in low tone,

”Sorry sir. Please leave my hand. I have to go urgently. ”

Contrary to my thought that he would leave my hand after my apology, I felt his tight grip on my chin. He made me to look him using his grip on my chin. My chin pained due to his grip. Eventhough I want to remove his grip from my face, I was feared that he would get angry if I touch him. I know that he don like to be touched by someone like me. Therefore, I stood quietly and stared at his bloodshot eyes in fear. He is still looking same as before. Even after reaching the age of 36, he is still looking handsome and young. His hard and toned muscles proving that he is a gym person. Damn it !!. What Im doing now !!. Is Im checking out this cruel and heartless devil !!. No way. He is the most ugliest and disgusting man Ive ever seen. My thoughts are paused by his suspicion voice,

” You are looking like someone Ive seen before. Whats your name ??. ”

I nodded quickly as no and tried to speak but I could not speak due to his grip on my chin. Noticing it, he took off his hand from my chin. I convinced him as I rubbed my chin to ease the pain,

” No sir.. I don think so that we met before. By the way sir, my name is vanessa. I think you misunderstood me as someone else. ”

As he was immersed in his thought, I used this as opportunity and ran away from him. After reaching little distance away from him, I shouted in high pitch.

”Sorry for everything sir. I hope we never meet again. ”

He looked at me furiously and begin to move towards my direction when he heard what I said. I widened my eyes and begin to run away from him again when I saw him approaching me fastly.

I slow down my pace after knowing that he couldn catch me. I gasped and leaned on wall in the roadway and tried to bring back my heartbeat to normal. Why did we met suddenly after all these years ??. Does he still remember the person who try to destroy his brother life according to his opinion ??. Is he married ??. Or.. Is he still unmarried with the memory of his lover ??. Damn it. What happened to me ??. What matters to me whether he is married or not ??. Why Im interested to know about his life ??.

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