Harshika pov,

Dampness in the ground clearly shows that rained heavily throughout last night. My body shivered as a result of the cold caused by rain and an early morning snow flurry. Regardless of coldness, I went and sat on the bench in the garden as my glance fixed on his room window. Even though the cold made me to frozen, the smile on my face and love in my eyes did not diminish even little bit. Love is a undefinable feeling. Even waiting to spot a shadow of our loved ones is a unique feeling. Thats how the every moment I wait for him now, gives me unlimited rapturous.

At the instant he opened his window and looked at me with a sleeply smile, I got up from bench and smiled brightly. While looking my direction, he called someone on his phone and waved his hand towards my direction. I mumbled his name happily and waved back. There is no limit to the happiness that I feel in my heart when I pronounces his name ”Naresh ”. He allured my heart to love him since the day I came to stay at my uncles house. Although I know that he loves me too from his action itself, still I did not have the courage to confess my love to him. Im waiting for him to take the first step to conquer our love. My thoughts paused by my mama (uncle) voice,

”Harshika.. When you are going stop this ?. Go home before anyone sees you. And you may catch cold if you stay outside longer in this cold weather. ”

I turned and looked at mama who is standing with torch light in his hand. My mama is working as security guard in this mansion. I had no idea what would have happened to me if mama (uncle) had not brought me with him after my parents demise. Moreover, I would not have met naresh if mama had not brought me with him to this mansion. Mama did not only bring me with him, but he also shown his generosity by rearing me as his own daughter.

Rather than claiming he is raising me as if I were his own daughter, I can confidently state that he loves me more than his own children. Mama had the responsibility of marrying off his five sisters therefore he gets married lately. He has two children, his daughter meera is 14 years old and his son aarav is 7 years old. Mami was demised two years ago due to poor health. My uncle attempted everything he could to obtain me a medical seat so that I might become a doctor like my parents wanted, but his financial situation prevented him from doing so.

Moreover, I also decided to fulfill my desire that to get close to naresh without giving importance to my parents desire. I studied BHM not only because of mama compulsion, but also I believed that it would create an opportunity for me to get closer to Naresh. After completing my education, I began working as a chef at his mansiom with the assistance of Mama as per my wish. My thoughts are breaked away by sharp blooming voice,

”Ramu.. Whats happening here ?. ”

My whole body numbed for a second at the moment I heard that voice. My body began to sweat as if I was standing in a fire. I hide my trembling hands behind my back so that it would not be seen by him. I don know why Im trembling in fear just after listening his voice. I just wish to facepalm myself for scaring even at the sight of my future brother-in-law. He is the elder brother of naresh. He always carried out powerful and dominating aura around him. Eventhough h

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